Sunday, July 13, 2014

RANT in process.....

Just wanted to let everyone know that, yes, Sunday's "RANT" is a bit late, obviously.

I guess I'm just a little intimidated taking over for NTS these next few weeks because I know what his readers have come to expect and I hope to meet just a few of those expectations.  

NTS told me to just write from the heart, which is difficult for me.  I'm too much of a planner and more calculated, so I guess he meant I need to loosen up and let the words flow.  Some can do that with no hesitation and NTS is no doubt brilliant on that point.  His mind works in tandem with the coordination of his hands as he's typing and he never seems to miss a beat.  I, on the other hand, have one of those brains that thinks twice as fast than I can speak or type.  It's like my mind is racing at 90 miles an hour with a huge amount of multi-tasked thought occurring at the same time. 

Anyway, I am attempting to write this RANT and hope to have it posted shortly.

Thank you for your patience.

More to come, 


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