Saturday, July 12, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Vacation Alert

Yes, I am taking a much needed vacation break, or as my friend Digger in the UK says…  A 'tea up' ….  It is long overdue, and hopefully will alleviate some of the stress that I have been going through over the last while….

I will be bringing a portable laptop with me to keep me up to speed on what is really going on in the world…..

I have asked my friend, Whitewraithe, if she wants to give it a whirl at putting up a weekly "rant" over the next few weeks in my absence and she said she would give it a shot….. It will be interesting to read and I can guarantee it will be just as informative and meets the same standards that everyone has expected from myself….

In my absence, I do again recommend that everyone take a look at some of the fine work that others that I consider true colleagues and friends in this the real "truth movement" have been doing.. The links to their sites is available of course in the left hand column of this blog…..

I will be back, and I do cross my fingers and hope for the best for the people of Gaza.  They do need our support..

See you all in about two weeks time….

More to come


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