Sunday, July 27, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, July 27th, 2014


It is Sunday… I am back from a much needed vacation… And it is time to get back to my weekly rants…

First of course, I do again want to thank my great friend, Whitewraithe, for her efforts in putting up rants for me over the last two weeks… I did read them and I found them to be both outstanding and in many ways better than some of my own!!!  The lady does know how to write beautifully, and she is a brilliant thinker…. It is just too bad that right now she is in financial dire straits living in Tennessee where she has been unable to obtain full time work for years….

My vacation… I decided this time to take a trip to Florida… Yes, Florida in summer time… Many people thought I was nuts in wanting to go to a place where in summer it rains constantly and where the temperatures and humidity make it impossible to enjoy yourself…. But I found the days hot and not as humid as many would think… It did rain, but we did luckily have more sunny than rainy days during our visit which made the trip more enjoyable… I also spent a lot of time with my GF and son sitting on the beach and enjoying the Atlantic Ocean…..Then we have many asking WHY I would want to go to the US considering the troubles that America is enduring right now.  I say to them that I have absolutely NO problems with the American people at all.  My problem is of course with their Jewish controlled government that continues to tow the pro-Israel line.   Lets just say that what I found in Florida was interesting, and I will share a few of my findings in this rant…

My trip to the US was of course not without a few problems… I found the TSA line up and the "prescreening" to be annoying.  I thought to myself constantly about the fact that the TSA was of course created by the Jew run Department of Homeland (in)Security and the present TSA methods and tactics at airports is part of the propaganda of keeping the American and foreign travellers under the false fear of terrorism…. Lets face the fact that the TSA has NOT caught one terrorist at any of the airports, period, over the entire time that they have done their pat downs and their radiation machine checks of passengers… The flight to Florida went over without a hitch and the condominium/hotel I stayed in was actually quite comfortable with a direct view of the Atlantic….

Part of the reason why I chose Florida was also to fulfill a life long dream of actually going to Cape Canaveral to look closely at the NASA frauds, especially the museum and propaganda surrounding the fake Apollo moon missions.  What I found did not disappoint…. The Johnson Space Centre has displays of many of the rockets that flew men into orbit, as well as videos about the "greatest achievement" of mankind, the fraud Apollo landings….. The real kicker was at the end of the bus tour around the complex where they take passengers to the Apollo display in a large hangar… They subject visitors to a great light and video show with the "rah rah, look at how great America was" and a full size auditorium with the actual "mission control" from the fraud Apollo 8 mission that (never) circled the moon in 1968.  After subjecting visitors to the usual propaganda and BS, they open doors and let visitors go right under a full fledged Saturn 5, LM, and Apollo command module set up.  NASA sure knows how to sell their propaganda!

I spent time taking pictures of all the props of the Saturn 5, the capsules, and the LM, and all it did was reinforce my stance of the fraud of the entire project… The LM alone made me laugh… Looking at that contraption closely made me again realize that there was NO WAY that piece of crap with its cardboard like sides, its poor weldings, its impossible engine, and its non-existent radiation protection, could have survived on the hellish surface of the moon.   The LM came across as I have known for 35 years now, to be a piece of junk and a billion dollar prop!   The command module sparked my interest as well, especially when I took a look at the nose cone of the vehicle… Anyone with 1/2 a brain would take a look and realize that a fully grown man could NOT fit through that opening to get to the attached LM in space, especially with the drogue (the clamping device that attached the LM to the command module) in place.  There was absolutely NO space at all for any human transit.   Then upon further inspection, I began to think about the parachutes that the command module used for its "return" to Earth.. Exactly WHERE did they put the parachutes???  As usual, non-existent and impossible, and again explains why NASA stands for "Never A Straight Answer"…… Again, I came away from Cape Canaveral with a firm reinforcement that Apollo was indeed a sham….

What I found in Florida this time was the growing rift between poor and rich… Everywhere along our condominium filled road we found expensive automobiles, and million dollar condos…. But you travel less than a few blocks off the main tourist trap areas, and you find horrible poverty and despair…. It was a real eye opener and definitely does show a nation in steep decline….

What I did not find during my 12 day stay in Florida was any visible signs of crime that everyone hears over the Jew spew as well as the alternative media sources… Sure there was poverty, but there were very few police sirens at night, and we did not see any police trouble during our travels… Sure, we heard about a lot of troubles while watching the Jew spew talmudvision at night, but the entire trip went off without any major incidents….

The trip home was a bit easier than going down with very little problems re-entering Canada.  My better half has already stated that she wants to return to Florida or Hawaii sometime in the near future, but considering the US now definitely entering the last stages of its decline into tyranny, a return will be based upon "wait and see what happens"…..  Lets face it in that the US is indeed in steep decline and any further vacations to the US may become impossible.

Of course I did bring my portable laptop with me on this trip to keep up on the real news, and many times I was indeed tempted to shoot off a few articles.  My GF insisted that I absolutely do NOT write anything, and actually try to relax…. But honestly, after reading what kind of sickness was going on in the world while I am sitting there trying to enjoy myself, made relaxation nearly impossible….

I honestly cannot figure out people and why many are such mutton heads that they cannot see what is really happening in Palestine, and especially Gaza, right now…. These psychotic Jews that occupy the criminal state of Israel are definitely "going for broke" with their long sought plan to destroy Gaza and liquidate the entire Palestinian population trapped there…. We are talking about an estimated 1.8 million innocent people trapped in what is really the world's largest open air concentration camp.  The Jews are definitely using their total control over the world's media, which I always call the "Jew spew" media to keep the mutton chomping sheep away from the truth about their attempts to genocide an entire people…. It is madness when we hear our Jew puppet governments harp the same lie again and again that Israel has the right to "defend itself" from Hamas "rocket attacks"…. As Whitewraithe put in the last rant, and what I have been saying for years, these "rockets" are of course a laughable fraud and in most cases nothing more than firecrackers and pop bottle rockets launched by Israeli Mossad agent provocateurs….It is amazing that the Hamas rockets, that have supposedly been launched in the "thousands" as the Jew spew media harps have never ever hit anything of any importance.  As I have always said, the Palestinians are either very poor shots, or we are indeed dealing with a massive fraud to give these psychos in Israel their "excuses" to brutalize the entire strip!

I have said it before in almost all previous rants, and I will say it again… Israel does absolutely not want peace at all.  Their concept of peace is a ridiculous lie where they get all the territory, and are able to expel or genocide an entire population.   How in the hell can any people actually accept that type of "peace" term?   Basically what we are seeing is the psychotic Jewish genocide of all of the Palestinians, and I again stand behind my previous statements that the only hope for the Palestinians is to fight back… It is either fight for their very lives or die.  Again, with that choice, I know exactly what I would do in a heartbeat…

In previous rants, I stated that the Malaysian flight MH370 that "disappeared" somewhere over the Indian Ocean was indeed landed at Diego Garcia, then flown to the US, then flown with its transponders turned off in the failed false flag attack on the Iranian nuclear meetings in The Hague back in April…. Once they failed in that false flag attack, they kept the aircraft hidden away from the public, and the criminal US government and its cronies in the Ukrainian regime decided to give it another try by having it fly robotically, with the victims' bodies of the original MH370 flight taken out of refrigeration, to be blown out of the sky over Ukraine.. The plan was to have the shoot down blamed on Russia and thus trigger a full embargo and possible war on Russia…. Such actions would have possibly boosted the failing American economy and put an end to the Yuan/Rubble take over of the world economies… But the plan failed thanks primarily to the Internet and many internet sleuths…

Lets get the facts straight… MH17 was indeed MH370…. There can be absolutely no shadow of a doubt once you read the  damning evidence that fills many internet sites, and especially Jim Stone's at   I have always applauded Jim's fine work and especially his exposure of the truth about  MH370 and how it was indeed flown to Diego Garcia…. The real troubling news about this entire charade is how these monsters had the gall to take the entire 239 victims that they murdered on MH370 and pack them into this "MH17" flight only to have the bodies blown out of the sky with the aircraft over Ukraine… To me it is just sick to realize how truly evil these bastards are!  The giveaway that the victims of this MH17 flight were actually those from MH370 is the fact again that the bodies were already decomposing when the first investigators got to the MH17 crash site… Disgusting is one word that does come to mind…

I have not overlooked what has also been going on in Ukraine while these two major incidents fill the world's Jew spew news media… The Jew/US regime in Kiev is going all out in trying to both kill as many of its own people as possible in the Donets basin region, and also trying to do as their masters command in trying to provoke Russia by firing some artillery into Russian territory.  But all of their plans have failed because Russia is not taking the bait and is still logically refusing to become involved in the Ukrainian fiasco…. The Russians know the truth that the Ukrainian regime is on the verge of total collapse due to its own recklessness and stupidity, and they will just sit by and watch Ukraine crumble before they take any action.  The fact is that the US attempt to get to Russia through Ukraine is a dismal failure, leaving the criminal Obama/Soetoro/Davis regime looking the fool and exposing themselves as a sick evil dictatorship…

One other factor that I have found disgusting is of course the sick stance by the federal government right here in Canada… First we have the Jew lackey Stephen Harper fully supporting the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians and somehow again stating that Canada will "always stand with Israel"… Then we have that freak taking the US stance that Russia shot down that MH17 flight, even after all the information and facts showed that it was the US/Ukraine that shot down that aircraft as part of their newest false flag attempt… Harper and his criminal regime has even gone as far as to call for sanctions against Russia and basing those sanctions on nothing but lies!….. I must reiterate to people that I do not support the criminal government in Ottawa and never have… I cannot support a government that has its first love being a foreign disgusting criminal nation named Israel that is bent on destruction and genocide…. I have said before and I will say it again.. If Stevie and his cronies love Israel so much, then immediately give up your citizenships and passports and get on the first flight to Tel Aviv.  As a Canadian, I want a leadership that looks after the interests of CANADA only!   Treason has no place here in Canada….

Of course while the world goes to heck with the sickness of Israel and more attempted false flags, there is always news elsewhere that always gets overlooked…. Well, I hopefully will cover many of those other key issues in my closing "Last Minute Tidbits" here…….The Global Warming clowns have been unable to hide the recent news that Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets have been increasing over the last few decades, but are instead continuing to try to spin it that the ice is increasing due to the Earth warming.  It seems again that these clowns would argue that up is down and left is right if they had a chance……A major Ebola Virus outbreak in western Africa that is rapidly spreading elsewhere across the continent.  Evidence shows that this is a "new" strain of this deadly virus, and I am still wondering if this has been artificially created in a laboratory.  It is a wait and see to see what happens here, and I will keep on top of this story in future articles…. The illegal immigrants crossing the southern US border is still going strong, and yet the US media strangely tries to avoid this major problem?   There is something diabolical going on here, and I sense that Obama/Soetoro/Davis is behind it.  To what end is still the puzzle, but to me this flood has to be stopped immediately or we will see horrible turmoil in America soon stemming from these disease ridden illegals!…..Of course we still have the crisis in Iraq created by the US/Israeli created fraud terror group known as "ISIS".  But is it not interesting that very little news is now coming from that latest and greatest "terrorist" group with all the reports about MH17 and Gaza filling the Jew spew media?  Sometimes I do wonder if we are all being played as suckers again and again…….Latest "terrorist" threat that has hit the news is also a laugher. "Syrian terrorists" targeting Norway (!).   That is a real laugher and shows how the US/Israel is indeed desperate and on the cusp of madness for something major to start a major war.  People are no longer fooled though, and many have right away called this "Norwegian Syrian terrorist" threat for what it is, another lie!……..A "Canadian" passenger with of course a "Muslim sounding name"(cue the fake terrorist) on a flight from Canada to Panama goes berserk, claims he is going to blow up the aircraft, and forces the plane to return to Canada.  Looks like the next target for TSA style airport "security" and sick propaganda of false fear of "terrorism", is definitely Canada.  I hope Canadians are ready for the same kind of harassment Americans endure at their airports……We have ultra-Jew, that freak Joan Rivers, trying to defend Israel's actions against Palestine claiming that Palestine started the war.  But when confronted by the truth, she was dumbfounded like most Jews typically become.  Yes, the chosen ones do not like it when the truth stares them in the face about their criminality…….And of course I cannot forget about how both houses of the US federal government have voted unanimously in support of Israel's genocide of Gaza.  But again we know who controls the US by now, and sadly during my vacation I can see why.  Most Americans that I met were totally unaware and oblivious to the world around them!  They would rather keep up with the shlock news than care about real news…. And of course speaking of shlock news that keeps Americans entertained and braindead, here is my usual Kardashian news.  It seems that America is all gaga over news that Brody Jenner admitted to kissing skank Kim Kardashian "back in the day".   This actually made news in America rather than the truth about America attempting to start World War III or the truth about Israeli genocide on innocent people!  And people wonder why I see America full of mutton headed sheep and the entire nation going to heck!

Well, thats it for now, and again lets get the news out about the truth about how Israel is trying to genocide all of the people of Gaza.   Lets all do our best to end the lies of our governments and especially the sick lies of our criminal Jew spew media….

More to come


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