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Is Gaza a Modern Masada? Lieberman Announces Its Abolition

Avigdor Lieberman, Foreign Affairs Minister of Israel, threw a bomb on Gaza while speaking in the Knesset on July 15, 2014. "The operation* must end with the IDF controlling the entire Gaza Strip," he said after calling for the obliteration of the Palestinian government.

A Good Roman Pension

Hiding under broken pottery, the two women were gossiping quietly. Their five children were half-buried under a giant half-pot, and were asleep. Earlier that evening, commander of the fortress Eleazar ben Ya'ir gave his final speech, announcing that the Romans were about to enter and that they will commit suicide before surrendering to Empire.

Sicarii+ will not surrender. Freedom precedes life. Life without freedom is spiritual death.

"Before we arrived at Metzada," one woman said, "there were rumors in Jerusalem that the Romans give a comfy pension to those who surrender."

"Yes, who needs to die for God. Let's go to Rome and watch imperial lions eat Christians. Martyrs are fools, whores live comfortably," the second woman answered, scratching her dirty head with a piece of broken pottery.

Shortly afterwards, the Romans found them alive, amid a sea of corpses. They had let relatives, friends and the entire community die, knowing that their own lives would be spared by the Romans.

A few years before, in 69AD, Joseph ben Matityahu had been granted freedom and citizenship by the Emperor, and changed his name to Titus Flavius Josephus. His books on contemporary history survived, providing external descriptions of the Siege of Masada and Jesus. He mentions the speech of Eleazar ben Ya'ir, but missed the women's no less important declaration. The dialogue above is just a probable version.

One would expect them to have disappeared in the Abysm of Oblivion. Their shallow ideology did not include preaching treason and whoredom to everybody; they were just attempting to take advantage of others for their own benefit.

Two millennia afterwards, the ideology exemplified by these two women, who would have been judged to be the worst of the worst by their own society, became the main foundation of Western philosophy.

The Malthusian Scare was for a long time the Western societies' justification for raping the humanity. After it had been proved wrong, it was replaced by other scares, the most important being the Oil Scare. Nowadays, the Phosphorous Scare is silently preached by the rich.$ "Panic is Money, Poors can be Spared and Monetized" is the horrific rationale of the Temple of Gold.

The results open our daily news, bombing and killing of poor people by rich states, which gram by gram accumulate shiny metals in rocky fortresses. Sacrificing others is always wrong; the Good Shepherd sacrifices his own life. Sacrificing others in order to get richer, is the epitome of evil.

Over the years, Israel transformed its wars into a profitable business. Even its internet industry, centered around the Download Valley, is nothing but an extension of AMAN, the IDF Intelligence Directorate.

"Who cares! America pays our pensions," an IDF accountant said. Considering the yearly gifts of Uncle Sam to the Zionist coffer, his succinct summary of the situation was close to the reality. "Let's see the lions eat Palestinians," he added hitting his peer on the kidney with his pointy elbow. "Aren't we having fun?" his friend added, mindlessly caressing his browsed side.

IDF is crossing a red line
IDF is crossing a red line

New Rome Recreates Masada
Saying something good about Avigdor Lieberman is difficult. He was found innocent of wrongdoing after his impeachment last year, but he proved to be a Soviet politruk.&

At least he is one of the few politicians who are constant in their politics. He is preaching the conquest of Gaza and the abolition of its government for a long time. Before today, he mentioned this most recently after the Crimea joined Russia (Lieberman Conquers Gaza and Russia the Crimea).
Avigdor Lieberman
Avigdor Lieberman
Hemingway And Franco
Back then, his statement was of little relevance. Israel and Palestine were negotiating. The level of violence was low.

In mid-July 2014, the situation is very different. There are no negotiations between the sides. Israel is amid a brutal attack on Gaza. Hezbollah in Lebanon is busy in Syria. Iran is busy in Iraq. Any retaliations on Israel for its attack on Palestine will be weaker than in regular times.

Gaza, July 15, 2014
Gaza, July 15, 2014

The West Bank is slowly falling apart; Israel has increased the rate of its unofficial annexation, bisecting and resecting the area time and again, roads and Jewish settlements separating Palestinians villages and cities. If nothing changes, the West Bank will become the Judea and Samaria districts of Israel.

Gaza is different. Almost two million Palestinians live an area too small to allow Jewish settlement. Plans to evacuate the Northern Gaza Strip had been announced by Israel, but settling anything but the fringes of the Strip is impossible without expelling the Palestinians to the Sinai or massacring them.

"This is the time to expand the military operation and conquer the entire Strip," Lieberman said today, adding "you must give us support not jut to beat Hamas, but to end the operation only when the IDF controls the entire Gaza Strip."

"There is no other path of action," he said and continued describing Netanyahu as indecisive. The Prime Minister is expected to take a decision on an IDF ground operation in Gaza.

Roughly at the same time, Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Ya'alon announced the intensification of the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza, a violent reaction to yesterday's embarrassing disclosure that a Hamas drone had visited the IDF Headquarters.

Gaza, July 15, 2014
Dust in Wind, Kansas
Gaza, July 15, 2014
As commented a few days ago, Netanyahu entered a dead end ally by not adding a diplomatic exit path to the current operation. A solution by war means the abolition of Gaza and returning to the situation right after the 1967 War, or the obliteration of Israel.

Israel, a downscaled Roman Empire, is transforming Gaza Strip into a giant Masada, hoping that as the Sicarii, Palestinians will commit suicide before falling again into the hands of their torturers. "Bread and circuses for the masses, gold and silver for the bankers, wars and toys for the generals," is Netanyahu's brutish business plan. "States are the opium of the masses," Lieberman added recalling his communist roots.

Yet, Palestinians are not Sicarii. They are neither sheep carried to the slaughterhouse by the evil shepherd. Netanyahu's business plan will not be accepted.

"Masada will not fall a second time," (Metzada lo tipol shenit), is the oath uttered by IDF soldiers. In 2014, when Zion is trying to transform Gaza into a Palestinian Masada, the oath ironically carries a hope of life to Palestinians.

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