Friday, July 25, 2014

Canada Is Jewish Occupied Territory…. THIS Is A Must Watch Video That Shows The Treachery Of The Canadian Government And Its Enslavement To Jewish Interests

After Israel started its slaughter of the innocent people of Gaza on July 13th, I was wondering how soon the idiots that run this country, Canada, would show its undying and treasonous support for the criminal Jewish state…. It did not take long with the idiot Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, opening his foul mouth on the 13th of July with a ridiculous statement that "Israel has the right to defend itself against (laughable) "rocket attacks" from Gaza".   It appeared at the time that the Canadian government was in total lockstep with the United States government and other governments in showing their support for Israeli slaughter of innocent people…

Well, the stupidity of the Canadian government is bad enough, but right now I want to present a video that was supposedly made shortly after the initial Israeli onslaught on Gaza by the Canadian Government to show their "undying love and support" of the Jewish criminal state…. I watch it and honestly I wanted to throw up….I have it here for every one of my readers to view for themselves… It is called "Through Fire And Water" and I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I hope you all had your barf bags ready and handy when watching this piece of filth..

This is not only atrocious and so full of lies, but the thought that this government had the audacity to actually make such a sick piece of filth is beyond words….

This again shows exactly WHO the federal government in this once proud and free nation of Canada actually answers to.   What is surprising is that I found out that they actually had the gall to produce this piece of horse shit and then made sure that only a "select" audience was able to view it…. I am so glad that I was sent the link to this video and now want everyone, and especially my friends and readers in Canada, to see for themselves exactly what kind of sick criminals do run this nation…

I again ask that if that Jew spew shill and clown, Stephen Harper, loves Israel so much to immediately give up his Canadian citizenship, surrender his passport, and immediately board the first flight to Tel Aviv to go and live in his much loved nation that he cherishes so much.  It obviously is not Canada.

Canada needs leadership that supports Canada, period, and nobody else.  It is time for all Canadians to wake the hell up and see exactly what kind of sickness we have in Ottawa.

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Anonymous said...

" stand with those [Israel] who oppose injustice."
What is this jerk smoking?! You can't get any more unjust than Israel!

" is all too easy to go along to get along and single out Israel."
Crazy! I would say pointing the finger at Israel takes guts and a sense of justice.


Anonymous said...

Here is a video link posted in comments in ICH by Joe.

A good video worth the time. (About 11 minutes.) Morris makes a few very cogent points. As I've written in previous posts, the Jews are now in everybody's face with their criminality and getting away with whatever wrong they do. Morris illustrates this.


Anonymous said...

NTS, welcome back. (From Malaysia). How has our beloved Canada sunk SO low?
From being Switzerland North to being Tel Aviv (spit!) brings me to tears.