Friday, July 25, 2014

Back From A Much Needed Vacation….

Yes, I am back…

I took the last two 12 days off for a much needed break, and a need to "recharge" my batteries…

It does seem as Whitewraithe has put it, that the world has gone to hell during my absence… I did take my portable laptop with me, much to the chagrin of my better half, and tried to keep up with all the news that has been happening, and yes, I was tempted to go into this blog and put up a few articles… I decided that I would not give into that temptation and wait until my return….

I want to thank my dear friend, Whitewraithe, for her most excellent work on the last two rants in this blog… She did an outstanding job and in some ways her work exceeds my own…..  As I have stated many times, I am so glad that she is a personal friend of mine and a colleague who always has mine and everyones' best interests at heart….. I always want everyone that reads my work here to go over to her Pragmatic Witness site ( and take the time to look over her excellent work there.  It is worth the effort indeed!

Yes, I am just sitting down now and letting everyone know that I am well up to speed on what has been happening during my vacation…. I will lay out my assertions about the reality of both the MH17 "crash" and the horrific and most evil Israeli slaughter of innocent people right here with further details in upcoming articles…

1.  That MH17 flight is most definitely the robotically controlled "missing" MH370 flight… There can be no doubt once you read the evidence over at Jim Stone's website:  The facts were also laid out in so many of my previous articles that after the MH370 flight was directed to Diego Garcia, the unlucky and innocent 239 people on board that aircraft were assassinated… Then the plane was remarked and moved with US planes to the United States… Shortly after that, the world officials were meeting in The Hague, Netherlands to discuss the Iranian nuclear issue… It was at that point that the psycho Jews and their minions in our governments decided on a "false flag" attack on that meeting in The Hague… Luckily, as I put in a previous article, that Boeing 777 flying bomb was intercepted by the Dutch airforce and it was flown with great mystery to a site somewhere in Europe for a future "false flag" attack…. The United States evil government decided in cooperation with the criminals running the Ukrainian government fomented a plan to use that MH370 plane in a new 'false flag' operation to blame Russia and possibly trigger World War III…. But everything in these psychos' plans went awry because of the robot plane's flight path 200 miles north of where it was supposed to be, and the fact that ground based air controllers in Ukraine and elsewhere tracked several Ukrainian SU25 fighter planes shadowing the aircraft…. The evidence shows that the plane was indeed robotically flown over Ukraine and then shot down by these fighters using Air to Air missiles… Then we have the evidence by those who first went to the "crash site" that shows that the bodies on board were already decomposing and smelled of rotting flesh (!) which gives clear evidence that the bodies were already LONG DEAD… This fits perfectly with the idea of these monsters using MH370 which was stopped at The Hague to be flown robotically with its long dead bodies on board to be used for this operation…. These psychos have been caught and the US government has also been caught in their lies of trying to blame and frame Russia for this false flag….. THIS AIRCRAFT WAS DEFINITELY THE LONG MISSING MH370 WITH ITS CARGO OF THE MURDERED MH370 VICTIMS!….. There should be no doubt in anyones' minds what so ever… And sadly now, if that MH17 flight actually ever "existed", then these monsters do have another Boeing 777 aircraft ready again for another future false flag operation.

2. The Israeli assault on Gaza is genocide, period.  These psychotic Jews have always wanted ALL of Palestine and they have looked at the Palestinians as nothing more than cannon fodder…. These psychos are also fully aware that they are losing the population fight with the Palestinians.. The population of Palestinians in Palestine now exceeds the population of Jews in that region and the Israelis rather than accept the idea that they have to seek peace with the Palestinian majority would rather "mow the grass" as these monsters put it and actually try to genocide the Palestinian population to again give themselves not only all of Palestine for themselves but to make sure that the Jewish number is greater than that of non Jews in the region…. Then we have the fact that Israel has been lying its ass off about laughable "rocket attacks" by the trapped Palestinians in Gaza… People need to understand that Gaza has long been cutoff from all types of supplies since the criminal Israeli embargo of the entire strip that has suffocated the people of Gaza for at least the last 8 years and longer… To build "rockets" with any punch would require the Palestinians to obtain materials that were impossible to obtain with the Israeli stranglehold on the strip.  Therefore, common sense dictates that we are indeed dealing with either (a) Israeli agent provocateurs which always fire "rockets" from the Gaza strip back into Israel (and strangely never seem to hit anything of any importance) and/or (b) rudimentary "rockets" that are basically firecrackers built with shoddy materials and could never hit anything and destroy anything at all…. But we are being inundated with the Jew spew media lies and lies by our own governments that Israel is being subjected to "heavy rocket attacks" from the Gaza strip, which in reality is so laughable….. The facts are that the Israelis want to indeed KILL every single human being living in Gaza…… Please do not be fooled by the "reported" number of dead Palestinians in Gaza, which at this point is stated to be around "1000"… The reality is that the actually dead in Gaza from this horrendous and immoral Jewish onslaught is actually at least 20x that number.  It is indeed an act of genocide.   I have stated in so many of my rants over the last year that the Israelis are indeed mass murdering monsters that care not for human life, especially that of the Palestinians.  They selfishly want all of Palestine for themselves and will indeed murder all the Palestinians to get their sick dream of a "greater Israel".  The facts, in spite of all the lies pushed forward by the Jew spew media, do indeed speak for themselves.

Honestly, I tried to spend time on vacation not thinking of what has been happening in our world during my absence, but I cannot sit by now and not do what I feel must be told about the truths when we are so surrounded by intense lying… Our governments have been going out of their way for the last few weeks to lie about these two major incidents and a wide spectrum of others…. I am back, and I am now going to do my best to get the truth out, no matter how blunt and shocking it may be….

The Northerntruthseeker is back….

More to come



Deb Normand formerly known as Whitewraithe said...


I am so glad you're back. Look forward to talking with you soon dear friend.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Nice to see you too, Wraithe, and again thanks for your fabulous fill in during my absence..