Friday, June 20, 2014

THIS Is Absolutely Sickening! European "Royals" Killing Naked Children For Fun At Human Hunting Parties!

I have not done any reports in quite sometime about the ongoing investigation into child abductions from orphanages here in Canada where evidence clearly shows they were taken over to Europe and molested and killed by so called "royal" families including the supreme freak that rules the United Kingdom... At the time I found it disgusting and revolting and I was shocked that few people paid attention to the enormity of its consequences... It was also surprising that subsequent reports strangely disappeared, and the investigations here in Canada, although not ended (yet) have not been reported on by anyone for quite some time...The silence has become deafening..

However, with the recent revelations about what these psychos have been possibly doing with children in orphanages in Ireland over the last century, and the fact that many of these children have also been used illegally and immorally in scientific experiments by Pharmaceutical businesses, there has indeed been renewed interest in the world wide network of child abductions and kidnappings...

But now, I came across an article from the Before It Is News website, at, that absolutely turned my stomach, and made me again realize that we are dealing with psychotic monsters that have no love for human life what so ever... I want to present that Before It Is News article, entitled: "European Royals Killing Naked Children For Fun At Human Hunting Parties", right here for everyone to read for themselves... I personally have gone over many of the associated links to this article, and after reading and researching everything about what has been implied in this article, I honestly wanted to throw up.

Here is that Before It Is News article for everyone to view, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow.... I must warn everyone that many may be seriously offended by what they are about to read, but the truth must be told:

European Royals Killing Naked Children For Fun At Human Hunting Parties?

Tuesday, June 17, 2014 7:29

King Albert, Queen Beatrix, Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth Getty Images Sean Gallup  
This is one in a series of articles taken from eyewitness testimony before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Five international judges are examining evidence of child rape, torture, murder and kidnapping allegedly done by global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network. Regular Ninth Circle child sacrifices were said to take place in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals, the Vatican, on private estates and groves and government military bases in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, Ireland, France, England and the US. At least 34 child mass grave sites were identified in Ireland, Spain and Canada – and refused excavation by the respective governments, Crown of England and Catholic Church. Named as present in Ninth Circle activities were Pope Francis, former Pope Ratzinger;Anglican, United Church of Canada and Catholic Church officials including Cardinals; members of European royalty including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip; officials of the Canadian, Australian, UK and US military and governments including the USA’s CIA, plus prominent government ministers, judges, politicians and businessmen from the US, Belgium, Holland, Canada, Australia, France, Ireland and the UK.

Teens were drugged, stripped naked, raped, hunted down in the woods and killed by European royals according to this week’s latest eyewitness to testify before the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. The woman was the fourth eyewitness to give accounts about these human hunting parties of the global elite Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network. A former member of the Netherlands criminal drug syndicate known as Octopus testified that victims were obtained for these human hunting parties from juvenile detention centers in Belgium and Holland.

“In 2004 I was an involuntary witness to torture, rape and murder sessions of drugged children performed for a group of high ranked people of the Netherlands” stated a woman. “I was taken to a hunting party in Belgium close to Brussels where I saw two boys and a girl ages 14 to 16, hunted and killed by global elites. The human hunting party was heavily guarded by the Netherlands Royal Guards. I was told that King Albert of Belgium was present.”

Four eyewitnesses confirmed that as children and youths they were forced to attend human hunting parties where they and other children were raped, with some killed, and deceased boy’s penises were cut off. Allegedly there was a Dutch countryside palace where boys’ penises were displayed like trophies on a wall. Some hunting parties were hosted on the grounds of Belgium Queen Beatrix’s Palace.

Dutch therapist Toos Nijenhuis claimed that as a four year-old she was forced to witness murders of children that involved former Pope Ratzinger, a Dutch Catholic Cardinal, plus the father of Netherlands Belgium Queen Beatrix and Bilderberger Founder, Dutch Crown Prince Alfrink Bernhard. “I saw the former Pope Joseph Ratzinger murder a little girl″ another witness confirmed. “It was at a French chateau in the fall of 1987. It was ugly, horrible and didn’t happen just once. Ratzinger and Bernhard were some of the more prominent men who took part.”

In Ireland, Spain and Canada 34 child mass grave sites were discovered and appeared linked to Ninth Circle activities. The largest was the Mohawk Indian Residential School in Brantford Ontario where child remains were identified in 2008 before the Catholic Church, Canadian government and English Crown shut down the dig by professional archeologists. The 2013 ICLCJ Court had found Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip guilty for the Oct. 10 1964 disappearance of ten native children from the Catholic residential school in Kamloops British Columbia. In the first two weeks of the 2014 court witnesses identified Dutch and Belgian royal participants in the rape and killing of Mohawk children and newborns. Named were Bernhard and King Hendrick, consort to Queen Wilhelmina of Holland.

Alleged to be present during the human hunting parties were the late Prince Johan Friso and his wife Mabel Wisse Smit, former ministers, the top man of the Dutch army, the under secretary of the Raad Van State in the Netherlands, the Vice-Roy next to Queen Beatrix and other global business and political leaders including some from the US. “Surely the present King Willem Alexander and King Filip and their wives know about this abuse and murder of children” said one eyewitness.”They do nothing about it and likely are the ones to stop investigations and prosecutions.”

In January 2014 the brother of the king of Holland Prince Johan Friso passed away in a coma after these three Dutch-language websites shown here reached the internet. The websites revealed that Friso was at the human hunting and killing parties.”The story came on the internet after years of trying to move the policy and justice department in the Netherlands to act against the criminals,” an eyewitness said. “Nobody did anything to stop these criminals, probably because Queen Beatrix and King Albert likely interfered with the investigations.”

Human hunting parties were said to take place on the grounds of Belgium Queen Beatrix’s Palace in the Netherlands. Two witnesses have named former Pope Joseph Ratzinger and Queen Beatrix’s father the deceased Prince Alfrink Bernhard, as being present at child sacrifices. Both were said to be Nazi sympathizers.

The ICLCJ Court received a collection of Jesuit archival records about a child sacrificial cult known as the Knights of Darkness. In 1933 the Knights were established by the Catholic Jesuits and Nazi Waffen S.S. Division. The records showed Ratzinger was identified as a member of the Knights while working as an S.S. Chaplain’s assistant at the Ravensbruck Concentration Camp in Germany. The records also stated that Ratzinger participated in child sacrificial rites using kidnapped children from the camps or political prisoners.

Another court document called the Magisterial Privilege indicated child sacrifice was a regular occurrence at the Vatican. At the tender age of 12 “Svali” of San Diego County California claimed she was brought to catacombs beneath the Vatican to witness the sacrifice of a three year-old drugged boy. In this video her interviewer said that 24 years prior a “Maria” told him she witnessed another satanic child sacrifice rite in the same Vatican Catacombs.

Last week an Irish police investigator reported to the ICLCJ Court that the close to 800 babies buried in a Catholic Nun’s septic tank were dismembered, decapitated and in bits and pieces – signs that they could have been murdered in Satanic child sacrifice rites. In the last two months the ICLCJ Court has heard these heart-wrenching testimonies about the rape, torture and murder of children as recently as 2010 by Catholic leaders, European royal family members and other global elites. Murder sites of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult were said to be in the catacombs of Catholic Cathedrals including the Vatican and on private estates, military establishments and groves in Belgium, Holland, Spain, Australia, France, England and the US.

The ICLCJ Court has been overwhelmed with newly discovered evidence and a number of new witnesses coming forward to testify about Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult activities. They have uncovered Ninth Circle Satanic Cult member possible involvement in international child sacrifice, kidnapping, exploitation and drug rings. The five international judges and 27 jury members were expected to remain in session for at least a year due to the complexity of the cases.

Amnesty has been offered to citizens or employees of the Vatican, Crown of England, churches or governments willing to give sworn testimony or evidence that leads to the prosecution of these global elites suspected of committing crimes. Rewards up to 10,000 euros or around 13,660 dollars was available through the ICLCJ court.

The ICLCJ Court had over 450 Common Law Peace Officers in 13 countries, with 51 local chartered groups operating. Local organizing funds were available for common law groups that applied through the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State. To contact officers of the court or ITCCS Field Secretary Kevin Annett, email or call:,,,, 250-591-4573 (Canada), or 386-323-5774 (USA)

About the Author
Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, retired, author of “Twenty Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty Two Multiple Personalities” ( is a retired therapist, Public Speaker, Activist and investigative journalist whose articles on international child exploitation rings have been cited on over 3,000 websites. The ex-Supervisor, Alberta Mental Health and Director Provo Family Counseling Center is the CEO of Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau ( If you have news tips about child abuse issues please email Judy You are invited to sign our petition to Congress for an investigation of the CIA mind control of children by clicking here.

NTS Notes:  This is one of the most disgusting articles that I have ever read, and it again emphasizes what I and others have said about these scumbag, mostly Jewish, elite... They are not human and are some of the most revolting creatures imaginable...

It is no wonder that much of this has been covered up by our own governments.. The facts are that many of our own government representatives openly participated in some of these disgusting elitist activities....

What we must do is spread this information for everyone to see for themselves about what kind of inhuman creatures we are dealing with... They care not for people, especially children, and think that all we are are cattle and sheep for their own lust....

Proper investigations into the actions of these scumbags must take place immediately.... If the results show that the royal families are indeed involved in these escapades, then they must be removed from power immediately and their ill gotten wealth turned back to the people.... On top of that every single person involved must be thrown into jail for their actions against innocent children....

I have always said that children are indeed our most cherished resource, and the abuse of ANY child must be ended immediately... Killing them for sport is the most revolting and inhuman act of violence against children that is imaginable.

More to come



Anonymous said...

I know this sort of thing happens in the United States, but I also know that the various royal families are not powerful enough anymore to be involved in this kind of activity. It's an activity of powerful elites, not of royals easily removed if they did this sort of thing.
Druids in England have done this, in a sense, but it's not ritual or play but actual witches who gladly live only to the age of ten, are beheaded, their bodies cinched up in their dresses and buried in the crops. The crops then acquire crop circles by apparently paranormal manifestations of the dead witches. They are highly educated children but their souls are very old. The crop circles that appear in England are almost all of them on kill sites. Even National Geographic has shown this happening in an early 1984 issue showing girls dancing around in short dresses, a masked man with an axe, a large stone, he wearing tennis shoes, a lot of folks wearing robes. But that's not the same thing as abuse. I've done some astral projection myself in sleep and I've had witnesses tell me I appeared to them. So, to call it murder is not necessarily proper.
I seriously doubt the Queen of England does this. She gave my friend Charles, her son, a hard time for having an interest in the paranormal. Killing kids doesn't seem consistent with that story.
Maybe they do. I told her about the Druids and she said there were too many of them to stop, that it was debatable as to whether they should be. Stopping the druids would put a stop to the crop circles and that is a phenomenon worth the price of letting witches shed their bodies. I must admit I found the girls incorrigibly cute and the site of them beheaded a heart rending sensation. However, I was myself "out of body" when I saw it. I may have been out of body when I visited the royal family, too.
The illuminati are those souls among us who can function without human bodies. It is not murder for them to dispose of their own bodies for spiritual exercise. A violently swift death provides the spirit a clean functionality, and if it's by surprise, a certain earthbound motivation, whereas a protracted dying of old age debilitates the spirit.
My sympathies, however, to those who produced this website. I can understand your horror. I've felt it myself at FBI and CIA "blood farms" where kids were being slaughtered but also possibly being trained for spy work in that manner. It is horrible. And one always wonders if a few innocents aren't being trained to be witches by lopping off their lives and sending them into the spirit world for training, naked and scared and without skills. Well, that's the price they pay for a better life if it is real.
Frankly, I'd volunteer. Any witches out there in Druid land interested in me? Lop off me 'ead!!

Nanya Bizniz said...

Belgium Queen Beatrix? Please do some research before writing an article. She is Queen of the Netherlands.