Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Iraq Crisis Might Be Used For Air Assaults In Syria: Excellent Report From "X22 Report"

Yes, I laid it out in my last article about what I saw happening right now in Iraq, and everything that I have seen over the last few days has absolutely backed up all of my claims.... I see this present crisis in Iraq as a no-win situation for the United States.... It is also a fact that right now the peaceful nation of Iran has been sending in their special forces into Iraq to help stabilize that nation and put a halt to ISIS (or ISIL or what ever phoney name they like to call themselves) advances on the capital city of Baghdad.

Someone recently sent me a link to a Youtube user, "X22Report" that has been releasing videos for sometime now that cover a wide assortment of subjects, especially the looming economic collapse in the United States and what is really happening around the world.... I started watching some of his work, and I am amazed as to how closely his reports do mirror my own "Rants" that I release every single Sunday.  

For this article, I want to present X22Report's latest video release, entitled: "The Iraq Crisis Might Be Used For Air Assaults In Syria - Episode 390" right here for everyone to listen to for themselves... I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I agree with most of "X22Report"s findings, with of course the exception of the "Wikileaks" reports that he uses as a source... I have known for years now that Wikileaks itself is pure disinformation, and therefore cannot be trusted for any of their material.

I do agree that this situation in Iraq could definitely be used as an excuse for the US to launch air strikes into Syria.  The US Government and the liars in the Jew spew mainstream media could spin this present "ISIS/ISIL" crisis into a method of having direct intervention into Syria with the false claim that these "terrorists" have originated out of that nation and their "bases" in Syria need to be neutralized....This could be the backdoor excuse that these criminals have been looking for to destroy Syria itself.

I also have been covering much of the financial crisis in many of my own reports here at this blog, and I have been warning people for YEARS now that the US government is bankrupt, their dollar is a sham and in full collapse, and that the only way out that these criminals are looking for right now is for a new global war just to keep their fraud Jewish Usury based ponzi scheme going for just a while longer... Again, this "crisis" in the Middle East could be just the ticket they have been searching for...

I do want to thank "X22Report" for this very truthful report, and I will be watching his reports from now on, and post many of them here for my own readers to listen to for themselves... Stay tuned..

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Anonymous said...

What no article has stated since this crisis began was that the Iraqi security forces behaved atrociously in the areas they controlled. The security forces snatched thousands of Sunis off the streets and in from their homes, tortured them (think Abu Ghraib but worse) until they confessed to "supporting terrorism," and then executed them or kept them indefinately imprisoned. Human Rights Watch did a blood curdling report on what the Iraqi Army and Police were doing to female prisoners several months ago. 

If the Iraqi Security Forces were behaving so horribly, its little wonder why the insurgents are finding so much Suni civilian support. It doesn't matter if they're Islamists, to the civilians forced to endure Maliki's reign of terror, they will be a better option.

No More Myths said...

Kenny has an open thread for comments on his article Isis oh Isis: