Sunday, June 22, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, June 22nd, 2014


Sunday... June 22nd.. And time again for my weekly look at what has been happening in our sick world over the last week..

Today is June 22nd, and today marks the 73rd anniversary of Germany's Operation Barbarossa invasion of the former Soviet Union during the second World War.  Many of our so called "history" books called that attack an invasion, but the truth has been coming out that it actually was a pre-emptive strike to stop the criminal Stalin from launching his own carefully planned attack on Europe that was to take place on July 5th, 1941 under the code name: Operation Thunder..... The Soviets had been building up a massive amount of men, armaments, and planes, for their planned assault, and were in the process on June 22nd of moving their offensive forces to the forward launch points... The Germans carefully waited until the Soviets were at their weakest during that forward movement and then launched their own assault.... The facts are that the opposition that the Germans met in the first few weeks of Operation Barbarossa were indeed ONLY offensive forces.  There was no defensive barriers or defensive forces anywhere in sight..... The Germans successfully smashed and destroyed some 8 Soviet armies, captured some 2 million combat troops and smashed some 30000 tanks and 10000 combat aircraft during the first part of Barbarossa, and by doing so saved Europe from a Jewish communist take over..... But again the fraud "History" books tell a different story of lies and falsehoods that Hitler attacked the Soviet Union in his "lust" for world "domination".... The truth is very much otherwise..... I now look at June 22nd as the day that Hitler saved Europe.

On to other news... First, I want to tackle the fraud "abduction" of three Israelis by "Palestinians" in Israel last week that is to me a total fraud.... The timing of this "abduction" was the first alarm bell for me, with most of the world's attention focused elsewhere.  This "abduction" happened at the perfect time for the Israelis just as always in the past they pulled off major operations and attacks during the time of crisis elsewhere on the planet....I have also looked at the reports from the Jew spew websites such as Haaretz, and every report is so full of holes as these liars cannot even get their fact straight.  There has already been conflicting reports as to how these three young men got "captured", which should lead everyone into questioning the entire episode from the start.... To me this phoney "abduction" is what I would expect from the criminal Israeli psychos as their response to the new unification government of the Palestinian authority.   The Israelis would of course want to stop a unified Palestine because they want all of Palestine for themselves.  Therefore they have concocted this phoney "Israeli Kidnapping" escapade to give them their excuse to again attack Palestine.  It does seem their plans now are to destroy the Palestinian authority and to finally push for the total annexation of Palestine itself.   We are indeed seeing evidence over the last few days for this to be absolute fact as the Israelis have "switched" their attacks from killing or "kidnapping" Palestinians in retaliation for the Israeli "kidnapping", to blatantly and openly attacking and destroying Palestinian infrastructure.  Those attacks on Palestinian infrastructure alone should awaken everyone again to the fact that the "abducted Israelis" story is indeed a fraud and that the emphasis of the Israelis has always been on the destruction and conquest of Palestine itself.....The bottom line here is that this latest episode of lies by the Israelis again backs up everything that I have always said that the only hope for the Palestinians is to fight...There is NO future for the Palestinians, period, because the Israelis want all of Palestine for themselves, and in their psychosis they want the Palestinians to either accept permanent enslavement or be wiped out completely....It is clearly either fight or die for the Palestinians... With such a choice, I know what I would choose in a heartbeat.

The situation in Ukraine seems to go from bad to worse by the day... The US controlled puppet regime in Kiev seems bent on destroying many of their own fellow Ukrainians who have chosen to not be part of the Jewish dream of permanent enslavement.   The eastern Ukrainians have already made their choice in fair and open referendums to secede from Ukraine itself and to first go their own way and potentially have another vote for full integration with the Russian Federation.   Lets make it perfectly clear here that these people are absolutely not "terrorists" and/or "rebels"... Everyone on this planet has the right to decide their own future in referendums and it is up to their own federal governments to accept the results of their vote.   The Ukrainian US led puppet regime has not given their own people that right to choose, and instead has turned their own army on their own people.   What we see happening right now is wholesale slaughter and mass murder of Ukrainians by fellow Ukrainians, with the criminals in the Jew spew mass media still promoting the lies that these people are "terrorists and rebels".   

The Russians are of course not taking the situation in Ukraine lightly, and have finally begun to mobilize some of their forces and move some to the border with Ukraine....But for all those that have been crying that the Russians should have already intervened in Ukraine, do not hold your breath just yet... The Russians are no fools and are well aware of Ukraine and their masters in the US government's intentions in turning the battle for eastern Ukraine into a world wide war.   The fact is that the US is desperate to have ANY war take place right now to save the economic mess that they have created at home....Wars have always been both profitable for the Jews and have driven economies in the past out of recessions/depressions.... But this newest war that the US is trying to promote could indeed be a world wide war that could cost the lives of billions of people...Again, the Russians are not playing the US game and are biding their time... They will not intervene in Ukraine on the US terms.....

Now onto the biggest news of all, the battle for Iraq and the latest and greatest fraud "terrorist" group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or "ISIS" for short..... When I saw the name "ISIS" for this latest US/Israeli creation, I had to laugh..... The name "ISIS" stems from Egyptian mythology and is part of the name "Israel" itself  (ISIS-Ra-El).   WHY few people cannot see the significance of the name and how the true criminals (the US and Israel) behind the formation of this group is apparent just by the name choice.  Again, these ultra criminals are openly laughing in our faces about how gullible the Gentiles and Goyim truly are!.....This "ISIS" group reminds me of the equally phoney name choices of "Al Qaeda" and even the last phoney group "Boko Haram", and should have alerted everyone immediately that we are again dealing with another phoney group for the equally phoney "war on terror".... Then last week came the revelation that, lo and behold, this "ISIS" group has been trained by the US at bases in Jordan!.....And we see constant reports that this "ISIS" group is fully armed with US weaponry.  The fact alone that the US has armed this "terrorist group" with their own weapons should have had alerted everyone that we are dealing with a fraud...So what we have, readers, is another phoney group to create havoc in the Middle East and to prolong the phoney "war on terror".

And about Iraq itself... The facts are now becoming apparent that this "ISIS insurgency" into northern Iraq is the newest and latest and greatest attempt by the US/Israel to both have Syria destroyed, and to have the long sought dream by the criminal state of Israel in having Iraq broken down into smaller and weaker nations fulfilled.... The US and Israel have already lost their war in Syria and their attempt at having Bashar al-Assad removed from power.  The Syrian vote earlier this month in free and open elections gave Assad a landslide vote and clearly shows the entire world that the lying Jew spew media and all Jewish controlled government officials are of course wrong in their false assertions that Assad does not have the support of the Syrian people.   But now the US/Israel have another ace up their sleeve and it is their latest and greatest creation, "ISIS"..... The US/Israel is now openly preparing for attacks and air strikes against "ISIS" in northern Iraq, and against "bases" located in EASTERN SYRIA.   I said in many previous articles that the US would indeed use this "ISIS" crisis as their "backdoor" method of attacking Syria itself, and it does appear that is exactly what we see in their plans.

We have seen all the liars in the Jew spew news report about how this "ISIS terrorist" group have already conquered most of northern Iraq, and yet we are dealing with an "army" that barely has the strength of 15,000 soldiers at best.....The reality is that in spite of the fraud of ISIS itself, many Iraqis are indeed looking at them as their deliverance from over a decade of US destruction and occupation.  It is no wonder that this "ISIS" army has had little opposition as it moves swiftly across northern Iraq simply because they have been greeted by the Iraqis themselves as liberators.   The draw back is that these same "ISIS" fighters are apparently the same mass murdering thugs and mercenaries that openly killed Syrian civilians in Syria itself.  The fear is therefore that many of these "liberators" could indeed do the same to Iraqi civilians and many of these civilians will be very sorry for throwing their support their way.

While the US continues its planning for "intervention" in Iraq, the biggest wildcard in this entire mess is Iraq's neighbor Iran.  The US has already made overtures to Iran knowing full well that the Iranians are the most capable of cleaning up the mess that they themselves created in Iraq.   But while overtures are being made to have Iran "assist" in the Iraqi crisis, the US and the criminal state of Israel are continuing their rhetoric about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program and about Iran must be attacked and destroyed..... The US government and the liars in the media are now trapped in their own web of lies... They know that they do need Iran badly, and yet have to keep the impression that Iran is this "ungodly evil"..... But I do wonder if there is something else afoot here.. Is it possible that these criminals are enticing Iran to intervene in the Iraqi situation just so they have their excuse to not only attack Syria being the "base" of ISIS, but Iran for "invading" Iraq?   The bottom line is this manufactured crisis in Iraq is definitely a creation of Israel and the United States, with a multitude of ultimate goals... The next few days will be very telling...

Is it not amazing that each and every single "shooting" that has recently happened in the United States has proven again and again to be either a massive hoax or a carefully contrived operation?   We have seen the proof already that the US government itself has been behind these frauds as their method of preparing the US public for their gun confiscation that will happen very soon.   It seems that the propaganda and the brainwashing of the public by using the fear from these fraud shooting to have them surrender their weapons has not worked as well as the criminals have hoped, and I do wonder if one very large operation is coming that will somehow convince the American public that gun control is needed... Watch for it, my friends in America, because it is indeed coming!

I am truly surprised that most Americans are being so misled by the liars in their own government and media that their attention must be focused on crisis happening 1/2 a world away, while their own criminal government has opened their southern border to a horrific flood of illegal immigration.   Then we have reports of the absolute gall of the US Government themselves that they have the audacity to actually pick up  many of these new illegals arriving in Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico, and transport them half way across the US to be deposited in other states!   Many Americans have become aware of this latest injustice of their own federal government and have begun organizing militias to curb the flood of illegals crossing into the US.... But these militias must be careful, because the US government is just waiting for one of their groups to shoot some of these illegals, especially the children, and use that as a propaganda weapon for their much needed effort to disarm the American people.... The bottom line here is that the US federal government is now openly at war with its own people, and the American people need to wake the hell up!

Well, I do guess that is enough of covering most of the major issues from the last week.. I will close again by quickly covering most of what I missed in my "Last Minute Tidbits"...... America's economy going to hell in a hand basket and all that anyone needs to see about the truth about the decline of the US dollar is to go into their local grocery store and watch prices skyrocket.  That rapid price increase is not so much because of rise in fuel costs, and in production, but just as much about the rapid decline in the US dollar itself.....Yes, I saw the report about a "Canadian citizen" being part of the phoney "ISIS terrorist" group.  More fear mongering and a vain attempt to spread this "ISIS" bullcrap to Canada itself.......And equally laughable, we find reports that "ISIS" is planning a "terrorist campaign" against the US itself.  Just wait for a new Israeli "9-11" attack somewhere in America to be blamed on "ISIS".  I can see it happening to continue the propaganda of fear on the American public......Coldest Spring time up here in Central Canada, with a very short and cool Summer now forecasted.  And yet we see the liars in the "Global Warming" camp state that this is the "HOTTEST" year on record?  Again, gosh darn that "Global Warming" and the scoundrels and liars that promote that fraud.......Fukushima still going strong with reports that the so called "ice wall" idea will not work which is exactly what I have said all along.   There is still no method of fixing this crisis and again it will be with us for decades at least to come......Equally shocking comes reports that the path of the Olympic torch run for the 2020 Tokyo Summer games will take place through the radioactive contaminated area around Fukushima.  I hope the athletes have their lead lined shorts and shirts on........I put up a report last week showing how truly sick the so called "elite" are that they actually use abducted children for shooting sport and few people have noticed?  What is the matter with people?........What the hell?  A Jewish scholar himself comes out this last week and calls the Jewish "Holocaust" of World War II a massive hoax?  Where is the outcry and why are people not demanding an investigation into his allocations to show that he is wrong? No wait, such investigation is not allowed because of ludicrous "Holocaust denial" laws, right?.  Quite a mess indeed, especially for those promoting the "holocaust" and should have everyone asking.. "Hey wait a minute?"......Crisis after crisis happening all over the planet, but who cares because the World Cup is taking place right now in Brazil.   Amazing that the world is going to heck, but who cares because Brazil is heavily favored to win it all, the US may actually play on to the next round, and defending champion Spain has already been unceremoniously eliminated.  Got to love Soccer.........Even more reports coming out from experts stating that the F-35 program in the US is an unmitigated fiasco.  Many are calling for the immediate end to this boondoggle, but the US government is firmly committed to the fiasco.  The result will be a serious and severe weakening of US military capabilities for decades to come......My friend, Whitewraithe, has been back on the job search trail with little luck over the last while.  I do cross my fingers that she is able to find some work and get a lot of her confidence back........Yes, I have been asked to be on Charles Giuliani's show sometime in the near future.  The hard part has always been his time slot which is from 7-9am CDT and interferes directly with my work schedule.   The best I can hope for is sometime in late July and I will let everyone know when that happens......And finally, what everyone has been waiting for, here comes the Kardashian report.   It seems that my favorite skank and trollop Kim just had a first birthday party for her soon to be very mixed up child, North, and it was extravagant to say the least... Tents, tepees, stages, and even a Ferris wheel to boot.   Amazing how America has such an insane love affair with this useless family that these losers are able to have such a ridiculous party for a one year old.  Again this shows the level of corruption in American society and how truly far the US itself has fallen.....

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Study: Jewish Job Seekers Receive Preferential Treatment

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D-Day 1944 is the day America made Europe, Asia, and the whole world safe for Jewish domination.

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PROOF! Illegal Border Invasion Was Planned In January 2014!


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