Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Global Warming Fraud: Why Global Warming Failed

Right now, while everyone has their focus on the happenings in Ukraine, there is a lot of important events happening elsewhere in the world..... In the United States, the criminal Barry Soetoro/Davis/Obama government which has failed so miserably in trying to fleece the American people through the scam commonly known as "Obamacare" is concocting their latest and greatest con known as "carbon taxation"... The US government is continuing to promote the fraud and lie known as man made "Global Warming" (or as some call it "climate change" now) and is getting ready to use the propaganda of fear that the planet is "overheating" to try to impose a new tax on the American people.

But again, everyone should be well aware that "Global Warming" is indeed a massive fraud and swindle.. All that anyone with common sense needs to do is just get off their computers and take a look outside.. Temperatures all over the planet are falling and at a very alarming rate.... What we have is NOT Global Warming at all, but we are about to enter a long period of planetary wide cooling.....

For this article, I want to present a very good video that I came across the other day that fully explains the sham of Global Warming, how it is indeed a lie, and explains again what I have said in previous articles about how our own Yellow Dwarf Star, Sol, drives our entire planetary climate.... This video is entitled: "Why Global Warming Failed" and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I do of course have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I explained many times before in many of my own articles how this planet's weather is not governed by anything that mankind can possibly throw into the atmosphere but is in fact entirely dependent on the levels of solar radiation output from that big yellow ball in the sky!

It is a fact that with Sol's increasingly alarming levels of diminished solar radiation output that the big magnetic bubble generated by such output around our solar system is shrinking... That and with Earth's own shrinking magnetosphere, we are getting a lot more high GeV cosmic ray particles hitting our atmosphere.... Many of those particles are still unable to reach us on the surface due to our thick atmosphere (thankfully), BUT those particles are indeed interacting with atmospheric molecules and are generating more cloud cover....That cloud cover will definitely result with our planet cooling....

I had previously put up this very important video called "Cloud Mystery" and I want to present it here again.  I fully support the scientists in this video's startling discovery of the links between fluctuating cosmic ray activity and periods of ice ages on this planet:

In spite of this video's introduction promoting the lie of Project Apollo, this video explains how this planet has many times in the past experienced Global Cooling and resultant "ice ages" due to our solar system while it goes around the center of our galaxy every 200+ million years encounters areas of space with higher levels of cosmic rays... When those cosmic rays bombard our atmosphere, we get the resultant increase in cloud cover and of course periods of global cooling leading to "ice ages".....

The facts are simple.. .We have been lied to by our governments about "Global Warming" and what actually causes climate change on this planet... Our star, Sol, is now entering a period of rapidly diminishing solar radiation output that will indeed result in planet wide cooling.....Instead of preparing for "Global Warming" we should instead be preparing for a long period of "Global Cooling"!

It is still the job of readers and everyone that we can reach to be aware of the global warming fraud and to stop our criminal government's push for fraud carbon taxation in its tracks.....Please pass this information around...

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