Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Must See Video: Look Up!

I have been troubled for the last few years by what I see on a daily basis... People no longer communicating with people directly or actually making eye contact with others..... I recently went into a local coffee shop which I do on a semi-daily basis, and what I saw was astounding... All young people with their heads buried in smart phones.. No eye contact... No verbal communication at all... It troubles me and has me thinking that this "social media" which I have been dead set against from day one has been nothing more than a diabolical plot to turn us all into non-social beings.....

I came across the following video that I want to share here with all of my own readers.... It is called "Look Up" and explains exactly what I personally see is wrong with the lie of social media and how we have lost the ability to communicate as human beings... Here is that video, and I do have some additional thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I can guarantee everyone that watches this video experiences and sees exactly what the narrator says... People have their heads buried in their smart phones under the illusion that their social media has they connected with friends, but instead it leaves them lonely watching the real world pass them by....

I have gotten into the habit of turning off all communication devices outside of home these days, and just taking long walks to enjoy our world..... There is so much beauty in this planet and our surroundings and it does disturb me deeply that I see less and less people experience it for themselves by instead keeping their heads buried in their computers and smartphones....

As this video explains.... Turn off the smartphones, look up, experience real life, and actually try talking to people..... Human beings have always been social beings that communicate with others directly.... Try it sometimes!

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Penny said...


I loved it. and am going to borrow it too. Yes, I use my computer- but know when I MUST go away
so my humanity stays intact, each and everyday
but you and i know what real life feels like- to run till exhausted
to explore- to imagine
to look at a tree with a sense of awe, to feel it is alive while climbing as high as we can..
to try to create things, build things- not on a computer but out of stuff usually scavenged

forts, treehouses, rafts
bike rides, dirt bikes, hopscotch
ball bouncing games- all manner of them- hoola hoops
meeting your friends- for real
hanging out with them
wandering- climbing in the rafters of your parents garage
sleeping over at your friends house
and so many other activities

sometimes just reading a book and imagining an entirely different reality

Or talking, talking, talking.

Young people now, have no spark. I don't see it. And you know the worse thing- they can't think
I cannot tell you how many times I have seen that dumb blank look on their faces, when they can't even figure something out
be it change, or how to do something because they have no ability to process a thought from 1-2-3 and through to 4

It's very bad.. extremely detrimental to our species and if the 25 and under crowd doesn't snap out of it enmasse
we are going down- extinction
and maybe- as foolish as we are- that is a justified fate
Although extremely sad