Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Mystery Of Malaysian Flight MH370 Continues: Do NOT Believe The Black Box "Ping" Story!

It has now been a full month since Malaysian flight MH370 mysteriously "disappeared" somewhere over the Indian Ocean.   I for one am amazed that the liars in the Mainstream Media have been able to continue their lies and falsehoods as they spin their stories that this flight went down everywhere from the South China Sea all the way to the Antarctic Ocean….. I again say to everyone to look at what the liars in the MSM are absolutely avoiding, and that is the "secret" US military installation at Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory that sticks out like a sore thumb in the middle of the Indian Ocean.   The fact is again that given the flight direction of the aircraft before it "disappeared", it was making a beeline directly to Diego Garcia!

I have been reading the reports coming in now about the "pings" detected in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia that the liars in our media and governments are now saying could be from the black boxes from this missing flight.   But I have had some real problems with these reports, especially the fact that they are now coming in ONE MONTH after the plane "disappeared"…. I also must note that there has not been one shred of debris at all anywhere in the Indian Ocean, that can easily be detected by satellite imagery, anywhere in the Indian Ocean up to this date that has been linked to this flight… Zip, zilch, nada….. A plane the size of a Boeing 777ER if it crashed in the ocean would have broken up and left many pieces of tell tale debris.  But again we have nothing….That should have already told everyone that the plane did not crash in the ocean at all, but was most probably commandeered and flown to Diego Garcia.

Jim Stone (www.jimstonefreelance.com) has been following the disappearance of this aircraft and was one of the first to come forward with information directly linking the disappearance of this flight with evidence that the plane was indeed flown to Diego Garcia.   His previous report (and mirrored here at this site) showed that one passenger on that ill fated flight, Phillip Wood, was able to fire off one message from his captivity at Diego Garcia.   That report has gone absolutely viral, and in spite of the liars in the media and our governments trying to play down and "debunk" this evidence (no shock here), the evidence is very strong and has been backed up by many experts and follow up reports….

Now, Jim Stone has tackled this "ping" found in the Indian Ocean almost one month after MH370 went missing, by calling bullshit on its authenticity…. His newest article is entitled: "Don't Believe The Black Box "Ping" Story", and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves…. I have further thoughts and comments to follow:

Don't believe the black box ping story

Jim Stone, April 8 2014


Early on in all of this, the msm was talking about how remote the Indian Ocean was, and how long it would take to get anything out there to look for the black boxes from flight 370. Most media said it would take two weeks. THAT is a lie.
The actual time to get proper search equipment into the area is 4 hours or less. THAT is how long it would take an F-16 to take off from Diego Garcia and fly ANYWHERE in the region to scan it at mach 2. And in reality, with all the NSA satellites up there, satellites so sensitive that they can detect the beeper circuit in a digital watch from outer space, the real time is ZERO. And if this entire charade was real, that is exactly what would have happened. But since it's all a dog and pony show of fraud, two weeks was the number given because then they could look for a little while and say OH, we will never find it now, the batteries are dead.

What an insult of a joke, some things want to make me hurl my last meal, and this is one of them

The NSA has satellites that can find you in the wilderness if you choose to hide out there just by looking for something as simple as having a digital watch with an hour beeper set to beep, or an alarm on it, or an analog faced watch with digital guts. This is NOT B.S., I used to work for the NSA in a position much higher than Snowden and know what is going on here so take this as a bit of advice separate from the flight 370 story.

The NSA has black radiotelescopic satellites in orbit that have dishes in excess of 180 feet across, a feat made simple by the fact that the dishes do not need to be supported while in the weightlessness of orbit, so they don't need a lot of structural materials in them. These telescopes are so sensitive that if you are out in the country, in the wilderness away from all the other radio chatter and electromagnetic interference, a simple battery operated watch is all it will take to give away your position. And the circuits in a portable FM or AM radio are even better for blowing your cover.

You CANNOT HIDE FROM THE NSA NO MATTER WHAT absent abandoning all electronics, so I beg to question - HOW COULD THEY HAVE LOST FLIGHT 370 AND SUBSEQUENTLY NEVER FOUND IT WHEN THEY HAVE HUGE RADIOTELESCOPES IN SPACE THAT CAN DETECT THE OPERATION OF CIRCUITS AS LOW POWERED AS THOSE IN A WATCH? The entire fraud of even needing to send people out to look for the black boxes, which emit a ping millions of times as strong as the circuits in a watch is sickening. Is the NSA good for anything that will actually help us? I'd say .....maybe..... if flight 370 actually crashed. And therefore no.

NTS Notes:  I for one have suspected that this "black box ping" story is being used for the criminals to cover for their seizure of this aircraft…. In my last rant, I stated that I did believe that these monsters would eventually resort to the simple ploy of dumping a "black box" in the Indian Ocean, as far away from Diego Garcia as possible, and in a very deep part of the ocean itself to make sure everyone falsely believes that the plane "sank" to the bottom of the Indian Ocean.   Now it appears that my suspicions are indeed correct.

The fact is, readers, that Jim Stone is exactly correct in that the liars in the media have been portraying the Indian Ocean itself as a "remote" location, when in fact it has some of the most populous nations on Earth all along its northern shore…..And we must not forget about the fact that all radar contact was indeed "lost" shortly after the aircraft began to enter the Indian Ocean itself…. Again, to mask that radar imagery could only be done by military aircraft carrying the right equipment.  And the only military base in the entire region with that capability was of course… The US base at Diego Garcia!  I have always asked people to use common sense and simple logic when they research the facts behind this disappearance and absolutely do not trust what the liars in the media continue to say about this strange tale….

One other note, and one that has puzzled me…. This site is periodically visited by the US military and other government surveillance on a regular basis (Hi guys!).   I also use the program "Revolver Map" to show where all the readers of this site are located around the world.   It shows up on the globe on the left hand side of this site… But last Saturday, April 5th, at 729am, I got a puzzling hit from "British Indian Ocean Territory" in the middle of the Indian Ocean (it is still visible there for anyone to see even now) on my Revolver Map that has registered strangely as a "zero" hit (?).    There is absolutely NOTHING in the "British Indian Ocean Territory" except… The US military base at Diego Garcia!    Obviously it was indeed a hit on this site, which shows that (a) they are indeed looking at sites like this one, and (b) internet service does indeed work at Diego Garcia, which means that those who say that Phillip Wood could not have "dialled" out via an internet link are proven wrong….And Jim Stone is again proven right…

The mystery behind the disappearance of this flight continues…..

More to come



Anonymous said...

Good for you, NTS, for supporting Jim Stone--his information really is top notch and strikes hard with truth that cuts through lies and disinformation. I note that someone else in Oregon, USA about 30 miles from my city reads your site. You are one appreciated Canadian!

Greg Bacon said...

'ZNN' is getting nervous, they had to go at Jim Stone's site directly on the air.


Anonymous said...

Aircraft can't detect the ping as in water, the ping has a distance of only 1 mile. Also if the MH370 crashed on autopilot after loss of fuel, it is possible the autopilot managed to glide down. I don't know what autopilot systems are on the 777 and it's the only one that could have crashed this way as far as I'm aware. But in a glide it would hit the ocean smoothly enough to cause minimal break up, which would leave minimal, if any, debris.

To support this though, I can point out the black box recorders on MH370, battery life was never upgraded to Boeing recommendation after the air france crash. So the batteries of these recorders from this flight only last 30 days, after that no ping.

Additionally, the news reports say "maybe from the crashed flight", well, what else would it be? What else would be sending location pings from the Indian ocean? Nothing, thats what.

Standard procedure when an civil aircraft is picked up on military radar where it shouldn't be (it was picked up on and off of radar before being "lost" entirely).

1. Attempt to make radio contact - may have been done but without transponders would have yielded no results.

2. Contact civil flight controllers - This wasn't done, but wouldn't have yielded any results anyway as they couldn't detect it themselves.

3. Send up jets to make contact - Because allowing an unidentified aircract to fly around your airspace just isn't what you do :P.

Anonymous said...

Sure makes the story of OBL dying in December of 2001 a lot more credible. If he'd REALLY been in that compound in Pakistan, they'd have 'got' him a decade earlier.

Anonymous said...

Arrogant, disinformation specialists ridicule Jim Stone and his information, too. For those who have limited knowledge about the reality of superior, current technology, deception is easily accomplished. The ping/plane search is a fraud and Jim Stone explains why, so prove him wrong with referenced facts, not just opinions. Any alt-news site, or person, that ignores Stone and relies on lies and ignorance to discredit valid knowledge and evidence is not reliable for truth either. And remember that the public has been fed on lies for years. No matter what has been reported by the MSM as having allegedly happened, doesn't make it true. Supposed official investigative results on past plane crashes cannot be believed on ANY point. $43 million was spent to provide a public circus investigation show on TWA 800 with total lies as a result. With Flt.370., any truth about its being re-directed to Diego Garcia will be shot down, squelched any way possible. Be thankful NTS is still in flight. Jim Stone, too!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous April 9, 2014 at 6:37 PM:

Hear! Hear! Well said indeed!

Anonymous said...

We'll done, great work, however one point with the live hits Map, my location is showing as another state in Aust. So that is not reliable..