Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Mystery Of Malaysian Flight MH370 Continues: My Assessment Of Where We Stand Right Now On The Plane's "Disappearance"

When Malaysian flight MH370 "disappeared" on March 8th, 2014, I was like everyone else… Bewildered and wondering if the initial reports that the plane had simply fell from the sky into the South China Sea were true…. But from the very beginning came many conflicting reports and some very strange occurrences associated with this aircraft and the people on board…..

The initial intriguing and mystifying aspects of this disappearance were the reports of first the cell phone calls that were still "connecting" to the cellphones carried by many passengers on the aircraft, and of course one report from Boeing itself that showed that an onboard device was recording that the plane was still aloft some 5-6 hours after its "disappearance"……We also have the other reports of Malaysian radar finding the aircraft made a very mysterious and abrupt turn shortly after its take off from Kuala Lampur which had it flying in a westerly direction…. Shortly after that initial report the plane simply vanished…..

The most telling report of the last month since the plane vanished was the report from Jim Stone over at  www.jimstonefreelance.com, that showed definitive proof that at least one passenger on that ill fated flight, Phillip Wood, was still alive, and in captivity somewhere on a military installation… He was able to fire off one picture using his IPhone 5, and the existence of that picture as well as the coordinates of where that picture was taken points directly to the US military installation at Diego Garcia in the British Indian Ocean Territory located almost right in the middle of the Indian Ocean... A direct bee line along the flight path that the plane was taking before it "disappeared".    That report has gone viral, and I do have that in a previous article here at this blog for anyone that has not read that report yet…..

Since the time of the Phillip Wood photo and clear evidence that the plane was commandeered and flown to Diego Garcia, there have been many hackers and naysayers (most of which are definitely either trolls or US hired internet hackers) that have tried their utmost to dismiss the Jim Stone report and have even gone as far as to hack Jim's own website and have tried to remove that evidence.   That action alone should tell everyone that Jim Stone is absolutely accurate in that report and that the plane is, or was (by now that aircraft could have been moved anywhere) at Diego Garcia….

Since that plane "vanished" into thin air, the Jewish controlled media has been giving everyone a wide range of lies, falsehoods, and nothing more than gibberish, about what has happened to the aircraft…. They have reported that the plane flew to almost every country possible around the Indian Ocean and as far away as Iran…. BUT they absolutely REFUSED to even mention Diego Garcia!   I initially watched some of their spew and noticed that when they showed any map of the Indian Ocean, they always failed to mention the US military installation at Diego Garcia.   THAT showed that the plane most probably did fly there due to the media's own guilt by omission.  

But we have had the usual spew about "black box" pings coming from a wide assortment of areas of the eastern Indian Ocean off the coast of Australia…. That to me was a red herring and done to throw everyone off for all this time about exactly where the aircraft was… Again, at Diego Garcia….. It is also interesting that the last reports about "black box" pings has come from one of the deepest parts of the Indian Ocean itself…. As I stated in my last weekend rant, I do strongly believe that has been done intentionally…. By simply throwing a phoney "black box" overboard and into that deep water, the governments and media could lie their asses off by stating that the plane "crashed" there (no wreckage?) and that it magically sank into that deep water (again with no wreckage?) where its black box has been pinging, but is now running low on batteries….. AND of course by having it "sink" into that deepest part, there is no equipment available to go that deep at the present and take pictures of the wreck itself……Very convenient indeed….

This last week we have also had the multiple reports coming out of the US itself that are now "denying" that the plane was flown to Diego Garcia…. Knowing how the US military and its criminal government are nothing more than liars and crooks, that "denial" simply means that YES, the plane was indeed flown to Diego Garcia…..

One last update from this last week about this flight that I found very intriguing… One of the pilots on board this ill-fated flight was able to fire off one cell phone call from the plane after it started its westerly flight towards Diego Garcia, but for some strange reason that call was abruptly cut off…. I do suspect that the real hijackers of that aircraft seized his cell phone before he was able to fire off a call and that pilot was most probably killed for his attempt to call the world and alert them to what was really happening to his aircraft….

So, where is MH370 right now?   I would suspect that the plane did not stay long at Diego Garcia once the passengers were offloaded and most probably disposed of…. There have been reports around alternative media sites that state that the aircraft was most probably flown out of Diego and was sent elsewhere for a planned false flag operation due to its range and heavy lift capabilities… We are talking about a very large Boeing 777-Extended Range aircraft with a range of well over 5000 miles fully fuel loaded…..

Bottom line… Do NOT believe anything that the Jew spew mainstream media is continuing to vomit about this aircraft and its "disappearance"… They have their orders from their masters to keep everyone looking in all the wrong places for this aircraft and that is done intentionally….. The fact is this aircraft was logically commandeered and will be used soon for a very criminal enterprise…. Be ready everyone..

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Anonymous said...

The woman is quite a professional, not just a local teacher. Philip Wood is/was an IBM security specialist. Could Sarah Bajc be a Mossad honey trap whose assignment was Philip Wood? Almost anything is possible in the underworld of deception, espionage, and crime. Just questioning.

Sarah Bajc - http://chamber.com/sarah-bajc

Bet you guys didn't know Tescom has an office in Singapore at KH KEA Building, 333, North Bridge Road.
So who is Tescom? It is an Israeli company that deals with remote controlling of planes software.
And it is not made known properly that in 2005, Sarah Bajc was the Managing Director of Tescom - US
She is also the gf of Philips Wood, the one on the MH370 flight.

The plot thickens.