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The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Canadian Schoolgirl Shows Evidence Canadians Are Eating Radioactive Seafood!

The Fukushima disaster is still going strong... Over 3 years since the initial meltdown of three reactors due to Stuxnet virus infected safety systems, and the resultant release of deadly radioactive material into our atmosphere and Pacific Ocean continues unabated.   We hear constantly from the liars in our Jewish controlled media and governments that this disaster is somehow "under control" but the facts are far different!

I want to present the following article that comes from the RINF website, at, that shows how a Grade 10 High School Canadian schoolgirl, doing a simple science experiment on seafood in a Canadian local grocery store, has uncovered the fact that the Canadian government is indeed lying to the Canadian public about the amount of radiation that they are absorbing by eating seafood primarily from the Pacific Ocean. It is a startling find, and first, I do have that RINF article right here for everyone to see for themselves... I do have my usual thoughts and comments to follow:

Fukushima Fallout: Canadians Are Eating Radioactive Seafood

Brandon Baker  RINF Alternative News

Radioactive seafood isn’t foreign to Canadian grocery stores, but we have no research and development professionals to thank for that information—just a 10th grader from Alberta.

Bronwyn Delacruz of Grande Prairie Composite High School in Alberta made her discovery with the help of a $600 Geiger counter her father purchased and the need to complete a science project. She told Metro Canada that she decided to test the radioactivity of seafood—mostly seaweed—because she was shocked to learn that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) stopped testing imported foods in that manner the year after the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan.

“Some of the kelp that I found was higher than what the International Atomic Energy Agency sets as radioactive contamination, which is 1,450 counts over a 10-minute period,” she said. “Some of my samples came up as 1,700 or 1,800.”

Since the Canadian stopped testing seafood for radiation, an Alberta teenager took matters into her own hands. Photo credit: AP / Ahn Young-joon
 According to the Daily Herald TribuneBronwyn tested more than 300 seaweed samples, including 15 brands exported from Japan, China, California, Washington, New Brunswick and British Columbia. Her work earned her gold honors at a regional science fair in Peace River, Alberta. In May, she will compete nationally in Ontario.

“I’m kind of concerned that this is landing in our grocery stores and that if you aren’t measuring it, you could just be eating this and bringing home to your family,” Bronwyn said.

The CFIA’s website says that it found more than 200 seafood samples in 2011 and 2012 that were “found to be below Health Canada’s actionable levels for radioactivity.” That was enough to lift the country’s enhanced import controls.

“No additional testing is planned,” the site reads.

According to Miles O’Brien, it’s the same scenario in the U.S. One of his recent PBS reports revealed that scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute were turned down after requesting minimal federal support by five agencies. There are no federal agencies conducting comprehensive, on-the-ground analyses of how much Fukushima radiation has made its way into the air and oceans of the U.S.

In October, Dr. David Suzuki predicted that it would take three years from the time of the incident for the radiation plume to reach the West Coast. That would have been in the past month. That concept wasn’t lost on young Bronwyn.

“The way the currents and the radiation would arrive in Canada, it wouldn’t arrive until now, about 2014 or 2013,” she said.

In 2012, the Vancouver Sun reported that cesium-137, the radioactive form of cesium, was found in various seafood products that were imported from Japan, including:

• 73 percent of the mackerel
• 91 percent of the halibut
• 92 percent of the sardines
• 93 percent of the tuna and eel
• 94 percent of the cod and anchovies
• 100 percent of the carp, seaweed, shark and monkfish
“Any amount of leaked radiation is harmful to the planet and the health of all species, including humans,” Suzuki wrote. “A major release of radioactivity, such as that from Fukushima, is a huge concern, with unknowns remaining around long-term health risks such as cancers.”

Brandon Baker writes for EcoWatch.

NTS Notes:  THIS is remarkable, and shows how someone so young has the courage and intelligence to simply go out and test to see if Canadians are being lied to by their own government about the dangers of Fukushima radiation in our seafood!

I do believe that the Canadian government has lifted the minimum standards for radioactivity in seafood on purpose...They are trying to save the Canadian Pacific coast fishing industry that would be decimated if the truth was ever told to the Canadian public that they were indeed eating highly radioactive contaminated seafood!  It seems that these criminals care more about industry than human health....

I have been telling my own readers for the last few years that our governments are outright lying about all the dangers we are facing from the still ongoing Fukushima disaster.... It was said that the "radioactive plume" that was released initially into the Pacific Ocean some three years ago would take approximately 3 years to reach the Canadian Pacific coast.... I do believe that these type of reports of high amounts of radiation  in seafood caught in the Pacific Ocean are only just beginning....

Again, we need to go after our governments and demand that they stop their lies about the dangers we face from Fukushima.... This report shows that seafood off the Canadian west coast is unsafe for human consumption...

And I am troubled by the lack of reports coming in about seafood caught off the American Pacific coast as well... I can guarantee that they will be just as alarming as what this young lady found!

More to come


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And now, another form of toxicity will be legislated in Canada. It's Bill C-13 which will get you jailed for criticism of 'israel' spit!
Check this out and weep: The Zionist Coup d'Etat of Canada is just days away from being 100% complete. Oy-vey!