Thursday, April 3, 2014

Remember The Shills - Follow Up Article To Jim Stone's Expose On Malaysian Flight MH370 Being At Diego Garcia

It has been an amazing last few days for me and this blog.... The article that I posted just last weekend that showed Jim Stone's startling report that Malaysian flight MH370 was indeed flown to the US military installation at Diego Garcia has gone viral.  It has shown definite proof that we have all been lied to by our governments and our media (no shock here) and that this plane was commandeered by criminal forces within the US government (again no shock here) for a possible false flag attack sometime in the near future.   It is a must read by everyone....(link here)

Now Jim Stone has put up a follow up article to his original findings and I do have it right here for everyone to see for themselves... It comes from Jim's website, "Jim Stone Freelance Journalist" at, and is entitled: "Remember The Shills".   I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Remember the shills


If you ever get hijacked, kidnapped, or become the victim in a war or terror attack, REMEMBER THE SHILLS. Remember them if you ever manage to get a message out to the world about where you are, because they will promptly jump on it to shut you up.

No matter what the story, no matter what the circumstance, if anyone tries to get your message to the public despite the shills, those trying to help you will become the object of ridicule and the target of thousands of paid shills, who will lie, hack and cheat their way into burying the fact that you are alive, and that you managed to speak.

Such has been the case with Philip wood. And I would like to point out why.

Philip claimed to get a message out with an iphone after being separated from the rest of the people and put in a prison cell alone. And every part of what he said was shilled practically into oblivion.

The first thing the shills said was Phillip wood did not exist, but THAT was a lie.

They then said that an Iphone could never be hidden from a search, but THAT was a lie. and I promise you, no one hides a knife up their @.

They then tried to make people believe that there is no civilian cell service on Diego Garcia that Philip could have connected with, because "it's a military base, there are no civilians there" but then Lt. Col Caggns at DOD media relations in Arlington confirmed cell service in fact IS available on Diego Garcia (go figure) because Diego Garcia has a large civilian population for such a small island, 1,600 civilians working high paying jobs. And they can't call home. YEP. Because according to the SHILLS there can't be a satellite linked cell tower.

They then insisted that in his @ meant up his rectum, and not just in the cheeks, where the TSA fails 70 percent of the time. And even if it was his rectum, they lied when they said it would not fit, even though Philip had five hours to think of a way to get it in there before the plane landed.

Then, after all of that was answered clearly, they then went on to say that it could never have happened because (lie) "an Iphone cannot be turned off" when it absolutely can be turned off, and that an Iphone will only last a day when turned on, when in reality if there is nothing wrong with the iphone, it can be turned on for over a week in standby easily.

You see, shills think you are stupid, SO STUPID you will believe that a high end gadget in 2014 always kills the battery in a few hours no matter what. Welcome 1970's carbon battery.

And they could not have the real picture out there in circulation, NO. So they hacked their way into the major web site that posted it, and destroyed the exif so it had no real forensic value within a few hours, and in stupidity made it obvious by putting up a picture of a bloody body on that same web site. Let me ask, was that a threat?

People were not stupid enough to buy all the shillage, so the shills then hatched the only lie left - that the story was too perfect to be true. But how else could it be? Consider the message:

"I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded). I work for IBM and I have managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack. I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and I am in a cell. My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly."

Let's dissect that. "I have been held hostage by unknown military personal after my flight was hijacked (blindfolded)." If this was a hoax given what was known by all the zit picking kids out there, the message would have instead said "I have been held hostage by American forces after my plane was hijacked. I am in Diego Garcia. But he does not know who his captors are, and that is a total green light for the story being true, because they sure as heck would never tell him. And he obviously did not know where he was.

He was blindfolded. The Army will blindfold people with a locked bag over the head that the people they put it on can't get off, to leave their hands free when they have been judged to not be a threat. 

Once in the cell, they took the handcuffs off because he was not a threat, he was the victim and they left the bag to avoid being identified. Philip, who may have been beta testing the latest IBM voice recognition software or using the voice recognition abilities of the Iphone, swiped the screen correctly to turn it on and then talked to it to get it logged in somewhere to get his message out because he could not see the screen. THE KICKER IS THAT IT IS OBVIOUSLY A VOICE RECOGNITION MESSAGE. IT'S CHOPPY AND THE WORD PERSONNEL WAS INTERPRETED AS THE WORD PERSONAL. THE TWO ARE TOO DIFFERENT FOR THAT TO BE A TYPO, VOICE ASSISTED SOFTWARE OBVIOUSLY DID THAT ERROR.

So, the first line of what he said FITS PERFECT.

"I work for IBM and managed to hide my cellphone in my ass during the hijack". Shills ripped this, saying he would not have bothered with where he worked. That is a load of BUNK. If he was flying to Bejing, he was most likely on a business flight for work, and wanted to make clear who he was so there would be no mistake. And where else would he put the cell phone other than his ass? in his ear? his pee hole? Come on now, that shillage was thin.

So the second line could not have been any different in a real scenario:

"I have been separated from the rest of the passengers and am in a cell" The fact that he waited to be separated from the rest of the passengers to get the message out is absolutely the way it would have been, before separation they would have been closely watching all the passengers and he did not risk losing his phone while under close scrutiny. Once in the cell, the cell prevents escape and would not have immediate supervision. THAT would be the time to dial out.

So the third line is exactly the way it would be, because Phil is a smart guy, he works for IBM in database security and knew when to try to reach the outside world.

"My name is Philip Wood. I think I have been drugged as well and cannot think clearly" That supports the story extremely well, American forces unilaterally drug all prisoners.

BOTTOM LINE? THE STORY WASHES. And NEVER FORGET what the shills did to this if you ever end up in trouble, if you ever try to call out you had better hope no one in a high position of power in America or Israel can benifit from shutting you up, because they will if they can.

Philip was probably just an average guy. He probably believes CNN and that arabs did 911. He probably thinks America is a beacon of freedom and truth, and really believed that if his message hit a blog somewhere it would go viral. He snapped a picture and sent it, knowing his Iphone would send his location. But that did not work, because everything he believed about American freedom, evil arabs, and everything else CNN pushes was a lie.

There will be no rescue for Philip wood, because the liars, hackers, shills and war department media made good and sure that will never happen despite the fact that he did get a message out. Phil will have his mind destroyed so he will never be able to speak up again, and be used to push a mop for the rest of his life if he is lucky.

And if Phil managed to get a message out to anyone in his family, they would have been detained or killed instantly and kept silent, but that probably did not happen because all calls would have been censored. All log ins to any accounts he had blocked. The only hope for Phil was an anonymous blog that did not require log in.

So if you ever find yourself in Phil's position, REMEMBER THE SHILLS, THE HACKERS, THE LIARS AND CHEATS, they will number in the thousands and will hatch any lie possible to screw public opinion against you no matter what message you get out, REMEMBER THEM, THEY WORK FOR A PAYCHECK AND THEY WILL NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU.

In case you are new to all of this, an IBM employee on flight 370 succeeded in getting a message with photo posted to the web. He did not know where he was or who his captors were, only that his plane got hijacked and that he was now in the hands of military personnel. He managed to get a photo out to the web with exif intact. That photo was posted here for about five hours and then got hacked along with the rest of the site. To get even I posted a little Fukushima truth here, the entire flight 370 coverage is below it. Many people do not realize an Iphone can be turned off, to us

NTS Notes:  I do want to thank Jim Stone for these excellent reports and for blowing this entire Malaysian flight MH370 "disappearance" right out of the water!

Again, when this Malaysian flight "disappeared" on March 9th, I did smell a rat.... The facts that came in that showed the plane turned mysteriously into the Indian Ocean before mysteriously vanishing into thin air should have been an alarm for everyone that something was amiss.... The media lies were coming in strong, and in all the subsequent reports they constantly focused on this plane possibly crashing into the ocean (no debris found to this day), was captured by aliens (yes, some articles actually came out about this one), or was flown to Iran (again, yes they actually contemplated this scenario).  However, when they talked about possible flight paths for this aircraft and the multitude of locations for it to land, they always purposely avoided the US base at Diego Garcia that stuck out like a sore thumb in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

I have been asking everyone to use some common sense and logic when it comes to this aircraft's "last flight"... If anyone just takes the flight path as it crossed Sumatra and into the Indian Ocean and drew a straight line, that line would come very close to Diego Garcia..... And consider the fact that the plane disappeared from all radar shortly after it crossed into the Indian Ocean... There is only one nation in that entire region that has the technology to mask this plane's radar signature, and that is the United States by using AWACS out of Diego Garcia......And finally to avoid all radar contact via ground based systems by all the nations ringing the northern part of the Indian Ocean, this plane was obviously flown over open water and no where near these countries.  Taking that southern western flight path to avoid ground based radar contact meant that the only place it could go in the Indian Ocean was Diego Garcia....

There has also been of course the scenario put forward that this plane and its final flight was a complete hoax..... I did think about this one, but considering the need for a multitude of nations to pull of this fraud, that scenario although plausible, is highly improbable... This type of hoax would be several magnitudes greater than the fraud of Sandy Hook which was encapsulated into one town in Connecticut, and therefore to have MH370 be a massive hoax would be seriously flawed.... I doubt if these criminals would have pulled it off successfully therefore and I have dismissed this scenario.

I would say considering all of the work by the shills and trolls in trying to destroy Jim Stone's reports on this finding that the commandeering of this aircraft by criminals within our own governments is very real and very disturbing.... I do wonder what the American public should do now, knowing how truly evil their own government is and what they are capable of?

There is still more to come about this story, and again I will do my utmost to follow up these reports as they come in.... Stay tuned..

More to come



Anonymous said...

Much credit to you NTS for continuing to publish what Jim Stone has exposed and continues to fight for, because you are a Canadian doing what allegedly "renowned" American alternative news sites should be doing , but are NOT. Anyone of these Americans being silent about this and Philip Wood are showing themselves to be giving consent and support to the criminal and murderous US Military headed by C-I-C Obama, who is now accountable for American international air piracy, along with international war crimes.

Anonymous said...

NTS, brilliant as usual. I was in KLIA later that day (when they lost the plane) and security was quite lax. I was flying domestic, but they never even checked ID.

Related to this is the "Moshe & Shlomo" story where 2 men were escorted past security in KLIA Intl. Departures after having their passports rejected by passport control. They were called by name, apparently: "Moshe & Shlomo". Wolf Blitzer tells how these guys got through and the rest is history. Link:

Didn't the same thing happen on 9/11? Underwear bomber? London 7/7?

It's the same M.O. every time. I mean, just the words "using false and stolen passports" only means one group, "THE Tribe!" Like in Dubai:

Anonymous said...

Beware the US internet, gate-keeper shills covering for the US Military hi-jackers in Diego Garcia. These are American alt-news sites who have not yet even mentioned Philip Wood's phone cry for help and will not even acknowledge Jim Stone in any way. DisInformation controllers ignore, suppress, ridicule and censor thoughtful and factual possibilities. For them, letting American Philip Wood and all the other 238 persons on Flt. 370 either rot in a hidden, US-run prison gulag, or die/be killed is what they want.

Anonymous said...

If this whole story of Flt.370 and Philip Wood is a hoax, then who would be doing it and why? This could be being done to not only discredit alternative news but to have governments pass laws to prohibit speculation. Sarah Bajc, girlfriend of Malaysia 370 passenger Philip Wood, joined CNN for an interview but says nothing about Wood's phone message, only accuses Maylaysia of a cover-up. A crash site with all alleged victims could be found, including Wood, or Wood could turn up alive and safe somewhere other than D.G. All suspicion about Diego Garcia would be sanitized and the US Military be redeemed from any guilt. If Wood and Sarah are gov't paid crisis actors, as they are now being accused, then there is a devious, government agenda. Anyone could have made that call that came from Diego Garcia.

FuckJewishIlluminati said...

To Anonymous 5 April : 8.49 PM.

Then,you mean Malaysia plotting something not a shady Mossad. This is some war of nerve. Malaysia won't get any profits but other people or someone do.Then,why the fuck does Malaysia wanted to wipe out the flight ? Malaysia will get more loss than the gains.

You obviously blinded by fake media stories who misled and promise the false sense of comfort... If you read it right,the girlfriends of Philip Wood accuse BBC for cover-up and misleading stories and just a bit sad about Malaysia Airlines text message.

When the fuck in history American didn't lie and not behind it ?

I talk and read about Finding Philip Wood fanpages it tell me about maybe the note by Philip Wood not a hoax as phony kids won't wrote such stories and it will be quite different ,97% authentics.

You will feel real heartache when you heard about Mosad did this.Why ? Are you behind it ? Or, are you officially Rothchild agent ?

American won't care about their own citizen as they build the system and make sure all folks in the world follow it as rule and compulsory and they will assume you as psychopath if you don't agree but they will be on the top of the games,hold the scripts.

I also investigate other country too as this is not a crash but some criminal by a strong power in the world and many people or many country involvement,inside society,a traitor and spy in your own home. I believe nobody.

What you wanted to do next ? Slandering Malaysia that Malaysia on the top of games about missing MH370,spoof the proof maybe ? Slander and Spoof the proof when the crime exposed before the times ?