Sunday, April 6, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, April 6th, 2014


Sunday, and of course time for my weekly rant where I rip the MSM, and all of the so called "news" to shreds…

First things first… The "disappearance" of Malaysian flight MH370 that is still not "solved" almost a month since that aircraft took off from Kuala Lumpur on April 8th on a scheduled flight to Beijing, China, and shortly afterwards vanished….. There have been countless theories put out since that flight disappeared and to this day I am sticking to my guns that this flight was commandeered shortly after takeoff and was purposely flown on a southwesterly flightpath directly to the American military installation at Diego Garcia right smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

I have always asked everyone to use logic and common sense here… A Boeing 777ER aircraft does not just vanish into thin air.  The last reports before all contact including radar contact was lost showed that the aircraft turned mysteriously to a southwesterly vector and that last reports showed it traveling over Sumatra in Indonesia and flying over the Indian Ocean on a southwestern course.  At that point, all radar signals from this aircraft disappeared.   Right there, everyone should have realized that something was amiss… There are only several nations on the planet with the technology to mask a radar signal, and the only major military base in that entire area with aircraft capable of doing so was …. The US "secret" military installation at Diego Garcia!

And of course we have the strange reporting by the Jew run media outlets that seemed to purposely mislead everyone into looking in every direction other than that southwestern course last followed by this aircraft that had it on a beeline heading directly to Diego Garcia.   I also noted that all of these fraud reports absolutely avoided Diego Garcia like the plague.  That alone should have had everyone realizing that we were being duped and that this aircraft was not missing at all… It was commandeered on purpose and flown to Diego Garcia.   The big question obviously becomes…. WHY???

I for one have looked at all the theories behind this plane's disappearance and what it carried including the cargo… I would say that the criminals that wanted this aircraft so badly did so for a multitude of reasons… One was of course the passengers, especially the software engineers and their development that everyone, including the Chinese, wanted….. It is a fact that the software company that these engineers had shares in was also owned by the Rothschilds and with their untimely "demise" on this flight, that company has now become solely owned by the Rothschilds themselves including all rights to the software/hardware that they had developed….A sweet deal for these ultra criminals indeed…

Then there is the aircraft itself of course… An extended range Boeing 777 that would be perfect for a future false flag attack.  This aircraft because of its size and its range of flight could carry a very large payload of weapons, bombs, or even a small nuclear weapon, and have it hit targets up to 5000+ miles away.  It must also be noted of course that there has been another Boeing 777 sitting on the tarmac in Tel Aviv for quite sometime that has raised a lot of questions as to for what purpose.    Is it possible that the Israelis have been using that near identical plane in Tel Aviv for training for the operation necessary for the seizure of Malaysian flight MH370?   I do wonder why the fact that the criminal Israelis have a duplicate of this missing aircraft sitting in Tel Aviv has not raised alarms by everyone already?

Yes, the mystery behind MH370's disappearance continues… Just the other day I did see the reports about how the Chinese may have detected the "black boxes" from this missing aircraft in the southern Indian Ocean.   I would say wait and see  if this does prove true… But we must not forget that these criminals could very easily plant the black box there without the aircraft to mislead everyone into thinking that the aircraft will be suddenly "found"…..  If this story pans out, I will bring that story here…

OK, enough of MH370 for now.. Of course we have the situation in Ukraine that our media continues to lie about.   Yes, there have been a multitude of reports constantly stating that Russia was amassing hundreds of thousands of troops along their border with Ukraine for a planned "invasion"… But just recently a news crew from NBC news traveled to Russia and drove the entire border with Ukraine on the Russian side looking for this troop "buildup" and they found absolutely NOTHING of the sort… This proves again how much our media are nothing but liars, and that our governments are continuing to deceive the world by trying to recreate the false "threat" of Russia itself.   It does seem that the lunatics in our governments want a new war with Russia and they will continue with false propaganda to promote the false need for such a war.

Of course the real reason for war with Russia has been kept out of the news purposely, and that is the fact that Russia is now no longer trading its products and especially its Petroleum in US dollars.  As I stated in many articles and previous rants, the United States has been kept alive economically only through the fact that nations must keep US dollars in their reserves for Petroleum trading…. This has been known as the Petro-dollar scam and swindle, but now nations are well aware that they can just as easily trade in currency other than US dollars…. Russia is opening up deals with Iran, China, and others in currency other than the US dollar and that has the American government actually contemplating war with Russia itself in a vain attempt to keep the dollar supreme.   It is sick to think that billions of people could be sacrificed in a nuclear war just to keep the fraud of the dollar as the world's reserve currency alive….

And about Ukraine itself… The US criminal and illegal coup in Ukraine has turned that nation into a mess…. The nation has signed over all of its wealth now to the criminal Rothschild IMF and has now permanently put its own citizens into debt which they can never pay off.    The nation of Ukraine is now on the verge of total economic collapse thanks to the ignorance and stupidity of their US controlled puppet regime in Kiev, and many proud Ukrainians are rightfully turning to Russia itself for help.   The fact is, readers, that this so called "revolution" in Ukraine has turned into a nightmare for the Ukrainian people.  It is no wonder many are finally realizing the truth about their new found slavery to the Rothschilds and are openly wanting to secede from Ukraine and join Russia itself.

On Friday I saw a disturbing report about the possibility of a new "chemical weapon" attack occurring in Syria, and I thought here we go again…. The criminals running our governments are hoping that the people truly have poor attention spans since their last failed false flag "chemical weapon" attack in Syria and are again banking on using this newest fraud to somehow convince the most skeptical people that an attack on Syria was necessary.   It does appear that the US criminal government and the Israelis are again stepping up their attempts to conquer Syria due to both the fact that the Syrian government forces have now achieved near total victory over their mercenary "rebels", and the fact that their invasion of Syria must happen pretty soon… Bashar al-Assad is going to be re-elected in a near landslide vote in Syria's general election later on this spring, and such a victory would be a propaganda failure and a slap in the face of the Israelis and their American slaves….. Watch closely over the next few weeks, readers, as another false flag attack is again attempted in Syria.   I am saying it is definitely coming…

This last week, the latest fraud Israeli-Palestinian "peace talks" officially failed with John Kohn (Kerry) calling them off….. Lets be serious here, everyone.. These talks were always a fraud as I have proven again and again to be absolutely correct… Israel is a criminal psychotic nation bent on domination of that entire region, and they selfishly want all of Palestine for themselves… In their sick dream world there is no room what so ever for the Palestinian people.   They would sooner kill all the Palestinians than ever consider having a true Palestinian state set up.   That is why I have always said that these fraud "peace talks" were a sham from the very beginning…. The Israelis have used these "talks" as a method of stalling while they rapidly seized as much land from the Palestinians as possible….. The present situation in Palestine shows that a Palestinian state is no longer viable at all…… Therefore I do stand behind my statement that the only hope for the Palestinian people has and always will be to fight back against these monsters…. It is better to fight for survival rather than accept death and genocide.

And of course we have the outrageous report that the criminal US government has actually considered the release of the ultra criminal Jonathan Pollard just to convince the criminal Israelis to go back to the talks with the Palestinians… That is a real laugher if it was not so sickening…. The Israelis would gladly take Jonathan Pollard and have him hailed as a true hero in Israel, while reneging on having that release reopen the talks with the Palestinians.    To release the ultra criminal Jonathan Pollard would be an insult to everyone and make the United States into a true laughing stock on the world stage…. The truth is again that Jonathan Pollard should have been executed decades ago for this act of unmitigated treason against the United States… But instead he should be left to rot in that prison cell for the rest of his life….

I really had hoped by this time that the fact that the Sandy Hook "shooting" of December 14th, 2012 was indeed a criminal operation and that nobody died in that operation would be apparent to everyone.    But again these last few weeks we have seen the disinformation clowns and critics continue to try vainly to keep the fraud alive and that alone has puzzled me…. We all know that other "shootings" and "bombings" such as the Boston Marathon "bombing" were all frauds and lies, and yet these suckers still think that Sandy Hook was somehow a real event!   It is also puzzling that several individuals, and especially one lady in particular, that we used to trust in this fight against Jewish world domination, have ridiculously stood behind their assertions that Sandy Hook was indeed a real event.  That one lady in particular this last week had the audacity to state that everyone who knows Sandy Hook to be a fraud should "apologize" for their use of critical thinking and seeing the fraud in all of its glory….. To me, it appears that we who see the fraud are not the ones who should apologize!    Again, I am waiting for Wolfgang Halbig to get to Sandy Hook and blow the entire fraud operation to smithereens…..

I put up an amazing article this last week where a grade 10 high school girl in Alberta, Canada, went and did what the Canadian government here should have been doing all along… That was to test to see if seafood caught in the Pacific Ocean sold in our local stores is actually safe for human consumption and free of Fukushima radiation.   What she found was indeed alarming in that almost all of the food tested by her simply using a geiger counter was found to be contaminated with high levels of radioactive particles that are most definitely coming from the Fukushima disaster….. I for one have never been sold on the government lies that seafood was safe to eat and that Fukushima radiation was not as bad as reported.. These findings by this young lady definitely show that our own governments are indeed LYING their asses off when it comes to reporting to their own citizens about the dangers we all face from Fukushima radiation.

And about Fukushima itself…. Still no fix in sight, and now the Japanese government is considering permanently entombing the entire facility to try to stop the radiation being released by the melted down reactor cores…..This is the same "solution" that was finally decided for the disaster at Chernobyl, Ukraine, but will be on a magnitude several times larger for the bigger facility at Fukushima… But that entombing of the facility is still years away, and in the meantime the cores are still burrowing into the earth and spewing their garbage into the environment….. Fukushima is not over by a long shot….

Yes, I did see the reports coming out of the liars in the US Government about how their "Obamacare" program is doing so well…… The fact is that program has been a dismal failure and was only for the purpose of fleecing the American people.   And yes, because Obamacare is a total disaster, the US Government will indeed be proceeding forward this spring with plans to fleece the American people another way through the fraud of "Carbon Taxation" to save us all from the fraud of "Global Warming".   I hope the American people are ready for this, because America your own government truly does think you are that stupid….

Well…. So much covered here from the happenings of the last week…. And yes, there is so much more that I have not fully covered but as usual will touch upon in my closing "last minute tidbits"…. Coldest winter in over 100 years and the Global Warming nuts are still out there promoting the lie that the world is "heating up".  Do they really think people are that stupid and are going to continue to fall for their scam?…….More reports this last week about the dangers of Fluoride, and yet I did see the report that the United Kingdom is actually and very stupidly considering making all of their drinking water fluoridated.  I honestly hope the British wake up and stop this madness from happening…..Yes, I have seen the reports about bankers everywhere mysteriously dying or "committing suicide".  All I can say is considering the mess that many of them have created is: "Jump, you f**ckers!"……Ebola scare in West Africa as more and more nations report people coming down with that deadly disease.   Yes, there have been these breakouts before of this disease in that region, and therefore no major alarm yet.  I will be following reports closely over the next while and crossing my fingers that the criminals have not been able to weaponize this disease for their need for a global epidemic!……Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft by this time next week.  These criminals truly want to force people off of that robust operating system, and force users to pay for their trouble plagued newer versions of Windows.  Isn't greed a great thing?…….Japan and China still sparring with each other in the Pacific, I see.   Well, if the US and Israel cannot get World War III started elsewhere, they could use this ridiculous tiff as their excuse to get it going.  Hopefully the Chinese and Japanese stop that ridiculous behaviour and actually sit down and negotiate…….Canadian government is trying to ram through a bill right now that will make criticism of the psychotic state of Israel punishable by jail time.  This is just perfect, and shows again how Canada is truly Jewish occupied territory.  If that bill gets through, it will mean that my criticisms of pure evil will be curtailed as well.  I hope the Canadian people do wake up and stop this from happening…….I am glad to say that Whitewraithe is back and has been doing her blog over at Pragmatic Witness.   It is great to have my ally and close friend back and in better health than she has been in weeks.  Our show, Turbulent Times, is still on the drawing board and we will be trying to get it launched shortly……. As I am typing this report, Arsenal is playing Everton with 4th place in the British Premier League table still up for grabs, and consequently a place in next year's Champions League.  First place is almost now long gone for the Gunners with Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea, fighting it out for the championship.  Maybe next year, Gunners…..And of course, finally my weekly stab at America's greatest family, and America's sweethearts, the Kardashians.   Yes, Kim and Kanye are busy planning for their big wedding which is supposedly coming up next month in France and will be a huge media spectacle .  Great, while the world goes to hell elsewhere, America's attention will instead be focused in on the nuptials between that washed up trollop and skank, and Kanye West.   And again people wonder why I see the world is going to hell?

More to come



Anonymous said...

The Sandy Hoax is so transparent that I am surprised people are still sticking up for the lies.

The parents are way too old for the most part, and they are a bunch of bad actors. Look at Veronique Posner. This Jewish woman says she had an open casket funeral for her son who allegedly died at Sandy Hook.

Portion of article: Veronique asked the medical examiners not to autopsy her son; she felt that his body had suffered too many indignities. At his funeral, Noah was dressed in a suit and tie. A Jewish friend of Veronique’s at work enjoined Rabbi Praver to allow him to be wrapped in a blue tallis, even though he had not yet had a bar mitzvah.
The family placed stuffed animals, a blanket and letters to Noah into the casket. Lastly, Veronique put a clear plastic rock with a white angel inside — an “angel stone” — in his right hand. She asked the funeral director to place an identical one in his left, which was badly mangled.
Just before the ceremony, Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy came to the funeral home to pay his respects. Veronique took him by the arm and brought him to the casket. Noah’s famously long eyelashes — which she spoke about in her eulogy — rested lightly on his cheeks and a cloth covered the place where the lower half of his face had been. “I just needed it to be real for [the governor],” she says. “This was a live, warm, energetic little boy whose life was snuffed out in a fraction of a second because our schools are so defenseless.”

Read more:

The body is never displayed at funerals; open casket ceremonies are forbidden by Jewish law. According to Jewish law, exposing a body is considered disrespectful, because it allows not only friends, but also enemies to view the dead, mocking their helpless state.

This liar also said she ran out right after his death and got a tattoo of him in remembrance. Jews are forbidden to get tattoos (and who would go do that if they were still in mourning). Also, her husband took off to Florida to be with his family instead of “helping” her.

Portion of article: If she is married to someone named Eliezer (Leonard Pozner
he is remarkable in his absence and when reporters showed up to interview the day after the shooting, they found she and her older daughter had gone for tattoos (strictly against Jewish custom).
The day after the funeral when they wanted an interview again they found Mr.Pozner had deserted the family and gone off to Florida by himself.

She has had some of the wildest tales throughout this and I note I never see her with her alleged husband in any photos.
She claims Noah was a twin. Never seen her either.

Anyway, I completely gave up on her having any credibility whatsoever when she claims that in a month or so she will dig ole Noah up and ship him far, far away.
The only thing in Israel, supposedly is she wanted some trees planted in his honor. No word on how that's going, how many and where.

More on site.

The lies just keep on coming.

Anonymous said...

I previously believed Pollard should not be released; that he should remain is solitary confinement for the rest of his life. He should be stripped naked, lights on 24 hours a day, and no bed sheets or pillow.

But I may be having a change of heart.

Perhaps he should be released. Under the condition he be thoroughly infected with Smallpox or the Bubonic Plague. Then ship him to Israel, ASAP. Let them have a huge public festival for him in downtown Tel Aviv. A week long celebration. Invite everyone! Let them have long greeting lines with Jonathan Pollard. Let every last Israeli politician meet and greet their hero giving him a handshake and warm hug. Then let all the Jews of Israel do the same. A hug for every Israeli!