Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Important New Video: May Syria Prevail

I have been watching with disgust the last few days all of the information coming over the alternative news sources about the criminals in the US government now blatantly supplying the murderous mercenary "rebels" in Syria with US anti tank weapons known as BGM-71, or popularly called "TOW"..... I have known about these anti-tank missiles for quite sometime, due to the fact that they were originally developed by the US to replace their LAW anti-tank missiles that failed miserably in Vietnam.   The greatest quantity of these tank killers were supplied to NATO forces to stem the expectant Warsaw Pact onslaught with tanks invading Western Europe during the height of the cold war..... These missiles are absolutely deadly and would have obliterated Soviet made T-55 and T-76 tanks in that expected war that thankfully never materialized.  Now the US is violating every measure of international law with their criminal government openly supplying these deadly missiles to the so called "rebels" to be used against the tanks and armored vehicles used by the good guys, the Syrian government forces.   The US and their masters in Israel are definitely not giving up on their dream of having Syria destroyed and have now raised the stakes with this new level of weaponry and resultant destruction and bloodshed....

For right now, I want to present an absolutely fabulous video that tells the truth about this "civil war" in Syria.... It comes from Youtube user: New Eastern Outlook, and is entitled: "May Syria Prevail".   I have that important video for everyone to see for themselves right here... And I do of course have my customary thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes: I have said for over two years now that this "civil war" in Syria is a fraud.... The criminal and psychotic state of Israel has always wanted to have Syria utterly destroyed in their sick pursuit of total hegemony over the entire region.  But again the good guys, under the leadership of Bashar Al-Assad have resisted these evil monsters and have now firmly gained the upper hand against the fraud rebels.   But again, we are dealing with true evil, and the criminals in the US and Israel are not giving up this battle for Syria by a longshot.. That is why the US has now upped the stakes by introducing BGM-71 TOW anti-tank missiles into the conflict. 

I do believe that the next step for the criminals in the US and Israel is to have another "false flag" attack occur in Syria against Syrian civilians, for them to conveniently blame on the Syrian government.  That was exactly what they attempted last August with the fraudulent and very laughable "gas attack" that turned out to be a debacle for the United States politically.   But again, we are dealing with pure evil again, and they will definitely try this antic again very soon.... Watch for it , readers, and be prepared to instantly blame it on the true criminals, the US and Israel itself...

As the video states, may Syria prevail.... Syria may prove to be a major victory against the criminal push for world domination and we should all support Syria and its people against the criminals out to destroy their nation.

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Unknown said...

I've been with u since 2011. Since then, u've been so informative and solute ur works..But when it comes to Syria, it shows that u have no idea about the Shia and Sunni Muslims. It is well known that the jews and Shias (a religion created by a former jew and converted to Islam called Abdullah Al-Saba')are good friends. Bashar Al-Assad is a shia called Alawite where god is claimed to be Bashar himself!! In the other hand, majority islam is Sunni (just to differ from shia religion that also claim to be Islam). Iran is the centre of shia. If Iran attack by USA or NATO, the purpose is just to keep Iran from having nuclear facilities. Iran is important to fight Sunni. Hamid Karzai a shia in religion has been given power in Afghanistant. Nuri Al-Maliki also a shia in religion has been given power in Iraq since the occupation..Why all shia????? Coz jews and shia are good buddies.