Sunday, March 16, 2014

While World Attention Stays Focused On Ukraine: Remembering Rachel Corrie, Murdered 11 Years Ago Today By The Criminal State Of Israel

Yes, the world is still indeed focused squarely on the nation of Ukraine that of course saw a US led coup against its democratically elected government earlier this year.  And there is of course the very important referendum today where the results of the vote have just come in and the proud people of Crimea have voted overwhelmingly to secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation.   Things may go from bad to worse this coming week as the US criminal regime has stated that they will not honor the rights of the Crimean people and will reject this legal referendum results... The hypocrisy of the west continues...

And as the world stays focused on the Ukraine, today marks a sad anniversary and one that people should never forget... Eleven years ago today, a proud American named Rachel Corrie stood defiantly in front of an armored Israeli bulldozer and was crushed to death by that bulldozer by the criminal actions of that bulldozer driver.... I for one have constantly marked that anniversary at this blog, and again, for that anniversary, I want to present the very important video right here.... "Rachel Corrie, The Girl With Dreams"... for everyone to view.  I have my additional thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Yes, 11 years have now passed since Rachel's murder by the criminal Israelis, and Rachel's family still has absolutely no closure for this cowardly act by these criminals.

I hope for the day that Palestine is indeed free from the scourge that occupies that land illegally today, and when that day comes, I hope the Palestinians do remember the courage of this young lady who saw the truth about the Israeli occupation and stood defiantly against that occupation.  Everyone should remember the courage that Rachel has shown and do their part for the Palestinian cause against true evil.

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Anonymous said...

Children of Lucifer, 2014

by Harry H

The deceit of the Jew is infinite.
In Ukraine the Jewish prime minister, Yatz,
Installed illegally by U.S./Zio-revolution,
Courtesy of icky Vicky Nuland (i.e., Nudelman),
Is supported by so-called Nazis,
Just as U.S. Jewish neo-conservatives
Were Israel-wolf agents in sheep's clothing.
Jews really are, as Jesus Christ said.
Children of the Father of Lies.