Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Sandy Hook HOAX: Follow The Money - Nearly $100 Million Collected!

Sandy Hook was indeed a fraud and a massive criminal operation.  Nobody died in this operation, period.  The purpose of this operation was two fold... One to bring in further gun restrictions against the American people in clear violation of the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, and two, to use the psychology of fear and paranoia to further restrict American freedoms while turning the US itself into a police state.... It is disgusting to see that there are still disinformation agents out there that are trying vainly to promote the lie that the "shooting" in Newtown Connecticut was somehow "real".

I want to present the following very important video, entitled:  "Sandy Hook: Follow The Money -Nearly $100 Million Collected" that shows how the fraud "victim's families" made out like bandits from this operation and were paid handsomely by the suckers in the US public who blindly gave to "charities" not knowing that the money collected went into these fraud actors' pockets, and into the coffers of Newtown Connecticut itself!   I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  This is so disgusting, and shows as I stated before in previous articles how the actors were paid off handsomely for their participation in this fraud, and have been easily made to stay silent to this day... Money talks....

The fact is that the estimate of $100 million as shown in this video may be a very low estimate... It does not take into account other charities and private donations that were made to these "victim's families"....

The bottom line is that this is so disgusting, and shows exactly how greed and lust for money can make anyone do anything it seems in America today....Even pull off an elaborate operation the size of Sandy Hook!

It is my hope that when Wolfgang Halbig does make his planned trip to Newtown Connecticut next month, that he is able to expose this fraud for the entire world to see..... Stay tuned...

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Amanda said...

Hey Brian- Thanks for posting this. Perhaps this explains all the smiling Sandy Hook families here:

And for those interested in Wolfgang's latest plans:

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