Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Sandy Hook HOAX! Even More Evidence Of The Fraud: Associated Press Foreknowledge Of "Shooting" Confirmed!

As promised, I am continuing with my expose of the truth about Sandy Hook, and putting up new articles at this blog when such information passes my way..... I am troubled though that there are still those out there that see this "shooting" as being somehow real and even more troubling that many are still trying to sell the ridiculous notion that children actually died in this event.... This was an operation, plain and simple, and absolutely nobody died, period!

I was sent this very important video just the other day that I want to share with my own readers to view and come to their own conclusions... It is entitled: "Sandy Hook - Associated Press Foreknowledge CONFIRMED..." and gives further damning evidence that the fraud school shooting of December 14th, 2012 was indeed an operation.  The evidence presented here shows that pictures of this "shooting" were taken well BEFORE the operation itself in full preparation to be released to the world!   Here is that video, and of course I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:


NTS Notes:  This is indeed very damning evidence of the fraud. 

I truly need to ask those agents of disinformation how exactly the "Associated Press" was able to produce these pictures well before the actual "shooting" had actually occurred?    Time travel is still not possible even to this date (At least not that I am aware of)!

What must also be noted is that the pictures and all the information presented in this video was "deleted"... That shows that the criminals got wind of the fact that they goofed again, and were quick to have this evidence wiped out... Thankfully the author of this video was able to save this information and present it here as this fine presentation....

Sandy Hook is now falling to pieces and the criminals, including the disinformation agents promoting the lies, are now stuck with the fraud fully exposed......People must know the truth, because these criminals may yet again try to pull off one of these "shootings" very soon, and it will be the case that they will not stop until we stop them!

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Amanda said...

Thanks so much for posting!! I just don't know how anyone can continue to support the official story on Sandy Hook. The evidence of this being a hoax is overwhelming. Also, for those who don't have time to watch the full 21 min of the video, there's a great write-up with screen shots from the video here:

For more info on Sandy Hook, check out

And for a great dismantling of Deanna Spingola's attacks on Wolfgang Halbig and the rest of us who know this is a hoax, please check out

Anonymous said...

The United Way Charity Organization had a Sandy Hook shooting webpage up on their website THREE DAYS BEFORE "THE SHOOTING".

A very deep snake pit we're dealing with.

"What They Don't Tell You + United Way + Sandy Hook"

United Way had a webpage up on their website offering up prayers of condolences and asking for donations for the victims of Sandy Hook three days before "the shooting".

The above Search Term will access a lot of info about this Sandy Hook/United Way matter. Obviously, some high-up executive in the United Way organization was privy to the whole planned false-flag/HOAX/crisis actor "event".

Everyone involved in the Sandy Hook "event" reminds me a lot of the characters in the 1975 Hollywood movie, "The Stepford Wives". The movie happens to take place in Connecticut also.

Every one involved in the Sandy Hook "event" is satanic, to one degree or another. It's just NOT normal human behavior to stage such a gruesome and horrible "event" - and if that's not enough -- try to pass it off as reality, traumatize everyone all based on a HOAX ; AND then, while everyone is traumatized and confused, especially the law-abiding parents of our Nation, try to shove a political agenda down everyone's throat based on a fabricated tale/HOAX [ the take away our Second Amendment Rights agenda, basically ].

My neighbor here in Northern California was crying the day of Sandy Hook. She was very upset. She has a young daughter of elementary school age. Her heart went out to all the children and parents in Newtown. Turns out, she cried more tears than all the parents who "lost" children in Newtown put together. My neighbor is a normal human being, everyone involved in the Sandy Hook "event" are NOT normal human beings.

Everyone involved in this Satanic Lie that is Sandy Hook belongs in prison for life.

I capitalize "Satanic" only to emphasize the true nature of the Sandy Hook HOAX.

From : Trevor