Sunday, March 30, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 30th, 2014


Well, it is Sunday again, and time for my weekly rant...I spent some time yesterday doing some catching up on what I have been missing in our very sick world, and yes it does disgust me....And I always take the time in my rants to rip and tear the lies put out by our governments and media to shreds

Yes, I have been MIA the last few days.  I was taking care of some personal and business needs, and decided to take a short break from writing at this blog.  Well, it is still my blog, and I hope that everyone understands that we all need to take a step back once in a while and concentrate on other things in our lives.  I am no different...  I may yet need the next few days to clear up some personal and business concerns, so I am just asking those who follow my works here to bear with me...

Just the other day I called my friend, Whitewraithe, in the good old USA to find out why she herself has been missing in action.... She told me that she has still been fighting some pretty wicked illnesses over the last while, and her recent bout with a very bad Sinus infection still had not cleared up.  In fact while I talked with her, she sounded terrible and I could tell that she would be out of the loop yet for a few more days at least.  I figure I would let her own readers know here that she is a fighter, and much like myself will not give up.... There is too much at stake going on in our sick world for either of us to just call it quits....

Honestly, what the hell is the matter with people that they cannot see the truth about what is happening right now in Ukraine?  Here we have the criminal US led coup that overthrew the legitimate government of that country to bring in a horrible regime that is nothing more than a puppet for the IMF and Rothschild led EU,and still people think that it was a "democratic" uprising?   All that anyone needs to do is sit down and research the actual facts behind this brutal coup in Ukraine for just a few minutes to see that what our media and governments promote about Ukraine is absolute bull crap!

The Ukraine right now is a mess, and the proud people are finding out now the "cost" to their new found "freedom" under criminal IMF control.  The Ukraine puppet regime has announced over the last week that there will be a 100% rise in fuel charges imposed on the Ukrainians, as well as new measures that will see any personal banking withdrawals "curtailed".   There has even been talk of "bail ins" to "save" the fragile Ukrainian banking institutions, which will mean that personal accounts of the Ukrainian people will be seized illegally to prop up these criminals.   It was bad enough that the IMF stole every ounce of Ukraine's Gold bullion reserves a few weeks back, but now they are going to outright steal the peoples' hard earned monies as well.  That and the new "austerity" measures announced on the Ukraine in the manner of tens of billions of dollars to be "loaned" to that nation will only enslave the Ukrainian people forever to Jewish criminal Usury banking.  Well, Ukraine, how do you like your new found "freedom" now?

One other note about Ukraine... Yes, I have seen all the media lies about Russian forces "massing" along their border with Ukraine, and I can tell everyone here that it again is a massive lie put out by the Jewish run propaganda through their media outlets... Russia is absolutely not placing any forces along that border because they do not need to.... The Ukraine itself is self destructing under the horrible new laws imposed by the criminals who are ruining that nation, and the people there are openly wanting to join Russia itself.  Like the referendum decision by the people of Crimea, we may see more referendums shortly that will overwhelmingly vote for secession from Ukraine to join with Russia.  Again, No need for an invasion by Russia or even the threat of invasion needed here....

And of course the criminal Soetoro/Davis/Obama (Again, take your pick on what this criminal's real name is) regime in Washington trying to save their image as the world's #1 "superpower" by continuing to threaten Russia for its "seizure" of the Crimean peninsula.   Again, we are dealing with idiots that are complete hypocrites when it comes to the rightful decision of the people of Crimea to decide their own future.  It is amazing that just this last week the people of Venice in Italy have voted overwhelmingly to separate from Italy and declare their region a new republic.  I do not see the US and Rothschild controlled NATO threaten Venice with war for their right to decide their future?  And yet these hypocrites are threatening war over the Crimea voting in a fully legitimate referendum to rejoin Russia?  Am I still missing something here?

While the world postures on the brink of war over the crisis in Ukraine, there is of course the matter of the continuing fiasco known as the "missing" Malaysian flight MH370......I have long come to the conclusion that this flight was never missing at all, but has been part of a clandestine operation for the seizure of the aircraft itself for some type of future false flag event.   The fact is that even right now there is still a frantic search in the Indian Ocean for any "remains" of this aircraft, but that searching is obviously done deliberately to continue to divert public attention from what really happened to that aircraft.   The facts are that this extended range Boeing 777 had plenty of fuel to make it all the way to the "secret" US military installation at Diego Garcia, and I do believe that is exactly where this aircraft went.

Just last week someone alerted me to the findings by Christopher Bollyn and others of another Boeing 777 aircraft that is identical to this Malaysian Boeing 777 that went "missing".  This aircraft just happens to be sitting in a hangar in of all places (no shock here) Israel!   But for what purpose?   I am surprised that few people cannot see the obvious that these ultra-criminal psychopaths have their own Boeing 777 available for their next false flag operation, and I do believe that it will be somehow linked with this "missing" Malaysian aircraft as well.   Could the Israelis be planning a new operation by using their own commandeered Boeing 777 as part of a new false flag operation to get their next war of aggression in the Middle East going?  I would say yes, and everyone must be alert and ready for this scenario....

And of course while the world continues to search for the "missing" Malaysian aircraft in the Indian Ocean, we had the disturbing reports this last week of a Boeing 777 that mysteriously flew into Dutch airspace with its transponders turned off.   This aircraft was luckily intercepted by Dutch air force planes and was diverted away from Dutch airspace.   When I read this report, I was shocked, and checked the Jew run mainstream media to see if they reported this incident as well... But (no surprise here) there were none!   This incident was absolutely kept out of the public eye, and I began to wonder... Has Jim Stone over at Jim Stone Freelance ( been right all along?  Did the Jewish controlled puppets in the US government do as their masters commanded, and taken the Malaysian "missing" aircraft, and moved it all the way to the United States as part of a pre-planned false flag attack on Europe last week?  It is a very strong possibility, and luckily the Dutch prevented this aircraft from possibly hitting a target in The Netherlands, to be conveniently blamed on "Iran" or even possibly "Russia" that could have triggered a new world war!

It is sad that people are so easily fooled by the continued "search" for an aircraft in the Indian Ocean that is already long gone......And equally sad for the 239 passengers on board.  I can guarantee that most of them are already dead, and were murdered by the same people who commandeered the aircraft to be used in a false flag assault.   As I stated before, these monsters have no value on human life what so ever.....

Of course while world attention stays focused on Ukraine, we have reports of incidents along the borders of the nation of Syria that should have alerted everyone that the criminal Jews and their minions are again upping the stakes in their attempt to overthrow the Assad government and have Syria utterly destroyed.   The US/Israeli bought and paid for mercenaries, aka "rebels" have basically all but lost the war against the good guys, the Syrian government forces, and now out of desperation to get an all out war on Syria going, the US and Israel just had their puppet regime in Turkey shoot down a Syrian aircraft that was in Syrian airspace just a few days ago... And we have the reports about an audio leak that showed how the Turkish regime wants to have a new false flag attack occur to get open war with Syria off and running....To me, there is no surprise here, because the US and Israel are now desperate and want to fool the world into believing that an all out invasion of Syria is required to make that country "safe for democracy" much like they made the nation of Libya safe for democracy a few years back.    Again, luckily, people are not fooled, and even though the Jewish run media "buried" the reports about the leaked false flag planning, everyone is on alert and is ready to finger the real culprits in case these criminals actually try to pull off their attack!

I saw the reports this last week about how the criminal Jewish US Secretary of State John Kohn (Kerry) has leaked the news that the US may be offering the release of the ultra-criminal John Pollard in exchange to get the futile Middle Eastern "Peace Talk" fraud going again.   This is ridiculous and a cruel joke... Israel does not want peace at all because they want territory and only want to see the Palestinians wiped out.   In the sick Jewish mentality, they may "agree" to the reopening of the fraud "peace talks" if their American slaves are gullible enough to release Pollard.  But once this psycho Pollard is safely back in their glorious nation of Isra-Hell, they will of course renege on the "peace talks", and the US will again be looked upon by the entire planet as nothing but laughing stocks and suckers.   The fact is that Pollard should have been put to death for the level of treason he committed against America, and the US should never ever release this scumbag, period.

Has anyone noticed that the US has once again been pushing for their conquest of Africa and the seizure of its massive natural resources this last week with their announcement that they will be going back into Uganda to search for "Joseph Kony"?   I have news for everyone, and again it goes back to my original statement on this Joseph Kony fiasco from a few years back... This man has been dead for at least 8 years now, and this "renewed" search for him is a fiasco and a lie... The US is again trying to put its forces on the ground in Africa for the sole purpose of scooping up its natural resources, and as a method of blocking China's growing influence in that region.  It was bad enough that they have already moved into other nations on that continent such as Mali, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Central African Republic, but now they are using a person that has been dead for years as their excuse to grab Uganda as well...... Lets not get suckered by this "Joseph Kony" scam again.

This last week I reported on how the Canadian idiot Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, was in New York in front of the UN General Assemby and pledged his undying loyalty to Israel in front of the entire world.   I was shocked and am still amazed at how the Canadian people here in this once proud nation continue to blindly support this fool.... If he does truly love Israel so much, then again I am waiting for him to make the right move and give up his Canadian citizenship immediately, surrender his Canadian passport, and get on the first flight to Tel Aviv with the rest of his Jew and Israel loving cronies to go and live in his one true love in life.... Canada needs leadership now more than ever that cares ONLY about what is happening here in Canada.   To show such love of a truly criminal and terrorist nation by this fraud who calls himself Prime Minster is not only an insult to the Canadian people, but an abomination!

Well, I guess that is enough for now... There is of course many other things that occurred over the last while that I could have covered, but I will touch on them here in my "last minute tidbits"......The US Government is again considering a new "Carbon Tax" this spring, and I am not shocked at all.  The "Obamacare" fiasco has failed miserably and these criminals need some other method to fleece the American people........A young Canadian lady did a science project last week by testing radiation levels in Pacific seafood and she found alarming levels of radiation.  Fukushima is definitely showing itself now in the food we eat, and it will only get worse as time goes on....... Meanwhile, no end in sight for the disaster itself where the failed reactors continue to spew their poison into our atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean. But again, no technology yet exists to permanently solve this crisis.  We will be stuck with Fukushima poisoning the planet for decades to come.....A new Ebola outbreak in west Africa, and now news that it may be spreading across the globe?  Just saw report of man in Canada that has been quarantined for possible exposure to that deadly disease.   If the criminals have somehow now weaponized Ebola and made it possible for it to spread across the globe, then we are all in trouble. I will be following this story closely.......I saw the report about the rise in Autism cases in America going from 1 in several thousand years back to an alarming 1 in 68 in recent studies.  The link to mercury in our vaccines and environment is definitely a major factor, and yet people still willingly roll up their sleeves to take that poison into their bodies?  Amazing.....A report this last week that "researchers" have found a possible "gas chamber" under the grounds of Treblinka.  This contradicts the findings of an Australian crew that proved in 2000 that nothing was buried there at all.  I am leaning towards a new lie being promoted to push the idea that Treblinka was a "death camp".   Interesting, but again I cannot go any further in my own thoughts because research into that part of our history is taboo in Jewish controlled Canada......Economy is still going to hell, but what else is new?  Everyone must be prepared because nothing short of war will now prevent the criminals from finally pulling the plug and letting the whole mess come crashing down......Some good news, the province of Nova Scotia, here in Canada, is now proposing the idea of forgiving all compound interest imposed on student loans in that province.  The US should take note, because that is a quick and simple method of fixing the student loan crisis in that nation as well.  But I can guarantee the Jewish banking criminals will never accept such a notion........After last week's fiasco with Chelsea, Arsenal fought yesterday to a 1-1 draw with powerhouse Manchester City.  I still believe the fight for first in the table is now lost, but the Gunners can still hang on to a top 4 finish in the table to secure their place in the Champions League. Yes, I do like Soccer.........No need to even discuss anything here about Sandy Hook.  If people still cannot see that it was a lie and a criminal operation, then they are hopeless and not worth the effort any more......The Turbulent Times show that Whitewraithe and I have planned has been shelved for the moment until she fully recovers from what has hit her for weeks. All I can ask for is for patience by everyone, because we have not given up on this project......And finally, to close this week's rant, my usual blather about America's darlings and sweethearts, the fabulous Kardashians.  I saw a report this last week that Mariah Carey's husband, Nick Cannon, slept with Kim Kardashian years ago.  Honestly, who has that skank and trollop not slept with? Oh how America has indeed fallen when these moronic slutty tramps are still what makes front line news.....

More to come


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Anonymous said...

Uncle Sam wants Africa before the Chinese take over Africa, yet Uncle Sam is handing over the USA itself to the Chinese.

The Washington/New York East Coast Establishment crowd are truly sick, truly criminal, truly schizophrenic, truly traitorous in every way. They dismantled American industry en-masse and shipped it to China, gave everything away to China, now China is in Ascendancy and the USA is in great decline. Now Uncle Sam wants Africa before the Chinese take over Africa, yet very same Uncle Sam is giving the USA itself away to China.

We're being told now the Chinese are our enemies [ which is most likely true]. If China is our enemy, which is most likely true, then why EXACTLY did our ruling class hand-over ALL our industry to China in the last 40-50 years?

The same ruling class that gave away our American industry to China and greatly weakened the USA now wants a war with China, now that the USA is so weakened and China is in Ascendancy EXACTLY because Washington/Wall Street/Fortune500 gave China our American industry.

The Vietnam war was a proxy war with China, so yes China is an enemy. The US military won on the battlefield, but the US lost the war in Paris. Paris Peace Talks. Seems the terms of "peace" there at the Paris Peace Talks was/is that the USA give away its' industry to China. That was the price of losing at the Paris Peace talks.

The question remains, why EXACTLY did we have to fight in Vietnam to determine if our American industry should stay in the US or be shipped en-masse to China?

Seems to me that's what Vietnam was really all about, considering our industry was started to be dismantled immediately after Vietnam and that was the price of losing Vietnam.

Who decided that the USA would have to fight a proxy war with China in Vietnam to determine the fate of American industry? There was NO question whatsoever American industry belonged in the USA, as electricity was discovered and harnessed here in the USA and so many inventions and discoveries were made here in the USA. American industry was an integral part of our American heritage. IT was given away at the Paris "Peace" Talks.

I think JFK knew all the above, that's yet another reason he was assassinated. He wanted to bring the US military advisors in Vietnam back home, and didn't want a war in Vietnam. I think he knew what losing would mean, and I think he knew in 1963 the US was being set-up to lose Vietnam, and he knew the implications of losing : The situation that obtains today, all our industry in China, and the US in great decline.

The words "traitors" and "treasonous", while appropriate descriptions of our ruling class, still don't seem strong enough to explain the intense evil behind the intentional and planned destruction of the USA.

From : Trevor