Sunday, March 23, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 23rd, 2014


Sunday and time again for my usual rant….

It has been a very long and brutal winter up here in central Canada, and still at this point, Spring is absolutely no where in sight…. There is still about 120cm (4+ feet) of snow on the ground here, and I do wonder why in the hell anyone can still be suckered into believing in the Global Warming fraud at all once they see what I see here…. I have always said that Al Gore and his cronies are in the Global Warming scam to make a quick buck, and I have yet to see anything that has shown me otherwise…

The "crisis" in the Ukraine is still the hot topic of the day here in Jewish occupied Canada, and just yesterday I saw articles where that sickening Jew butt kissing Prime Minister of Canada is right now in Kiev to show Canada's "support" for the illegal regime that has turned Ukraine into another slave nation of Rothschild banking interests…. It is disgusting to see how much this Stephen Harper clown go and do as his Jewish masters command and to show the world how this once proud nation of Canada is indeed just another whore for Jewish and Israeli interests…. I hope the Canadian people are reading this commentary on my part, because it is up to them to wake the hell up and have this clown and all his other cronies thrown out of government.  Canada needs leadership that supports Canadians and Canadians only!
And about this Canadian Prime Minister clown college graduate's "speeches" on the Ukraine... I previously ripped his first "statement" about Ukraine apart, showing it was full of nothing but lies and false pretext.  Now he has made several statements while sitting in Kiev amongst the criminals who have illegally seized that nation stating that Canada will support these criminals and the people of Ukraine in their fight for "freedom".   This fool is not only an idiot, but now has put Canada fully on Russia's radar as well.   Instead of making any friends, he has again shown himself as a Jew lackey and a slave of the Rothschild criminal bank. Again, I do hope that Canadians wake the hell up and very soon.  If war with Russia now becomes a reality, Canada will be fully involved in that war, and our children will be off to fight and die for making the world safe for Jewish usury banking....

And about the so called "crisis"in the Ukraine… I would say that the only crisis is the one the proud people there are now enduring thanks to the sellout of their nation by that Jewish lackey that now controls the government in Kiev…. First he went and stole all of Ukraine's Gold reserves by having the entire 33 tons of Ukraine's Gold bullion secretly shipped by cargo plane overnight and whisked away without the Ukrainian people even being made aware.  This theft was only the beginning, for next he signed deals with the IMF that "guaranteed" loans to that nation in exchange for permanent debt enslavement to Rothschild banks.  We saw reports that the pension funds of the Ukrainian people were already stripped from them to pay for this "austerity", and recently reports of how personal savings were also taken away to "save" Ukraine's frail banks.  Now comes reports about the people of Ukraine having to pay as much as 40% higher for fuel and natural gas..... These are only the beginning of the new found "freedoms" by the people of Ukraine under the new criminal regime, and I do wonder how the citizens of Ukraine like their nation now?

Of course while Ukraine gets sold down the river to Jewish criminal Usury banks, the Crimea voted some 97% in favor of seceding from Ukraine and rejoining their Russian brethren to be part of the Russian Federation...Lets face the facts and not the supreme bullcrap from the Jewish run media.... Crimea was artificially made part of Ukraine way back in 1954, and with the criminal takeover of Ukraine itself, the primarily Russian speaking citizens of that region saw the writing on the wall and knew their future was not with such a nation.... There never was a "Russian invasion" as the liars in the media tried to portray, and the Crimean people called for a legal and binding referendum for their right to choose their own future.  I watched the reports from both the Jew run media and the alternative media, and I never saw ONE single Russian soldier or any groups of Russian "invaders" forcing people in the Crimea at "gunpoint" to the voting stations, and even the United Nations observers for the referendum did not see any acts of violence or any shenanigans at the polling stations as well.... What was also very interesting was that the ballots were in PAPER, and absolutely NOT the "electronic voting machines" used in the criminally fixed US elections.  The people of the United States should take note of this..... The results were therefore fair and because of the massive turnout and vote percentage for reunion with Russia, very binding.... Nothing illegal there at all....

It must be noted that while the Crimea voted for reunification with Russia in a perfectly legal referendum, there are other referendums by people in Europe that are taking place to decide their own futures... The people of Venice are voting in a referendum right now to split from Italy, and it appears that the Venetians are going to get the vote to become an independent republic.  And we know about the upcoming referendum in Scotland that will see the 300+ year "union" with England come to an end and Scotland once again becoming an independent nation.... Nobody is talking about war with either Italy or England over these two referendums by citizens there to decide peoples' futures?  These show the hypocrisy of nations when it comes to the same type of referendum that just took place in Crimea!

Therefore the people of Crimea have spoken, and according to international law and even the laws of the United Nations, their decision to break away from Ukraine and join Russia is very legal and binding.   But of course the Rothschilds will not stand still and allow a part of their latest addition to their empire break away.  The Jewish run press has continued with the lies about Russian "occupation" of Crimea, and has made sure that all of its puppet nations call the referendum "illegal".  And of course we have nations everywhere falling in line and doing what their Jewish masters command and threatening economic "sanctions" against Russia itself.  But these "sanctions" will not work, because Russia provides billions of dollars of raw materials as well as oil and natural gas to most of these nations trying to impose sanctions, and the net result will not hurt Russia at all, but could prove devastating to other nations' economies instead.

The biggest idiot in the whole group of Jew controlled slave nations is of course the United States, where now the idiot President has threatened war with Russia over the Crimea.   We saw over the last week a slow escalation of rhetoric and threats against Russia, as well as reports of major troop movements and build up of forces along borders of the Russian Federation.   But who are they kidding?  War with the largest nation on Earth?  Russia is not only vast, but it is well armed and has many weapons that are in fact vastly superior to anything that its adversaries can put up against them.  Then we have the fact that Russia is still a well armed nuclear power that has the weaponry to turn the United States into a cinder..... And these idiots have not even thought about China that would definitely come to the aid of Russia if war did actually break out.  The fact is,readers, that the United States cannot win such a war, and very early in the conflict and with American soldiers dying in losing battles against the Russians and Chinese, the insane leadership of the United States will definitely turn the conflict nuclear.... When that happens the escalation will be quick and we could indeed be looking at the end of planet Earth.   Honestly are people ready for such a scenario?

And about those economic "sanctions" that the US is presently trying to impose on Russia in a vain attempt to win the war against Russia "economically"?   That is a farce and a disaster for the United States itself... Few people are even aware that even right now, the Russian government has withdrawn or is in the process of withdrawal of all of its US treasuries, and is about to demand all of its Petroleum be traded in Rubles, and absolutely not the US dollar.... This collapse of the Petro-Dollar scam could spell the end of the US economy itself as I clearly indicated in my last article.   The result will be instant poverty and ruin for the majority of the American people.  When I first saw these reports and the move of the Russians away from the US dollar, I knew that it would be the end of the line for the entire US economy.   And of course I do wonder if the American government is really this stupid?  Or is this part of their plan to get the nation into a fighting war with Russia?

The next few weeks will be crucial in this escalating situation in Ukraine.  I do hope that some cooler heads do prevail and that this stupidity on the part of the US, and other Jew lackeys,  does not lead to the collapse of our economies and a devastating war.  

While the world has been focused on the Ukraine, there has been of course the ongoing saga with the missing Malaysian Boeing 777-ER (extended range) Jet airliner.   I am surprised that few have noticed how the liars in the Jew run media constantly are having everyone look all over the Indian Ocean now for the "missing" plane with absolutely NO mention of the very large US base at Diego Garcia that was in the DIRECT flight path of this plane as it flew over Sumatra and into the Indian Ocean almost two weeks ago.  Many reports falsely claim that the plane would never have made it to Diego Garcia, but this was an EXTENED RANGE Boeing 777 with plenty of fuel to reach that base and even beyond.   People also overlook as Jim Stone ( has noted about the fact that this plane was able to fly into the Indian Ocean without any radar detection.  This can only be done by using military aircraft such as AWACS planes to blind radar imagery of the aircraft.   This act alone should have already told everyone that we are dealing with a clandestine operation.   But to what means?

People have been asking my opinion about this MH370 disappearance, and again I will play devil's advocate here..... In my honest opinion, and until someone proves me wrong, this plane definitely flew to Diego Garcia as part of a criminal operation.  The 239 passengers on board were either already killed in the air enroute or unceremoniously taken off the aircraft at Diego and shot dead.   Brutal yes, but I have long known these criminals have no respect for human life.  Now the plane was either fueled up and re-flown from Diego to another base for a future false flag operation or is still sitting at that base itself.   Why a Boeing 777-ER.... The "extended range" feature of this aircraft has always been the key.  Fully fueled, an extended range 777 can hit targets over 5000 miles away from Diego Garcia, which makes much of the Middle East within its target range.  Therefore the scenario where this plane becomes a flying bomb is definitely a possibility.   We could see very soon a new "false flag" attack where this plane, now marked up to look like an "Iranian airliner" is flown towards a target in Israel for example, and after that target is hit by this aircraft, along with the resulting devastation,  have the attack of course blamed on Iran to have Israel's nice little war against Iran off and running... Again, everyone must understand that we are dealing with psychotic criminals that have no love of human life, but only care about their glorious nation of Israel and their continuing push for world domination.   They need another false flag to have the world yet again inflamed with war, and this plane may be their means to get that war going.

There is one scenario about flight MH370 that someone asked me this last week to look into, and I have found it intriguing, but one that I have to dismiss... It is the possibility that we are dealing with a "Sandy Hook" style hoax and that there never was a flight MH370 at all.... My answer....There are too many parameters and too many witnesses and governments involved in this to make such a scenario possible in my opinion.  Therefore to those who are making such a claim, it has no validity and considering the size and magnitude of such an operation, would be impossible to be pulled off successfully.

One other major news report that has been suppressed while the world is focused on Ukraine, has been the recent reports of the Syrian rebels making deals with the Israelis to hand the Golan Heights over to Israel in exchange for Israeli support in their illegal and criminal war against the good guys, the Syrian government forces.  Now with this card being played by the murderous rebel forces, the situation in Syria may be turning against Assad very soon... Already we see how the US Jew puppet regime in Washington has demanded all Syrian diplomats in the US to leave, and we saw just last week where a "bomb" was set off in an Israeli outpost on the Golan Heights that "injured" some Israeli soldiers.  How convenient?  Now the Israelis have begun to escalate attacks against Syrian Government forces in "retaliation" for this "bomb" attack.... I can guarantee that a new false flag may be coming that will be again blamed on Assad.  The result will be the US attacking Syria as commanded by their Jewish masters, and with Syria destroyed, the Golan Heights handed over to the criminal Israelis as dictated by the rebels' agreement.  Syria destroyed, and Israel gets what it wants again!

Sandy Hook.... It does seem that the disinformation agents and the fools still promoting the lies that Sandy Hook was "real" have not given up and faced reality.  Instead, they have now turned fully into trying to discredit and "shoot the messenger" with the release last week of a new "video" that is being used to try to discredit Wolfgang Halbig.    I said in my last article on Sandy Hook, what took them so long?..  I had thought that these fools would have been using this sick ploy from the very beginning, because they have lost all morals and any arguments showing that Sandy Hook was somehow real.   Resorting to this type of attack shows how childish and ridiculous they truly are.   They cannot stand the key questions that Wolfgang has brought up, and the fact that he indeed has the credentials to back up everything he is stating, so instead they have resorted to the poor tactic of trying hopelessly to discredit him.   I hope that everyone takes note of this recent event and finally gets as disgusted about these disinformation clowns as I am.

I for one am not blinded by all the false rhetoric and lies of the Sandy Hook believers.  I have used common sense and have looked over the facts from the very beginning.   I have had my own questions about this operation that everyone else should have as well, and I saw a fraud almost from the start.   I constantly say to those who continue to try to place their attacks, slurs, and bad language, in my comment section to just answer the questions that Halbig and others are bringing forward about this operation.   If they can answer the key questions rationally and logically then the arguments of it being an operation would be open to debate, and may disappear.  But they cannot answer the questions at all, and therefore are stuck with having to defend the indefensible by resorting to attacks on the messengers.... To me, this proves they are either lost in our efforts to stop such criminality, or they are indeed nothing but  trolls and disinformation agents.

Well, I guess that is enough for now... But of course I always close off these "rants" with my Last Minute Tidbits..... Has anyone noticed how Mark Zuckerberg is now crying foul when it comes to the NSA and their illegal spying on Americans?  Talk about hypocrisy considering Zuckerberg's own criminal operation called "Facebook" is one of the worst spying operations ever concocted!.....Fukushima still going strong, now over 3 years since the initial meltdown of the 3 reactors.  Reports still coming in about radiation levels rising on the North American Pacific coast, as well as more troubling reports of fish being caught being highly radioactive and unsafe for human consumption.  But with nations all focused on Ukraine, this still Earth threatening problem again falls to the backburner........ Organizations in the US are now openly questioning the US's "special relationship" with the criminal and terrorist state of Israel?  Its about time,and someone should send them reports on how this "friend" went and killed some 34 sailors on board the USS Liberty back in 1967. Some "friend" indeed......Speaking of this "friend" called Israel.  Last week marked the 11th anniversary of the murder of Rachel Corrie by the criminal Israeli defense forces.  Sadly, it seems as time goes on, Rachel's heroism and sad sacrifice is becoming forgotten......I saw a report this last week that Alaska has a new petition making rounds to secede from the United States and join Russia.  Hey, why not?  Better off than suffering the devastating economic collapse and crushing debt load imposed by the criminals in Washington DC.......While the world is on the brink of war, the people of the US are glued to their Talmud-Visions this week with the NCAA college basketball playoffs "March Madness" taking place.  My apologies to my friend Greg, who is a real basketball nut, but this is again nothing but diversion for the American mind while their nation goes to hell......No surprise when I saw this last week reports that show that vaccines absolutely do not work at all, but actually weaken our immune systems and actually cause the diseases that they are supposed to fight.  Again, when the hell will people learn?........Do not even get me started about what the hell happened to Arsenal yesterday in their game against Chelsea. Getting blown away by a devastating 6-0 loss to the Blues is bad enough, but the game exposed some serious weaknesses in the team overall.   They will be lucky to even hold on to a top 4 finish and have a spot in the European Champions League for next year......Whitewraithe wants to try again to get our show, Turbulent Times going.  She has had some serious health and family issues again these last few weeks that seem to never end, and these always take up so much of her time and energy.  But she is one stubborn and very determined lady, and we have not given up on this project.......And finally, what everyone waits for so patiently for, my weekly report on America's greatest family, the fabulous (cough, cough) Kardashians!  It appears that my favorite trollop and skank, Kim Kardashian has made the cover of "Vogue" magazine with her future husband, Kanye West. First of all, what the hell are the people who run "Vogue" thinking?  Have they lost their minds?  And second, does anyone actually read "Vogue" any more?  Disgusting, and shows again how the American public is focused on this type of garbage, when instead they should be doing something to save what is left of their once great nation!

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