Sunday, March 16, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, March 16th, 2014


I am back... This sinus infection/cold combination definitely took longer than I had anticipated to clear up.  I decided that I was not going to push myself the last few days and just do the right thing by getting plenty of rest, liquids, etc.  That also meant not spending much time on the computer.  I know that I missed a lot of things going on in the world and I spent much of last night catching up.... Hopefully I can have much of that covered in this rant, so bear with me...

I see things still running red hot in the Ukraine right now, with so much talk in the Jewish controlled media about the strong possibility of world war coming, even as early as this week...... But I have had this nagging idea running through my head that I definitely want to get out in the open before I go into this crisis in more detail... The question that I really want to ask is.... Is this crisis actually real?  Or are we being duped by this being a false crisis to fool the public while other sinister things happen that are being purposely masked by this crisis?   OK, for starters...How many times in the past have we seen world threatening "crisis" that magically and at the proverbial "11th hour" get solved and the crisis simply goes away.  And I have checked and it does seem that while the world is always glued to a "crisis", something very sinister and criminal takes place by these criminals elsewhere on the planet that nobody seems to pay attention to!   This is just a thought of course, but I do suspect that a large group of people are also thinking exactly the same thing....

Lets face the facts again... This Ukrainian crisis was created and fully manufactured by the US Government that spent the last 5 years at least and billions of dollars working clandestinely to have the popularly elected government of Ukraine ousted.   The facts behind this operation by the American CIA and other criminal groups has already been well covered in other blogs and the alternative press, so I do not need to go into deep detail here about how they pulled off this coup, and put in a puppet government in Ukraine.

The big factor happening right now is of course the vote in Crimea by the people on a referendum for their joining the Russian Federation.   The fact is that the Crimea itself was never actually part of Ukraine for starters, but was added to the then Ukrainian Socialist Republic by the USSR back in 1954.   The Soviet leadership never ever assumed at that time that by 1992 the USSR would have dissolved and that the Ukraine would become an independent republic.   The Crimean peninsula was kept part of independent Ukraine after the Ukraine split from the USSR, but the majority of the people there were always Russian speaking.... For the last two decades the independent Ukraine kept the Russian majority there in harmony by giving them semi-autonomous status.    But now with the pro-US stooges occupying the government in Kiev, these fools have been making anyone of Russian descent's lives a living hell..... The Crimean people are no fools and realize that they can no longer live under such a regime and have first as of last week declared their independence from Ukraine, and have now backed that independence and yearning to join Russia by a fully lawful and legal referendum.   The vote today will, I guarantee, be fully for Crimea to be restored to Russia itself.

But of course the Jew run media is spewing its lies and falsehoods claiming that Russia has already "invaded" Ukraine, without telling the world that under agreement with the Ukraine, Russia can place as many as 25000 troops in Crimea proper, and therefore this "invasion" is nothing of the sort.... Then there is of course the fact that a referendum for Crimea to join Russia is perfectly legal and fully binding.   There has been no violation of "international law" as the US and their cronies have been harping about, and to go to war over this legal referendum is the most preposterous and stupid thing that these fools can threaten..... They themselves are nothing but hypocrites considering that there have been many instances in the past where referendums by people in other nations have been cast and the results caused changes in those countries... I do not remember the US/EU and other nations not following the law and suddenly calling those situations invalid?  The best example is of course Kosovo, where the people there held a "referendum" and the result was to have them split from Serbia.   People have short memories as to how the US and their cronies went to war on Serbia almost two decades ago to allow the split of Kosovo from Serbia!    But in this situation with Crimea, we have the Crimean people wanting to split from the US puppet regime in Kiev, and therefore because it is not good for the US/EU, we have the threats of war... Hypocrisy to the fullest, readers!

Then there is the situation in Ukraine itself, where the US puppet regime is doing nothing more than kiss US/EU, and Jewish butts, by selling the entire country now down the river for the criminal Rothschild Jewish banking criminals.   The riches of Ukraine are presently being looted and handed over to these criminals even as I type this rant!   It is surprising that little fanfare in the lying Jewish media was given to the fact that just last week the entire Ukrainian Gold reserves was handed over to these criminal banking scum, and now there is absolutely no Gold bullion left in that entire nation.  An estimated 30-40 tons of Gold was transported under the cover of darkness in secrecy to several airports in Ukraine and loaded onto transport cargo planes to be whisked away without the Ukrainian people even aware of the theft.   Again, shockingly there has been little outcry in Ukraine itself by the people to this absolute travesty!

For now, the situation in Ukraine is teetering on the edge of war with Russia.    I again have this nagging feeling that this is the insanity that the US/EU actually want, considering that wars are good for the criminal Jewish banking scum, and considering that the economies of these nations are in free fall, wars have proven throughout history to be the boost to get nations out of depressions.  However the situation has changed with both Russia and even China now being the potential adversaries, and these two nations are of course loaded with massive forces with nuclear weapons.   The sick notion of any war against Russia quickly going nuclear has me deeply disturbed much like anyone else.   But these criminal banking scum may actually be considering nuclear war, since they will finance even that type of war, and when much of the world is destroyed, they will still be there after the outcome controlling the world as they did before!   They care not that billions of people could die just as long as their criminal Usury system stays intact to enslave future generations.

OK, now onto the other matter that I did not cover last week due to my illness... The "missing" Malaysian flight MH370 that disappeared mysteriously somewhere between China and Malaysia itself.   I have read over all the reports and all the findings, and to me there are two possibilities... First we must consider the flawed safety record of the Boeing 777 aircraft that over the last few years has seen a multitude of flaws in the aircraft itself.   There is the possibility that the aircraft experience major malfunctions and crashed into the ocean.   There have been reports of debris fields all over the South China sea as well as the Eastern Indian Ocean for the last few days, but after nations dispatched search and rescue ships and planes to these areas of debris, they have so far proven to be not from flight 370.    But the idea that a crash has occurred has not yet been ruled out.

The second possibility is of course that the aircraft was hijacked.   There was the original reports of two passengers carrying faked id's and passports on the aircraft, but many governments in the region have already ruled out the idea that these two passengers hijacking the aircraft because passengers carrying faked ID's and passports seems to be a common occurrence and practice on many flights!  But beyond these passengers, we have the mysterious reports about how this flight changed direction and started to fly westbound over the Indian Ocean.  I looked at maps of the reported flightpath of this aircraft as it supposedly started over the ocean when contact was lost, and I began to wonder.... The flight path had the aircraft heading in an almost straight line directly to the American military installation at Diego Garcia in the central Indian Ocean.   Many lying media reports have claimed that this aircraft would have crashed somewhere in the Indian Ocean, but I am not so sure considering this plane was an extended range aircraft (777-ER), and would have had just enough fuel to make it all the way to Diego Garcia.

The question is of course.. Why Diego Garcia?   I do not like to speculate, and I could be wrong about this... But what of the possibility that this was no "hijack" or "crash" at all?   I want to play devil's advocate here and just say that this plane could have made a planned landing at Diego Garcia with its transponders turned off, and that the aircraft is now being prepped for a future operation elsewhere.   We are dealing here with an extended range aircraft that supposedly has a range of some 5000 miles at least, and Diego Garcia could be the launching point from where this aircraft could be used in the future for a "false flag" operation against a target somewhere in the Middle East.   This might be wild speculation indeed, but considering the need for a false flag operation by the US/Israelis, I would not count out this scenario just yet until one of the other scenarios is finally proven correct.

Of course while these situations have the world's media attention fully focused, there is the situation in the Middle East itself where of course this last week the criminal Israelis had their Mossad agents fire off a "barrage" of rockets from the open air prison camp known as Gaza back into Israel itself.   What everyone seems to always miss in these so called "rocket attacks" is the simple fact that these "rockets" never seem to hit any major military targets, and astoundingly never seem to kill any civilians.   I have always said that people need to look at that logically and realize that these "rockets" are nothing of the sort.... If these were actual rockets launched from Hamas or Hezbollah as the criminal Israelis always falsely claim, then they would be hitting civilian centers in Israel and there would indeed be civilian casualties.  But as always we hear of none....

And right on cue, we see the Israelis starting to plaster the people of Gaza locked away in that prison camp in "retaliation" for these "rocket attacks".   The Israelis are monsters, period.  They have always been using these false attacks as their excuses to murder thousands, and we hear this last week about how these sick criminals are now wanting to go and wipe Gaza off the face of the map.  They care not about the estimated 1.7 million people helplessly locked up in that strip and will insanely commit genocide knowing they have all governments of the world under their control as well as having their media conveniently focused on matters elsewhere.... This planned slaughter will make their criminal Operation Cast Lead of several years back look minor in comparison!

And of course we see reports this last week about how the Syrian "rebel" forces have had to yield even more territory to the good guys, the Syrian government forces.   The fact is crystal clear now that the Syrian forces are still having the upper hand against these criminal "rebels" and that the only hope for these murderous mercenaries is for direct intervention by the US/EU/Israel.    More and more we are seeing indications that another false flag, just like the phony "chemical weapons" attack of last August, is definitely coming...

One last matter before I get onto my closing "Last Minute Tidbits".... The Sandy Hook fraud "shooting" that was no shooting at all.... I have watched over the last few weeks on how the criminals and their disinformation agents have been scrambling to try to keep this lie alive when more and more evidence has come forward showing the fraud of the operation in all its glory.   These criminals have also not counted on respectable people, such as Wolfgang Halbig, from coming out and calling it a sham and a fraud, and they have been back-peddling rapidly as a result.   Big red flags should have been raised by everyone with the reports about how the criminals have been passing "laws" to prevent any more information about this operation from getting out.   Common sense should even be telling the firmest believers that Sandy Hook was "real" that to suppress investigation automatically says that there is something to hide!    I am also deeply troubled by the fact that there is still a "camp" out there of so called "truth seekers" that still believe firmly that Sandy Hook was real (!).   It is also troubling that rather than open their eyes to reality, many in this "camp" have resorted to attacking those who have their eyes open and see the fraud in all its glory.   To attack others instead of defending their position shows they have absolutely nothing to stand on.    My suggestion is for them to stop their ridiculous and REAL "Cass Sunstein" and "Delphi Technique" attacks on others and come and join us in this fight against the criminals responsible for the Sandy Hook fraud!   It is still not too late for them, but to continue to promote lies will cause them to become increasingly irrelevant and forever labeled as agents of Jewish interests.

Well, that is enough for now.... There is so much more that I have not covered, but rather than make this rant pages long, I will touch on them in my usual "Last Minute Tidbits" ..... Last week marked the 3rd anniversary of the original "typhoon and tsunami" that has always been claimed to be the cause of the Fukushima meltdown and disaster.   Sadly, 3 years later this disaster is going full non-stop with no end in sight.  Reports now indicate that it will indeed be decades before the melted reactors will be "under control".  But can the world actually wait that long?........I see the "Global Warming" clowns were out last week saying that this recent bout of intense cold was a RESULT (!) of their fraud Global Warming scenario.  I really am now thinking that either these people are really that stupid and ignorant, or they actually do believe their own lies.  I see it as a combination of both......Economies everywhere are now in full decline and a "recession" is coming according to government reports.  But lets be serious here, because this will not be a "recession" but a full blown depression that will indeed rival the "Great Depression" of the 1930's.   People everywhere need to prepare for the worse........While laid up this last week, I watched a bit of American Propaganda Talmud-Vision, and I was amazed about how almost every other commercial promoted the fraud "Obamacare" lies.  Smiling faces and talking about "affordable" premiums seemed to be the order of the day.  I sure hope the American people are not fooled, because this "Obamacare" is nothing more but more fleecing of their hard earned incomes!......Happy St Patrick's Day to all my readers of Irish descent.  And myself being 1/8th Irish, I guess I can celebrate myself tomorrow.    Being 1/8th Irish, does that mean that I can get drunk 1/8th of the time?......I see that Canadian Prime Minister and ultimate Jew butt kisser, Stephen Harper is heading to Ukraine to show Canada's support for the puppet regime there.  Isn't it just wonderful about how this country, Canada, is now firmly a puppet of criminal Jewish interests and is now displaying it so openly?........Another reason to never ever have a "Facebook" account surfaced this week with the revelations that the NSA in the United States has been using this spy program to spy on the American public.  How anyone can actually have such an "account" and being used as suckers is still beyond me.........Arsenal still fighting in a real dogfight for the top of the Premier League with Liverpool, Manchester City, and Chelsea.  The fight will go right down to the wire this year for the league championship, which makes most games more enjoyable to watch.   Yes, I do love Soccer, especially when played at such a high level........My friend, Whitewraithe, continues to be out of commission while fighting off a severe bout of illness that has not been letting up.  She seems to have had some real bad luck this year with being sick, and I will continue to give her my support.   The "Turbulent Times" project that we want to launch has also been postponed until she is better.......If I have missed something, or anyone has something that I should cover in future articles and rants, I am leaving it open to suggestions through my comment section.  Feel free to write or ask.....Many have said that I need a new target other than the Kardashians, and some have suggested even Justin Beiber.  I have no need to put Beiber under my radar just yet, because I see him as a very immature young man with childish tendencies with way too much money on his hands.  Hopefully given time he will mature, or someone will help him straighten out.  There is a fine line in the sick Jew controlled world of "entertainment" between "fame" and self destruction....... OK, now onto the fabulous and slime ball world of the Kardashians.  This family of skanks, hoes, and trollops, are supposedly now wanting to launch a new "travel company" based upon trips that they have taken around the world themselves. Great, now everyone can be more like a Kardashian and travel to all the places around the planet where they have left their mark by annoying and pissing off other people.   I can just see the rush of people wanting to sign up now.....

More to come



sketchy said...

Could you please cite some facts as evidence

that 30 to 40 ton of gold has been stolen?


Northerntruthseeker said...

Sketchy, Sketchy.. You have not been reading, have you?

Here, read the details in my mid week report and get back to me on that..

Northerntruthseeker said...

Look at the chart of gold reserves... Ukraine has an estimated 30 tons, but that is a low ball.. In reality according to other articles, it is 40+

And to be whisked away in the cover of night means they did not the Ukraine people to be made aware.. Therefore it indeed has been stolen.