Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New Video By Anthony Lawson: Syria - The Crime And The Criminals

Things are again beginning to escalate in Syria.... As the world's short attention span is kept on the current crisis in Ukraine, little attention is paid to the ongoing "civil war" in Syria, where the evil forces of US/NATO/Israel are still trying to have the popular government of Bashar Al-Assad overthrown to make that nation another puppet nation of Jewish interests.....The problem is that the good guys, the Syrian government forces are winning this war to keep Syria free, and these evil governments and their stooges in the Jewish controlled media do not like it one bit!  This is why the liars in that laughable media continue to avoid the real truths about Syria and instead bash the Syrian government with false propaganda and outright lies!

Right now, I want to present the latest video by Anthony Lawson, that tells the truth about how the Syrian "civil war" was started, and analyses and clearly shows evidence of the criminality of the US government in this war....  It is called: "Syria: The Crime And The Criminals" and is a must see by everyone... I have it right here and of course some follow up comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  It must indeed be noted that the majority of these so called "Neocons" are indeed dual citizen Jews who would sell the US down the river in a heartbeat as long as their cherished and most evil state of Israel is supported and protected...

The fact is that this "war" in Syria is indeed for nothing more than Israeli hegemony over the entire Middle East... That insane criminal state wants to not only expand its territory at the expense of its neighbors (including Syria itself) but wants all of its obstacles to that hegemony destroyed...Which of course means getting their American slaves to fight and die in the destruction of nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia,Yemen, and potentially Syria, Lebanon, and the crown jewel in the mess... Iran!

What we may see in the next while is another "false flag" attack that will conveniently be blamed on the Assad Syrian forces and government... These criminals failed in their laughable "chemical weapons" attack to get world opinion on the side of Israel and the United States for an open invasion of that peaceful nation... But they will not stop trying, because as I stated in my weekend rant, the US needs a war, any war, right now to somehow save its financial butt while at the same time pleasing their Jewish masters' lust for war and conquest...

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Anonymous said...

This is the first I've seen of Mr. Anthony Lawson's new video. An excellent production! I've come to expect nothing other than a high caliber of work from Mr. Lawson. Thank you NST. This video will be saved to my hard drive and disseminated. To hell with parasite Israel!