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Malaysian Flight MH370: Is THIS What Happened To The "Missing" Plane?

When Malaysian flight MH370 "disappeared" somewhere over the Indian Ocean, I smelled a rat.  This was an extended range Boeing 777 aircraft that had enough fuel to land almost anywhere in the Indian Ocean area.   Unsurprising to me,  the Jewish controlled media was busy misleading everyone into the false belief that the plane crashed somewhere off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia in the eastern Indian Ocean.  Once the plane mysteriously turned westbound, its flight path was in a direct line to the US military base at Diego Garcia.   This plane had plenty of fuel to land there, and yet the media and governments everywhere seemed to purposely not even mention Diego Garcia.  To not show this possibility should have alerted everyone immediately that we were not seeing a hijacking at all, but an elaborate clandestine operation in the works.... But to what purpose?

Jim Stone over at "Jim Stone Freelance" ( was, just like myself, seeing this from the beginning as an operation.  He has posted many details at his site that clearly show how the plane was "commandeered" by criminals by using first AWACS to blind radar imagery of the plane itself as it traveled to Diego Garcia, and then how onboard sensors on the plane itself signaled some hours after it was supposed to have "crashed" that it was in fact still intact.   The facts shown at his site explain that the plane did indeed land at Diego Garcia, and then may have been moved as far west as the United States for some type of operation.

Now comes this report from the website: Blogster, at, that again mysteriously is not at all being reported by the Jew spew mainstream media (no shock here).   It appears that according to this report that I have right here, that a mysterious "unmarked" and unidentified Boeing 777 was just intercepted on the 24th of March by the Dutch airforce as it was on course towards The Hague in the Netherlands where world leaders are presently gathered to discuss the Ukraine crisis!   Here is that report right here, and I do have some follow up thoughts and comments to follow:

Unmarked, unidentified Boeing 777 Intercepted By Netherlands Air Force

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I really don't know what to make of this story.

A Boeing 777 of the type that recently went missing over the Indian Ocean earlier this month (Malaysia Airlines flight 370) and as recently as yesterday was reported to have crashed into one of the deepest parts of the ocean, off Western Austrialia, was earlier today reported to have strayed into Dutch airspace.

Netherlands Air Force F16 fighter planes were scrambled to intercept the Boeing 777 because it was on course for The Hague where world leaders are gathered to eat, drink and be merry at our expense discuss the Ukraine crisis.
boeing 777 intercepted
Things are really getting interesting.

The mystery Boeing was flying with transponders and communications equipment switched off and reportedly did not respond to air traffic control. 

Boggart Blog saw the story in English at Zero Hedge , but it originated from RTL News - a great site if you read Dutch

NTS Notes:  Again, I do have to ask... WHY is this not making world news?

Here is that "Zero Hedge" article that contains further confirmation of this "mysterious" flight:

Two Dutch F-16s Scrambled To Intercept Unidentified Boeing 777

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With the world particularly sensitive to any news involving stray and/or missing Boeing 777 airplanes, especially if said massive stray airplane is heading toward the Nuclear security summit taking place at the Hague, it is no surprise that the news which appeared about an hour ago that two Dutch F-16s were scrambled to intercept a unresponsive Boeing 777 in Dutch airspace, received such a prompt response.
Dutch RTL News reports:
From the Brabant Volkel airbase, two F-16s took off to intercept a freighter. It would be a cargo plane, a Boeing 777F LAN Cargo, which was en route to the airport. The unit flew from Miami in Dutch airspace and they could not connect to the device.

A spokesman for the Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security unit had previously requested permission for the flight. That is because of the nuclear security summit in The Hague is mandatory.

The jets have the cargo plane accompanied this had left. Dutch airspace The unit is now independently to the airport in Frankfurt, Germany.
And on Twitter:
There is no evidence of foul play, but if one wants to quickly reduce their life expectancy, the best way to achieve that is to fly a 777 with transponders switched off near a city where the world's leaders are currently located.

Again, I have to thank Jim Stone, who originally surmised that the Malaysian aircraft, after being refueled at  Diego Garcia was flown clandestinely to the United States.   I would suggest the possibility therefore that  some further refueling and some changes to the plane's markings, was very possibly just flown (NOTE: WITH ITS TRANSPONDERS TURNED OFF!) towards the Netherlands as part of an operation to kill all of these leaders gathered in The Hague and possibly blame it on either the Iranians, or even the Russians!

Honestly, I have long suspected that the Malaysian "missing" flight was not missing at all, but was all part of a pre-planned sinister operation by the scumbag Jewish criminals and their minions.... They want to see World War III, and needed a weapon and a reason to get that war going... This Boeing 777 and this "summit" in The Hague, The Netherlands, fits the bill very nicely....

And about those 239 passengers on board that "missing" flight... I can guarantee most are already dead, because these psychos do not value human life, period... To them, we are nothing more than to be used as their cannon fodder in their lust for world domination.

I am watching for any further information about this "mysterious" flight by a Boeing 777 that was intercepted by the Dutch air force... But there is too much coincidence here, considering the fact that this aircraft is exactly the same type as the one that was "lost" in the Indian Ocean..

Is this what happened to Malaysian flight MH370?  I will leave it up to the readers to research and decide...

More to come



Anonymous said...

And Christopher Bollyn asks if "the usual suspects" have another 9/11 planned here: as, (you just won't believe this!), Tel Aviv is home to a Boeing 777 (Registration Number: N-105GT), an identical twin to the missing even has a Malaysia Airlines paint-job!

I smell a big fat hairy rat!

Anonymous said...

From : Trevor

Anonymous said...

I waa not following this before, but on the morning of Mar 16 2014, I awoke hearing one word in my spirit, "Jesuits".

Honestly, I was not aware of its meaning & had to go look it up (I do not watch nor own a TV). What I found out was astonishing! The Jesuits assainated JFK, started WW I & WW2! This the secretive malitia arm of the Vatican in Rome! Now I can see the trouble this world is really in, because there is now & for the first time, a Jesuit Pope inthe highest seat! Based on my research, I would say,"world get ready for WW III".

Northerntruthseeker said...

"Anonymous"... remove the "suits" from the word "Jesuits" and replace it with "ws" and you will truly have the people responsible for our demise...

So many times I have heard the lie that its the "Jesuits" when in reality they are nothing but pawns for the real power brokers, the criminal and disgusting... JEWS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I had a lucid dream on May 12th about the Malaysian Plane. I woke up in the fuselage. There was an Asian looking man dressed in dark greem pants and jacket. He seemed to be showing me through. The inside was completely stripped. There was a lot of dark green grassy tall growing plants all around kind of jungleish. Outside I saw a large group of people including children also dressed in dark green pants and tops and hats. I asked what they were going to do with them. Another Asian man walking by said overhearing my question, water bath. My guide who was named Jon shook his head no. In the near distance was a dome shaped structure also dark green and well covered that seemed where they were headed. I did not hear them speak or see their faces just their backs. The outside of the plane had the Malaysian word in red nearly scratched off. I reached and pulled a small piece off and put it in my pocket. I asked Jon if they were going to reuse the plane and he said yes. Again the area was dense and green and very well hidden. I looked as thought the plane had a rough landing but was still in tact. There was water near.