Sunday, March 23, 2014

Is Something Huge About To Happen? For The First Time In History, The Criminal State Of Israel Closes ALL Of Its Embassies And Consulates Worldwide!

The world has been teetering on the verge of total economic collapse and possible world war for quite sometime now, and we know that the present economic system is headed to ruination thanks to the Jews and their criminal Usury financial system.  Throughout history, any nation that has ever adopted such a horrific system of crushing debt has always collapsed.  We are about to watch history repeat itself again.

But just before the collapse happens, we can be sure that the criminals responsible for the world's demise would make sure that their minions and followers are protected and that they are able to escape their host nations just before they pull the plug on the entire scam, and allow the entire fraud financial system to come crashing down.  They want to make sure that when the world collapses, people everywhere are unable to capture their fellow tribe members to have them strung up on flagpoles and trees everywhere for being guilty of crimes against humanity.

Well, it does appear that something huge is about to happen, for according to the following very important video, it appears that the criminal state of Israel has just recalled all their diplomats world wide and have closed all of their embassies and consulates everywhere.  This is the first time in history that the criminal and psychotic state of Israel has taken this type of action, and this should indeed alert everyone that something huge is about to go down.... Here is that video for everyone to watch, and I do have further thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have checked all of the so called Jewish media outlets over the last few hours, and there have been absolutely NO reports of this action by the Israelis anywhere... It does appear that these murderous and psychopathic criminals do not want the Gentiles everywhere to get wind that they are about to either pull the plug on the entire financial house of cards and let the entire system come crashing down... That or they are about to launch their latest and very deadly false flag attack somewhere in the world!

I have a nagging suspicion that this move by Israel is indeed to have their nation prepared for the latest false flag operation, and that the recent disappearance of Malaysian flight MH370 is part of this plan.... As I stated in my weekend rant, I would not put it past these monsters to use that Boeing 777 as their weapon of choice for their newest false flag attack.... I would recommend that everyone be on alert over the next while, and when that attack does occur, everyone immediately point the blame squarely on the criminal \Israels as the culprits responsible... Be on alert everyone...

If there are any follow ups to this latest breaking news, I will hopefully have that here in this blog... Stay tuned...

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Ed(itor) said...

San Diego Jewish World had it on JNS bnws briefs at 10:30 PM Sunday night. The Jewish Telegraph Agency had it in the afternoon on Sunday. So did Reuters and RT. And the Jerusalem Post broke the story before noon. [All times Boston time.] Did you check Google News?

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RickB said...

Very interesting. I can't imagine the jews caring about their own that much that they would be closing all of its embassies and consulates. But of course, leaving just a few behind would raise concern inside the tribe.

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Nothing will happen.

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Maybe the jews have to sit shiva. Mourn the fact the US military hasn't invaded Syria on behalf and in-alliance-with the Islamic Jihadist Muslim Brotherhood, and the US military hasn't invaded Russia on behalf of big-shot jew syndicate-mobster mishpuckas, and the US military has yet to invade Iran.

Maybe the jews have to sit shiva and mourn over the fact the USA hasn't started World War Three and totally destroyed our USA in the process for the sake of their eretz izzysmell jew new world order.

From : Trevor

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Had there been an attack at the nuclear summit with all those country reps there, except Israel, was Israel going to announce its power of control by nuclear blackmail? Was Israel expecting angry retaliation at its embassies and consulates worldwide? Why the silence about Jim Stone's info by alt-newsers? Who among them is posting, or checking such important "conspiracy?"
Posted March 24, Updated March 25
UPDATE: Nothing has changed overnight regarding what is below. This panned out. The plane flew from Miami un announced and without identification or beacon and was stopped by the Dutch Air Force before reaching the nuclear Summit. The fact it originated in the U.S. and flew in U.S. territorial airspace for at least 300 miles unidentified without getting intercepted is all the more damning. The fact it even got into European airspace is damning as well, the first line of defense let it pass. I have only one comment - logic needs to prevail in this, we won't get the truth out of the MSM with anything and the proof is living in Sandy hook, flying into the world trade center and watching Bat Man.

Original post:
Though the Dutch state no foul play was involved, and claimed it was a "cargo jet", it's not every day that a 777 airplane flies unidentified straight towards a nuclear summit where all the world's leaders (sans Israel's) are. I am going to say it like it 99.9999% likely is - THEY BLEW IT, FLIGHT 370 HAS BEEN FOUND AND STOPPED FROM CRASHING THE NUCLEAR SUMMIT, THE SAME TARGET EVERYONE GUESSED IT WAS DESTINED FOR.
BINGO, GREAT JOB EVERYONE, THIS TIME WE NAILED IT, and if that link quits supporting what is written here, I will fix it with a capture of the original.
24 maart 2014 13:01
Twee F-16's onderscheppen vrachttoestel

Gordon Duff spoke the whole truth about Flight 370.
This is NOT the 40 percent disinfo this time, I think Gordon got pissed and rebelled. The whole truth and nothing but the truth with an ENORMOUS amount of details is HERE, Gordon never said he wanted to lie, he said he was forced to, and this time he obviously refused.
NEO – Flight 370: Another US Conspiracy?

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Didn't Satan's Chosen just allocate about one years extortion money (from the subservient cash cow America) for a possible strike against Iran's nuclear facilities? Could it happen this quickly? Are they feeling guilty and preparing for retribution around the world?

Poor, poor Jews. Why does the world persecute them so?


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Possible strike on Iran posted by Matthew/Boston