Friday, February 28, 2014

The Sandy Hook HOAX: Was The Sandy Hook Elementary School A Prop? Sherrie Questioning All Exposes Inconsistencies With The School Itself!

It does seem that with Wolfgang Halbig's astonishing exposure of the Sandy Hook hoax, the pursuit of the truth behind that fraud has ratcheted up in the past month, with more and more new evidence coming out showing that the shooting was indeed an elaborate operation where NOBODY died.  

I am continuing my exposure of the fraud by presenting new material at this blog for everyone to see for themselves, and right now I have an article and an important video by Sherrie, from "Sherrie Questioning All" ( that I definitely want to share with all of my own readers here…. It shows some startling evidence that the "Sandy Hook Elementary School" was NOT as we have been told, and may have in fact been a large "prop, made up to look like a school, for this entire operation.  I have that article right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sandy Hook School Outside Photos - Video of mold, weeds in cracks, wires hanging, windows covered up with stuff, no signs or buzzer at front, the list goes on.

I did these videos in December and am finally getting them out. As I put in my other post it was so draining see all the lies and things that do not make sense.

Due to encouragement from others, I am putting out the information that I believe does not make sense. I have done hours of research into the State Police records, pictures and videos of the school.

I show in this video what I believe are 'problems' with the whole Sandy Hook school. This video has the pictures of the outside of the school the police took on Saturday, Sunday and Monday after the shooting on that Friday the 14th.

I have a screen capture of looking inside the school and you can see the rifle and the hand gun on the floor of the classroom. They show the broken window from a bullet that went through. What is odd is the window is broken behind a paper candle, yet the paper candle is not torn apart and appears to be perfect intact.

There were weeds growing in the cracks of the cement by doors. There is algae at the entrance of a rolling door that would be used for getting supplies. There are things that should not be where they are, if those doors were used on a consistent basis.

Here is the link to the police dash cam video where they have no idea where the school is and he turns around many times, as he was going the wrong way. Cars were already at the firehouse and along the road to the school. 

NTS Notes:  This is truly some very important new evidence brought forward by Sherrie, and I do want to thank her for her tireless efforts in exposing this fraud….

The fact is that if this really was a "school" as the official narrative claims, then it would have been closed for being a health hazard to children a very long time ago…. The Mold and Algae around the school is dangerous to children, and in many cases highly toxic…. No children would have been allowed into that "school" until that hazard was safely removed!

And about the windows…. Again, almost zero Christmas decorations, which has always been a puzzle from day one of this operation… It does seem that the people who worked to disguise this fraud building as a prop for this operation forgot some major details and forgot to put decorations in the windows….

Of course, we also have the troubling problem with bullet holes in that one window where paper candles are glued on the inside… Those shots would have torn holes in those candles, and yet we find no evidence of any holes in the paper anywhere…..

From the dilapidated condition of this building, it is obvious that it definitely was not a school at all.  Which leads to the fact that this entire "shooting" was indeed a massive hoax and they set up this prop to only look like a school… It would also answer the question in the last video from Sherrie about how the Newtown police got lost trying to find this "school"!

It also answers the question as to why the city of Newtown had this building demolished late last year… If anyone with any common sense was allowed to fully investigate this "school" they would have discovered that this school was not as it seems, and therefore exposed the hoax in all its glory.

The fact is this fraud is indeed now being blown wide open with all the new evidence coming forward…. The criminals know that the jig is almost up, and that explains why they are now pushing very hard to have all investigations suppressed by threatening legal action against any independent investigators…

More to come



Anonymous said...

This lady has been doing a yeoman's work in the area of researching sandy hook. I noticed Spingola got sacked at RBN. Also heard Piper is out at American Free Press. Anyone else hear anything about any of this?

Marycatherine Barton said...

Yes, yea for Sherrie! Sandy Hook was a false flag.

Amanda said...

Sherrie and others have been doing great work on all the problems with the condition of the school.

Here's a perfect companion video to Sherrie's

Sandy Hook Hoax-The Toxic Hoarders Nest for Kids!

And here are a couple of comments from teachers, who know what an operational school should look like:

here are a couple of comments that say it all:

Stephanie Sliwinski23 hours ago (edited) -- Ask ANY teacher, janitor, school administrator, etc it is common practice for public school districts to use a decommissioned school as a storage yard for old furniture and items the district has little use for. This exactly what this is. The Fire Marshall inspects each and every classroom each year (especially THAT close to a fire station where they were driving past it daily) and there is no way in Hell he would approve of all that large and bulky, old furniture boarded up against the windows. What if a fire broke out in the hallway and fire blocked the door? How would small kids escape? The windows at ground level of course. This story stank from the first five minutes. As a former public school teacher for ten years I have never ever seen a working school look like that. Especially not an elementary in an affluent area. Fake fake fake as the day is long.

freeradiorevolution19 hours ago -- I've NEVER seen a classroom have furniture piled up like that and I've taught in many different schools. It's an obvious fire violation and just another in the endless examples of BULLSHIT in this whole stinkin' affair. That School was NOT in use

And I have to say, it's quite embarrassing to see some in the truth movement continuing to push this utter farce on their listeners. Shame on them!!