Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Sandy Hook HOAX!: Amazing Video By Sherrie Questioning All - "Keystone Cops" At Sandy Hook Did Not Know WHERE The School Was (!)

As promised, I am continuing my expose on the Sandy Hook fraud shooting to show everyone that it was indeed a criminal operation where it now appears that nobody died.... It is still troubling to myself and others that see the truth about this scam that there are so many still who cannot, or refuse to, see the reality of this hoax staring them right in their faces!

Sherrie, from "Sherrie Questioning All" at, has, like myself, been onto this fraud and hoax almost from the beginning.   Right now, I want to present one of her latest articles that shows evidence that the entire operation was indeed a fraud and a sham... Her article is entitled: "Sandy Hook Police had no Idea where School Was. Dash Cam shows going wrong way multiple times. Cars parked at Firehouse and on road at Beginning" and is a must see by everyone who truly wants to get to the bottom of this massive deception... I have that article right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sandy Hook Police had no Idea where School Was. Dash Cam shows going wrong way multiple times. Cars parked at Firehouse and on road at Beginning

I spent hours and hours on the State police report right when it came out.  I have recorded hours of information about all the discrepancies but had not released anything due to it being so draining.

I guess I am ready to start releasing what I have found that does not make sense.

This is the start of it all.  This is a police dash cam showing how the police had no idea where the Sandy Hook school was.

This video shows the police turning around 4 times and another police car going the wrong way too.  The police car passes the firehouse and people who are parked on the side of the road and outside of their cars tell him where to go.  There are cars at the Firehouse already too.  There are cars on the road to the school, which is not in this video but another, I will release.

I will also show how a police dash cam, in another video records all the way to 2:25PM and not one child is seen leaving the school.  Where were the children?  But that is for another one.

I have gone through every recorded video of inside the school.  So much of it does not make sense, from my point of view.

Right now here is the police who had no idea where the school was.

Part 1

Part 2 - continued

UPDATE 2/26/ 14 I put up the video I did with outside photos of the school, showing mold, weeds, algae, the bullet hole and the front doors without signs on them. 

NTS Notes:  For those who do not know who the "Keystone Cops" were, they were a silent movie comedy entourage produced in Hollywood back in the early 20th century depicting a group of naive bungling police officers driving around in an equally laughable police cruiser.... It was an early form of "slapstick" humor...

What everyone should be asking themselves is this:  HOW is it possible that Newtown Police, that should have been fully familiar with the layout of the small city of Newtown did not even know where the "Sandy Hook School" was?  This leads to the speculation that the entire operation was staged and that this school was actually a prepared prop for this operation... And that some police failed to either follow the script or actually did not know where the phony school was located!

Wolfgang Halbig speculated that it would have taken some 2-3 years to set up this operation for the production of December 14, 2012.... The more and more I look at the evidence of the fraud, the more I am leaning on him being absolutely right!

More to come


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Amanda said...

Thanks for posting these. And thanks to Sherrie for taking the time to go through all those videos. Her latest post on the photos of the exterior of the school, with mold, water damage, and windows blocked with furniture, just proves all the more that this was NOT an operational school, perhaps for many years. For more on this, people can go to and watch "CDMCS Outdoor Scene Processing," the CT Police video from 12/17/12 which goes all around the school. Absolutely NO decorations, holiday or otherwise--there's simply no way that this was an operational elementary school!