Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Global Warming Fraud: The Warming Nuts Will Not Quit - Now Claim (Non-Existent) Arctic "Thaw" Is Cooking The Planet (!)

With this winter being one of the coldest on record,  I am still surprised that there are a few nuts out there that are still promoting the Global Warming fraud.  It is shocking that some people are actually still gullible to believe the garbage spewing out of their mouths considering the fact that the planet is absolutely not heating at all, and in fact we are heading towards a long period of intense global cooling...

But believe it or not, but the Global Warming lunatics will not quit, and I am shocked to present the following article that comes from the New Scientist website, at www.newscientist.com, entitled: "Arctic Thaw Significantly Worsens Global Warming Risk".   It is an insult to everyone's intelligence as far as I am concerned, and I have that astonishingly bad article right here for everyone to view for themselves... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Arctic thaw significantly worsens global warming risk

More water, more warming <i>(Image: Norbert Rosing/National Geographic Creative)</i>
More water, more warming (Image: Norbert Rosing/National Geographic Creative)

Melting ice is cooking the planet. Shrinking Arctic sea ice means the ocean is absorbing more energy from the sun, and it's now clear the effect is twice as big as thought – adding significantly to heating from greenhouse gases.

Arctic temperatures have risen 2 °C since the 1970s, leading to a 40 per cent dip in the minimum summer ice coverage in the Arctic Ocean. Open water soaks up more sunlight than ice, so as the ice retreats the ocean absorbs more energy, warming it and causing even more melting.

To measure the effect, Ian Eisenman of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography in La Jolla, California, and colleagues turned to data from NASA's CERES satellite. They found that the Arctic Ocean's albedo – the fraction of sunlight it reflects back into space – dropped from 52 per cent in 1979 to 48 per cent in 2011. That may not seem like much, but it means a big rise in energy absorbed – equal to 25 per cent of that trapped by the rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide over the same period.

"That is big – unexpectedly big," says Eisenman. "Arctic sea ice retreat has been an important player in the global warming that we've observed during recent decades."

"It reaffirms that albedo feedback is a powerful amplifier of climate change, maybe even more so than is simulated by the current crop of climate models," says Mark Flanner of the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

The extra energy absorbed goes into the ocean, particularly on the side of the Arctic near Alaska and Siberia, which is losing the most ice. "I don't know where it's going from there," says Eisenman. "I think this is an important piece in the climate change story, but there are lots of other pieces we need."

The future of Arctic sea ice itself is also uncertain. Arctic summers will probably be ice-free later this century, but nobody knows how soon. "Right now we have very little ability to predict Arctic ice two months or 30 years out," says Eisenman.

NTS Notes:  When I saw and read this article, I thought... "Are these people actually serious?"... But believe it or not, they absolutely are!

What we have here is poor propaganda at its worse... These clowns have forgotten one little matter when it comes to their ridiculous argument... The Arctic and Antarctic ice shelves are not melting at all, and have in fact increased dramatically over the last few decades, and right now are almost at a near record size.....That fact alone throws a monkey wrench into the 'facts' presented in this article....

Yes, the world is definitely NOT warming, and in fact we are entering a long period of Global Cooling primarily due to diminished solar radiation output from our Star, Sol.... But fear not, because this is a natural cycle and eventually our star will see an increase in solar radiation output, and temperatures will again rise...

I have seen a massive increase in articles such as this one, and it is primarily due to the fact that the Barry Soetoro/Davis/Obama regime in Washington is promoting the Global Warming fear to impose unjustifiable carbon taxes on the American people very shortly.... This "tax" is just another money grab to fleece the American people, and I am shocked that the authors at New Scientist are on board with that travesty!

Again, it is time for everyone to wake up to reality... Global Warming is a fraud and a massive swindle!

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