Monday, February 10, 2014

The "Fake" Snow Reports: Sherrie Questioning All Reports On What Is Really Happening In Our Skies!

For the last few weeks, I have watched and listened to reports about "fake" snow falling all over North America, with the reports about snow not acting like snow in the eastern parts of the United States... I have analysed the reports, and yes, many are wrong due to the methods of testing conducted to show whether or not the snow is real or "fake"... Many of the tests were automatically invalid due to the fact that the testers used Butane lighters which create very poor combustion, and will definitely leave a smelly residue on the "snow".... Many people have contacted me over the last while and wanted my input on both this snow and the troubles in our skies that could be associated with this "snow" from "chemtrails"... And I figure I would oblige these requests with some interesting findings in this article...

Sherrie, who hails from Knoxville Tennessee, and writes the blog: "Sherrie Questioning All", at, has been all over this fake "snow" reports for the last few weeks, especially with a video where she conducted her own tests on the "snow" using matches instead of a butane lighter....But now, she has done a follow up report that I definitely want to share with my own readers here... In her latest article, entitled:  "Microscopic Analysis Of Snow - Also An Independent Laboratory In France Tested The Air - Confirmed Chemtrails Of Polymer Fibers And Synthetic Chemicals And Endocrin Disruptors", she brings forward some very damning evidence that what they are spraying in our atmosphere, known as "chemtrails" is indeed toxic and deadly to human life!   I have that article right here for everyone to view and analyze for themselves... And of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Microscopic Analysis of Snow - Also an Independent laboratory in France tested the air - Confirmed Chemtrails of polymer fibers and synthetic chemicals and Endocrin Distruptors

Chemtrails over my house

I wrote about the snow here and had done my own little testing of it on video.  It burned to a glob of goo and it smelled terrible.  The day I was doing this, I took a video of the chemtrails overhead. 
Microscopic Analysis of the Snow

In the video you will see she shows the following is in the snow.

Depleted Uranium
Nano Cyborg builders
polymer fibers
organic fibers
live biological cells

They are seriously murdering us and the Earth slowly and painfully!  They are poisoning us in a cruel way.

Understand that no U.S. lab will do air analysis, they refuse to do a full test of the air, due to warnings against it from the U.S. government.  Finally a lab in France was brave enough to do one.

An independent laboratory in France tested the air samples brought to them.
Here is the home page for the lab in France
They confirmed chemtrails.

The air is filled with polymer fibers, synthetic chemicals mixed in with jet fuel.  The information is on page two of the link above, in English.


The organic compounds generated in this series of eight experiments were -each time- separated
by gas chromatography and identified by mass spectrometry (GC/MS).
The data obtained were interpreted and the detailled results are presented in this analytical report.
It appears that these « air borne filaments » are complex organic polymers, containing many synthetic
as evidenced by GC/MS screening of their thermal decomposition products.
Many organic molecules commonly encountered in the composition of jet fuels and jet reactors
lubricants were evidenced in this investigation.
The four samples studied contain several toxic synthetic compounds (phthalates) and three of them
contain DEHP, a member of this family of particular concern due to its properties of endocrin disruptor

They are putting hormone disruptors in the air besides all the other toxins!

Is it any wonder people are so out of sorts and have bad memories!

The people who are doing this and are allowing it, may they ROT in HELL for eternity!

Every single pilot who is flying those planes, every single chemist who is creating the toxins, every single person that works for a company involved in this, every single politician who is aware of this and won't take steps to stop it, every single military person and anyone who is involved in this or anything that is against the people.... MAY YOUR LIVES BE NIGHTMARES OF HELL!  MAY A PLAGUE OF HORRIBLE KARMIC EVENTS CONSTANTLY CAUSE YOU STRESS AND NIGHTMARE OF A LIFE!

NTS Notes:  I want to thank Sherrie for bringing this very important information forward for everyone to see for themselves...

I have long suspected that what our governments are spraying in our atmosphere, known as "chemtrails", is not as they like to tell the public, and may indeed be part of a larger genocidal program for population control... The analysis done by that French laboratory on "chemtrails" confirms those suspicions...

My friend, Whitewraithe, who also hails from Tennessee has been all over the chemtrail problem for the last few years, and told me a while ago that one of the chemicals in those sprays was indeed human red blood cells.... I thought that was ghastly and for the longest time thought that was beyond sick, even for these  maniacs behind the chemtrail spraying, but this video confirms that it is indeed true.....

This video is one that everyone should take the time to view and to analyze for themselves....Minus the last few minutes that go into religion, the information is absolute dynamite!

And about the fake "snow".... Further chemical analysis has to be performed before anyone can reach conclusions as to whether or not there are indeed dangerous chemicals in that "snow"... If I am able to obtain any further information, I will surely bring it here for everyone to see for themselves.. Stay tuned...

More to come


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Anonymous said...

I took some of the snow and did my own tests. In one test, the snow melted by hand, but it did not melt by heat even with a blow torch on it for 15 minutes. Next I took fresh snow and put it in a glass, covered it with saran wrap so it wouldn't evaporate and set it in the cupboard. The next day I saw slime or what looked like snot all across the top. But then I did something I haven't seen others do. I covered it again and let it sit for another 2 days to see what would happen. When I went back to check I saw mold growing in spots over the slime. That indicates there is organic material there. Nothing inorganic molds. This is now everywhere. We need someone to do tests on this snow before we all die.