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Sandy Hook Fraud Exposer, Wolfgang Halbig, Threatened AGAIN By Florida Law "Enforcement" (What Are The Criminals Afraid Of?)

Last week, I posted a fabulous audio link to a very important interview conducted between Dave Gahary, of American Free Press, and Wolfgang Halbig, school security expert and former law enforcement officer, about exposing the truth about the Sandy Hook operation and hoax.  Wolfgang Halbig brought forward some very damaging evidence that clearly shows that the entire "official story" behind Sandy Hook was a complete lie.   It does seem that Wolfgang Halbig has touched a few "nerves" concerning his allegations that Sandy Hook was a complete fraud and that NOBODY DIED in that operation... He said in that interview that he was visited and indirectly threatened by Florida officials that he must cease and desist in his efforts in exposing the truth about the Sandy Hook lie....

Now, I want to present a very interesting article and video that comes from the Federal Jack website, at, where Wolfgang Halbig was invited for an interview by "Popeye", for his "Down The Rabbit Hole" internet radio show, and revealed that he was AGAIN visited by these so called "officials" who have asked him to stop his investigation into Sandy Hook.... I have that article and the video of that amazing interview right here... It is also startling that about 3/4 way through this interview, Wolfgang was AGAIN "visited" by officials!   Here is that article and video for everyone to read and listen to, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Cops Harass School Safety Expert Wolfgang Halbig Twice During Radio Interview Questioning The Sandy Hook Massacre

February 19, 2014 by  

DTRH - (02-18-2014) Wolfgang Halbig

(FEDERALJACK)   On this edition of DTRH Popeye welcomes to the broadcast Wolfgang W. Halbig to discuss some interesting questions about the Sandy Hook event. Wolfgang isn’t your average “conspiracy theorist” either. He is a former Florida State Trooper, and United States Customs Inspector. He has worked in public education as a Teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Dean, of an alternative school. He also served as the Director for School Safety and Security for the Seminole County Public Schools, a school district of approximately 65,000 students. Wolfgang was invited by the U.S. Department of Justice to train over 3,500 school police officers, school superintendents, and school principals. He is a nationally recognized school safety and security expert/consultant who has provided safety training and school safety assessments for more than 4,000 school districts nationwide. He travels the country providing presentations to a variety of school board associations and conferences, and tonight we have the chance to hear his thoughts on the Sandy Hook massacre that took place on December 14th 2012, and all of the weirdness surrounding it.

There are a lot of questions about that day that need to be answered, many in regards to the behavior of the police, and other officials that day. As in other events, standard operating procedure was violated repeatedly during that day, and in the days following the event.

Wolfgang was visited by Detectives from the Lake County Sheriff’s Dept in late December 2013 and told to “back off,” or the Connecticut state Police would arrest him on harassment charges, all for filing FOIA requests, and calling law enforcement officials concerning the event. He breaks the news here on DTRH that after doing an interview last week, that went viral over the internet, and literally right before this interview took place, Wolfgang was visited by another Sheriff’s deputy and told again to back off. That’s the second visit. And as if that weren’t enough harassment, during the interview, Popeye and Wolfgang are interrupted, and the interview abruptly ended when a sheriff’s Deputy appeared at the house for a third time. Literally in the middle of the interview.

The repeated harassment by “law enforcement” officials just proves that they have something to hide. Listen, take notes, and research the Sandy Hook event.

Here is the Youtube video of this important audio interview:

NTS Notes:  Why am I not surprised by the criminals behind the Sandy Hook operation wanting to have Wolfgang "silenced"?   They know that Wolfgang is on to the fraud, and they want to make sure that he is stopped before he goes any further, especially with his want to visit Sandy Hook next month to get to the bottom of the fraud!

This is also a direct appeal at those in this fraud "movement" that have strangely done their utmost to try to prevent the truth about this fraud called Sandy Hook from being revealed to the world... You are definitely on the wrong side of truth about this criminal operation, and it is time for you all to admit to your error and come and join us all in this fight against these criminals.... 

Again, as I said before, I hope that these monsters do not do anything to Wolfgang, but we know that they have much to lose if he is able to reveal to the world the fraud of Sandy Hook in all its glory.   BUT if they do anything to Wolfgang, it will show the world that we have indeed been right about Sandy Hook all along...The next while, with Wolfgang going to Sandy Hook, will be very revealing indeed!

More to come



Anonymous said...

Is it true Michael Piper, got fired over at American Free Press?

Amanda said...

Excellent post!! Thank you so much for giving Wolfgang the attention he deserves. His information is gaining traction, as I saw his AFP audio with Dave Gahary posted all over the internet. It's quite clear that the criminals behind this obvious HOAX are frightened of his message, which is why they are doing their best to intimidate him. But Wolfgang is NOT relenting, and he's continuing to write letters, file FOIA requests, and demand answers. For those interested, Wolfgang's letters to the Newtown School Board Newtown Bee on their fraudulent reporting can be found here:
And additional letters he has written to Newtown Police Chief Kehoe, Lt Vance, Sally Cox, and the Newtown FBI Field Office can be found here:
While it's obvious that Wolfgang is an honorable man who is dedicated to the truth, it is also quite clear that some who have been posing as "truth-tellers" in the alternative media are nothing but shills who continue to endorse and promote the jewish media fairy tale about Sandy Hook. Shame on them!
Also, in addition to Sandy Hook being an obvious HOAX, there are also some strong signs that the school may not even have been operational, perhaps for years. For those interested, if you go to this site and scroll down to the media attachments and click on the CDMCS Outdoor Scene Processing Video, which was filmed on Dec 17, you can see film from around the entire school. There are absolutely NO decorations, holiday or otherwise, in any of the windows. And, in fact, it looks like many of the windows have things stacked against them. It certainly does NOT look like it was an operational school.

Anonymous said...

NT, I think Halbig is a real problem for those who support the always very doubtbful official story.

It's still possible that he's not who he claims to be, but I doubt it very much.

The gun control agenda is fully centered on the younger generation and Sandy Hook Nose et al are to make it part of the curriculum and environment.

I think the problem with Glenn, Piper, et al is ego. Glenn follows Piper. They both do excellent work but it's now clear that Piper's ego is outsized. He's not in great health and I think he's in a precarious financial position. It's a pity as they've created a distraction.

RickB said...

The brilliant emperor of TUTland, Mark Glenn, who never makes mistakes, just ask him, sure managed to insult a lot of people.

Oh well, he's rooted out all dissidents from TUTland and now has a lean team of sycophants only. Long live emperor Glenn.

But seriously, for posterity sake, and for great laughs, save those many Glenn quotes on Sandy Hook.

Anonymous said...

Gov't criminals do not intimidate and harass threats to themselves, they eliminate them. For Halbig to have gotten this far safely in exposing himself and his info is suspicious. Beware of even he being a "control" agent, just as Julian Assange turned out to be. Analyze Halbig in all aspects. Why is he succeeding? Always question, don't just automatically trust.

Northerntruthseeker said...

Sad to see "anonymous" commentators trying to defend the shills who have attacked Halbig by suddenly claiming him to be an "agent"...

This shows that the disinfo agents who have been attacking everyone including me, that sees Sandy Hook for what it truly is.. a fraud.. have nothing left other than to attempt to shoot the messenger... Sad

George Jones said...

Top Ten Reasons: Jim Fetzer and Friends are Sunstein Shills

Update (February 21, 2014): Wolfgang Halbig busted as a Jewish internet activist

Northerntruthseeker said...

Here they come again.. The disinfo idiots claiming Halbig is a "Jew" and an agent..

Again, shows they are losing this fight when they have to resort to shooting the messenger...

Beth Buchanan said...

try connecting this to the 172 or more Mk ultra sub projects. search. Mind Manipulation

$$fordoctors said...

Mr Halbig is a courageous and honest man. We all need to support him. He is David against goliath. The newtown ct was getting government funding for 10 years prior to this hoax. This was for a "beautification project." This was on the chamber of commerce website when they first staged this lie. This information has since been removed but am sure it is still somewhere on the net. This town and the people have been absolutely corrupt traitors for a very long time. Never forget that the atomic bomb was constructed in absolute silence in two towns in America. I pray God protects Mr Halbig from the insidious evil that has been constructed as reality in America. A good man...fighting the good fight. God Bless You Mr Halbig. Diane Cartwright...Arkansas