Sunday, February 16, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, February 16th, 2014

It is Sunday again, and time for my usual rant..

First I must inform everyone flat out that I am indeed a Cass Sunstein shill and that I am now going to spend my time spewing out Jewish propaganda, lies, and false psychological garbage, just to fill people's heads with disinformation.... And if you believe any of that, then I have a pyramid in Egypt to sell you...

I am so sick of this absolutely ridiculous bunch of bull crap coming from certain individuals whom I used to admire in this so called "truth movement" that everyone who can think rationally is suddenly a victim of this Jewish Cass Sunstein character, or that they are suffering from the equally laughable "Delphi Technique"n which was first promoted by that equally sick Jew, Sigmund Freud.  I for one am not fooled, and can easily see that the ones who are suffering from this "Delphi Technique" and are the real "Cass Sunstein operatives" are those who are screaming that everyone else is! 

All of this fraud psychological warfare from the real disinformation agents started just recently shortly after the release of the Sofia Smallstorm video that blew the lid off of the Sandy Hook fraud and exposed the lies of that operation for everyone to see... .It does appear that these Jewish sleeper agents, who for the longest time have been disguising themselves as the "leaders" in this laughable truth movement, suddenly got their marching orders and are now doing their damn worst at trying to split our ranks... But I and others are not fooled, and we can see these idiots for what they truly are... The real Cass Sunstein shills in all their glory!

Again I have wanted to get past the Sandy Hook operation, simply because by this time common sense would have been the rule of the day and everyone with any critical thinking skills can see clearly that it was indeed a criminal operation and not what the governments and media want us to believe.... But nope, here comes more of the real shills out of the woodwork now to spew their trash and to further damage our efforts...  Even with the damning evidence brought forward by Wolfgang Halbig, these shills have continued their laughable and hopeless attacks on us, but are failing miserably...

I have always been an independent "free agent" and absolutely not part of any group or organization.. My mind is my own, and I use rational thinking and analysis at all times and am unafraid of exposing real truths.  I cannot be bought off, and will never cow-tow to any threats... If someone does threaten me, I would definitely post it right here in this blog for everyone to see for themselves....I will not sway from the truth... Therefore for all those true "Cass Sunstein operatives" and shills who are trying to destroy our efforts in exposing reality, especially when it comes to the Sandy Hook fraud and other so called "mass shootings", bring it on!  I have grown weary and bored of your ridiculous and laughable attacks, and I have bigger fish to fry.

I have not spent as much time as I have really wanted talking about the truly dangerous situation that is ongoing at the Fukushima Daichii plant in Japan, and I do have some catching up to do... Right now, the media has reported that Tokyo Electric Power Corporation (TEPCO) has been proceeding slowly forward with the removal of spent fuel rods from the damaged fuel pool sitting above non-active reactor #4.   But some of the recent pictures that have been released have been puzzling... I do recall that the top of reactor #4 was blown off, and that the building itself was heavily damaged in that explosion.. But we see in the pictures released by TEPCO a building that is pristine and shows no signs of that damage.  It has caused me to speculate that TEPCO and the media may be falsifying those images and that the pictures shown to the public are NOT from reactor #4 at all!    That is puzzling, and I will try to find out more information and bring it forward at this blog in the near future...

But the real puzzle to this spent fuel rod pool is not even about them removing the rods from non-active reactor #4 , but how in the hell are they going to do the same operation for the spent fuel rod pool sitting above melted down reactor #3?   The radiation levels at reactor #3 are well above any acceptable level and therefore to mount the crane necessary for the removal of the spent fuel rods sitting above reactor #3 is still impossible.  Any workers attempting to do so would receive a deadly dose of radiation in no time.... It is therefore quite probable that removal of the fuel rods there is impossible for the near future, and therefore TEPCO has no choice but to continue to hopelessly pour water over that reactor and the fuel rod pool to try to keep the fuel rods from being exposed to air and to try to keep the melted core cool....  As I said before, I am also crossing my fingers that the containment walls of that spent fuel rod pool do not collapse.  A collapse would be catastrophic and would instantly doom Japan and possibly a lot of the Northern Hemisphere of this planet as well.....

But beyond the problems with the spent fuel rod pools at the Daichii facility, there is still alarming reports of high levels of Cesium 137 being measured everywhere across the north Pacific Ocean.   Lets face it, Cesium 137 is nasty stuff and is not only bio-accumulative but has a half life of thousands of years..... I do fear for future generations that will indeed be suffering from the effects of this Cesium 137 with rising cancer rates, rising infant mortality rates, and serious abnormalities related to this poison's effect on our DNA..... It has been said that Fukushima will eclipse the damage done by Chernobyl at least ten fold.  I suspect the magnitude may be much higher....

So while our governments continue to sleep on the world threatening crisis in Fukushima Japan, the situation in Syria is beginning to heat up again.... Just this last week the Geneva "talks" officially broke down, just as I suspected they would with the criminals in the US Government sticking to their insane demands that Bashar Al-Assad step down from his presidency.  Now with those talks officially off comes word of the US and the Saudis openly arming the murderous rebel forces in their fight against the good guys, the Syrian government forces... I said before that the Jews and their minions in the US government were not going to give up in their quest to have Syria destroyed, and that war will most probably begin to ramp up again very soon...The US is hell bent on getting a war going anywhere around the world right now because of their horrific economic collapse happening at home, and the maniacs in both the US and Israel care not that a war on Syria could quickly spread to war against Russia itself...

Yes, the economic collapse of the United States of America is indeed at hand... Right now, while Americans continue to have their brains poisoned by GMO's, fluoridated water, poisonous artificial sweeteners, and an assortment of other great chemicals promoted by the Jewish controlled food industry, the writing is indeed on the wall and right now the criminals are preparing for a long period of economic uncertainty and the fact that when the American people wake up from the nightmare, many will be looking for the culprits responsible for the mess.... It is no wonder that the criminal Department of Homeland Security, the NSA, and other US criminal groups are arming themselves to the teeth with as much weapons and ammunition that they can get their hands on..... They see what is coming and are prepared to shoot their fellow American citizens when the order comes down from the master criminal sitting right now in the White House!

I came forward in my last rant about my stance about the sickness called homosexuality.   I am surprised that there has been little uproar from the alternative community for my coming forward and calling homosexuality exactly what it is.. an abomination on mankind..... Lets be honest here... This sickness has long been promoted by the JEWS themselves as a method of destroying the family.  These psychotic Jews have always been ones behind the homosexual agenda, and it is no wonder that the majority of the leaders of this sick perverse "lifestyle" are Jews ..... The Jews have it right in their own Protocols about  the promotion of homosexuality as well as other perversions as another means of enslaving or destroying their Gentile opposition.   The real sick thing about this horrible perversion is how much it is being promoted right in our own education system and being taught to children as somehow being "normal"..... I  see absolutely nothing "normal" about this sickness, and absolutely do not want it being promoted in the media, or our education system... If someone wants to stick their penis in another man's rectum, then they can keep that sick and perverse "lifestyle" behind closed doors and away from our children!   And again, if anyone does not like my stance, then you can leave any time!

I am happy to see my friend Whitewraithe is back doing her articles over at Pragmatic Witness, and she finally got her Skype back up and working.... We may be planning some podcasts soon to touch on so many different subjects, and I will let everyone know when they occur... Stay tuned...

One last thing before I go to my tid bits.... I have been asked by many again about what to do about Deanna Spingola and her sudden turn to the dark side... It is hard to believe that I used to listen to her shows constantly and truly thought that she was above any influence and was able to figure out truth and reality from fiction.  But her recent falling in with the real Sandy Hook "Cass Sunstein" affected crowd has been puzzling and shows that even those who we think are the best in our efforts may actually be sleeper agents or shills for Jewish interests.....I again recommend that everyone do what they feel is best in their dealings with this person.  I personally am no longer listening to any of her shows or her podcasts, have no intention of ever purchasing any of her "books' and have removed all references to her material from this blog.  I do not support disinformation agents!

Well, I guess that is enough for now.  But again, I will close this rant with my usual last minute "tidbits".....  The Jews are ramping up for another war on Gaza.  I am not surprised, because these lunatics want to see those 1.7 million people in that open air prison camp "exterminated".  And surprise surprise, the Jewish controlled media will look the other way while this slaughter takes place.......The French and Americans are pouring troops into the resource rich Central African Republic. No surprise here to me, because as I have long said, the criminals want to seize Africa's untapped natural resources and care not about the people they murder along the way......Sochi Winter Olympics going on, with no reports yet of any shenanigans or foul play from the criminal Israeli Mossad. But wait, for there is still one week of these games to go.......Near record cold temperatures continuing here, and still no sign of Saint Al of the Gore, the master criminal behind the Global Warming fraud.  Hard to believe that some of these hucksters are still trying to sell the lie that this record cold is being caused by "Global Warming".........Impending war between China and Japan over a resource rich group of small islands has cooled off for the time being.  Lets hope that cooler heads do prevail because any war between these two could lead to full blown war between China and the United States!.....Been in several Skype calls with John Kaminski recently and I was unaware that John was sick over the last while. Glad to see that he is feeling and looking so much better!.... Waiting for further reports about the impending lawsuit against the criminal Queen of England for her part in large child abduction rings in both the UK and elsewhere, including Canada.  I truly want to see this proceed forward so that everyone can see what a monster that creature truly is!.......NASA claims that the mysterious "rock" that suddenly appeared near the Opportunity rover on "Mars" recently was a result of the probe itself moving the rock into that position.  Trouble is we see no wheel tracks to confirm that move at all.   I am not sold on anything that NASA claims, and still point towards a whistleblower.  NASA truly does stand for "Never A Straight Answer"....Yes, Arsenal lost a huge game to Liverpool last weekend by a resounding 5-1 score, only got a tie against a falling Manchester United team at midweek, and has fallen off the top of the table.  The season is not over yet, and they may still rebound.......And finally, and in spite of those who say I should stop doing it, here comes my weekly look at America's sweethearts, the lovely and wonderful Kardashian group of skanks and trollops. It seems that "E" talmud-vision network has renewed their skank show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians for another 3 full years.  Great, now three more years of having these misfits destroy American minds that have not been destroyed already.  And again, people wonder why I see America as a failed state?

More to come



Anonymous said...

I haven't gotten to the point that I think Spingola is a disinfo agent (or even dubious, at all). I just think she is wrong and has attached her cart to the wrong donkeys.

However, it is uncharacteristic of her, and I can't help but notice a very similar language used by that side when they discuss the issue.

It comes down to this for me. Piper, Johnson nor Spingola have yet given a decent explanation to all the anomalies, misdirections, obfuscations, threats from officials, and what appear to be lies... not to mention an adequate explanation of the weirdness of the parents and officials. I also notice they have a common denominator (AFP), yet this doesn't explain Friend's opposite viewpoint. So, who knows if the connections means anything.

Only one or two of Fetzer's points are addressed in any real way. It generally degrades to character assault, ad hominems, meaningless conjecture, etc (and with Spingola, emotion). DeAnna had a show where she was going to begin to address Smallstorm's 14 points in her video, did one or two, then shut down early after she discussed her cat being run over and how she reacted with calm because she didn't want to hurt her friend's feelings (the lady who ran over the cat). This seemed to be making a connection that parents might act differently than what we expect in such situations, I think.

Very strange way to end a show with Dave (the guy orchestrating the debates for AFP, which has surely gotten the publication some new interest and subscribers... I know that Johnson is still milking it).

There is no adequate explanation or debate against Fetzer's points, much less the hundred or more issues I have with the whole deal.

I am certainly not convinced that the official story, told to us by a known lying media is correct, no more than I can say that 100% of Fetzer's points are correct.

But at least Fetzer is trying to flesh this out, it seems.

Joe said...

"I am surprised that there has been little uproar from the alternative community for my coming forward and calling homosexuality exactly what it is.. an abomination on mankind.....

If I didn't know better I'd say you sound disappointed.

You do seem to want to drive home your sense of contempt.

PoTai said...

Enjoy reading your blogs.

A thought: Inasmuch as a lot of folks believe that physical reality manifests itself out of thoughts, one wonders if all this fake holocaust storylining will eventually manifest in the physical world as a real one. It really gives me wonder if these folks who believe in 'think and grow rich' mindstuff, truly believe that they may have dug a deep hole to fall into. In some ways, I feel for what is coming. In other ways, I feel justice may be on the horizon.

Anonymous said...

Very well said, Bman. I think the AFP interview between Wolfgang Halbig and Dave Gahary was excellent.

Anonymous said...

Once you know a pre-manufactured movie was shown as a 'news event' and not any live report of any real event, then you know that all sides of the argument as to "what really happened" that are still finding their clues IN THE MOVIE ITSELF and basing their logical structures on this foundation, are engaged in a form of "movie interpretation and criticism," since the criminal investigation would have to be solved and over as soon as no bodies are produced and the fact of the media-fakery of the movie itself is proven. At that point you know that they just lied in words and imagery and sound and THAT is now the crime, and they did not have to go out and murder people and pin it on somebody else, they just pretended these were done and THEN pinned it on who they wanted, either a real life patsy or their faked movie patsy, symbolizing and further implicating their intended target patsy (or patsies).

No need to prove ALL the images and videos doctored, altered, tampered with, edited, composited, acted in and faked in one way or another, a few instances or even ONE proven instance is enough to discredit the entire testimony of that false witness, the most untrustworthy "witness" of all time: the media.

Fetzer is gatekeeping the 9-11 VicSims while acknowledging the Sandy Hook and Boston Legless Marathon VicSims, and that's why he is not to be trusted until he comes clean on this MAJOR inconsistency. He recently claimed "WE KNOW FOR SURE" that people died at the Pentagon again on John Friend's show without offering a shred of independent evidence not fed to everyone by the mass-media. How come we don't have the last addresses of residence of ANY of the 9-11 "victims"? How come nobody even knows where ANY of these people lived? How come only 249 of them show up with death certificates and still don't have a "last address of residence" listed, much less have a produced dead body? How come so many of these supposed dead can be PROVEN 100% to be simulated identities? How come there are so many PROVEN fake actors playing the roles of their relatives? The problems go on and on and on and yet Fetzer, in direct opposition to his Sandy Hook and Boston Marathon stance, is half-playing the Spingola position on 9-11 while dismissing Judy Wood DEW nonsense based on faked imagery in favor of mini-nuke nonsense based on the same faked imagery. Shack is by far the most honest investigator of these PsyOps and hence why Fetzer had to do that hit piece on him on Veterans Today, to brand him as an 'extremist' and scare the growing number of post-Sandy-Hook media-fakery-wise people off from looking into Shack's logically consistent work and therefore stuck in limbo at Fetzer's disinfo gate. I find it hard to believe that he would do all this out of the irrationality produced from a useful 'ego,' since he's clearly not stupid or a useful 'idiot.'

~ Negentropic MK I

"See, the 'Big Lie' professionals in the business of deceiving this entire world's population on a daily basis probably know better - when it comes to fooling BOTH the experts and the average Joe Public. The BIG LIE has to seem too bloody stupid in the eyes of the experts - and too bloody smart in the eyes of Joe Public. There is no quest either for the lowest or the highest common denominator in these psy-op schemes - or much less to target any specific IQ group (if you may pardon this unsavory way to put it). The aim is to strike the human consciousness somewhere 'in the middle' - so as to befuddle EVERYONE - and of course - to make EVERYBODY endlessly quarrel with each other." ~ Simon Shack, December 11, 2013 at 3:52 PM