Sunday, February 2, 2014

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, February 2nd, 2014

Yes, it is indeed Sunday again, and of course it is time for my weekly rant...

For those who were wondering, I took the last few days basically "off" from blogging, and concentrated on doing some personal and family business.... I did not post up an article stating so, because I did not feel that I needed to.  I run this blog, and sometimes it is necessary to take a break for a few days to do some other just as relevant activities and to recharge the batteries so to speak....It has been a very unusual week, and there is much to talk about, so lets get right to it!

First, again I really have wanted to close the book on the Sandy Hook hoax of December 14th, 2012, once and for all.... ALL of the facts and details point directly to the obvious and logical conclusion that it was indeed a most elaborate operation conducted by very evil people.... It did its damage to American society by basically turning Americans paranoid, as well as creating the newest catch phrase "random acts of violence".   I would say to those who are hopelessly clinging to the notion of Sandy Hook being real and that somehow 26 people died in that operation to get their heads out of their butts....

And speaking of those who still are stuck with the false reality of Sandy Hook being "real"... I do have a real problem with these clowns and misfits... They have now turned to the false psychological ideas promoted by evil criminal JEWS in defending the Sandy Hook lie... We have been bombarded with a barrage of articles and speeches by these clowns promoting the "Delphi Technique" in claiming that WE who see the logical and most obvious conclusion that Sandy Hook was a fraud are somehow either disinformation agents, or are using this fraud technique in falsely misinforming people..... I am shocked that these idiots do not see that the Delphi Technique was first proposed by the master criminal Jewish SOB "Psychologist" Sigmund Freud himself.   We all know by now that Sigmund Freud himself was a freak who had twisted fetishes and sick pathological and mental illnesses.   Therefore for the clowns to now try to promote a "Technique" first proposed by someone who was obviously mentally ill and working for the Jewish program of subjugating and enslaving mankind, shows their own true colors and their own inability to see the obvious... They are either suckers, or are the ones trying to promote such disinformation themselves!

It came therefore as no shock later on this week when a friend of mine, Urban Jungle Girl, sent me some information showing how one of the "debaters" who hails from the TUTankhamen group of misfits, is promoting his latest "book" that talks in great detail about this "Delphi Technique" as well as other methods of promoting disinformation.  Imagine my shock... This person and several others who are stuck with this lie are out to sell their books!  And obviously care little about the real truths behind Sandy Hook and other frauds.... As I stated in previous articles and rants, it should be clear to everyone that we are dealing with agents working for the bad guys who care little about truth but are in this for the money and to sell their damn books!  Selfishness and greed again do rule the day when it comes to these misfits...

And about this "Cass Sunstein" character?  It came as no shock to me at all that this person is Jewish.. Everyone should be asking themselves what are the odds that a Jewish criminal is promoting how disinformation is rampant in the fraud truth movement.  Again, what are the odds?   But sadly, the misfits and clowns are also screaming that we who are truly looking for the truth are stuck with the principles laid out by this Jewish criminal Cass Sunstein.     It is not amazing that the wolves themselves are crying wolf when it comes to the rest of us?   Like I said previously, I had never even heard of Cass Sunstein, or even the "Delphi Technique" until these misfits and clowns brought them forward to somehow defend their failed arguments that Sandy Hook was real.

I therefore have to ask again why anyone is actually spending any time believing anything coming from these clowns and misfits?   Most of them have their own agenda of profiting from this fraud "truth movement" through the sales of their so called "books" and actually care little about the truth.    I would say to everyone to absolutely cut their ties with these selfish and self centered individuals and look at information using their own critical thinking skills..... Do NOT take even my own word on anything, but do your own research and come to your own conclusions!

There, I said what has to be said..... This so called "truth movement" is a complete LIE, and the facts are now shining through that most of those who call themselves the "leaders" of this fraud movement are themselves controlled by the Jews, or are selfish self-centered, greedy misfits!

On to other matters.....I have always wondered why the National Football League would have their championship game, the Super Bowl, in probably one of the coldest places possible this time of year?.   Does it not trouble anyone else that for the first time in 48 years of this circus, the NFL puts the Super Bowl in Met-Life Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey, where the expected game time temperature will hover this year around 0 Celcius (32 Fahrenheit), when in all past years it was done in semi-tropical conditions, or under domes?  And what is troubling is that the date of the Super Bowl this year, February 2nd, is the 33rd day of the year.... I know that the Jewish criminals have this infatuation with numbers when it comes to their terrorist attacks, so I would not put it past them to try to pull something off during this year's Super Bowl game!

But will the criminal psychotic Jews do a terrorist attack during this year's Super Bowl?   Honestly, it is anyone's guess.   I would not put it past them though considering that the venue is close to their horrendous attack on America, the infamous 9-11 attacks of September 2001.   And it has been some time since this last successful attack on America, and to do it in front of some 80000 people packed into a stadium, and the hundreds of millions glued to their Talmud-visions, would indeed create a massive shock wave across the entire country.  Lets just be warned, and if these criminals do attempt such a horrendous act, we must be automatically ready to finger THEM as the criminals who did it! 

Friday, January 31st came and went, and there were no reports of China defaulting on its 32 TRILLION dollar debt in any of the financial news or in any major Jew spew newspapers..... But in spite of that false alarm, the entire financial markets continue to slide with the economic outlook across America and the entire world not looking good for the rest of this year...... I am not yet set to start screaming that everyone should be going out to buy Gold for the upcoming collapse, but I am still saying that everyone must be getting prepared and make sure that their money is not locked up in any of the major financial institutions... When the economic collapse does happen, the first thing the Jewish criminals will definitely be doing is to seize everyone's money in major banks....Again, get your money out to make sure these thieves and criminals do not sink their fangs into these hard earned assets!

The troubles in the Ukraine are continuing, and it does appear that the Jewish psychos want to tear that country apart in civil war.   It is sad that a lot of the people in the Ukraine cannot see that the so called protesters and those wanting to overthrow the government are true agent provocateurs working solely to have Ukraine put into the evil grip of the Rothschilds by having it join their fraud European Union.   The Jews have always eyed Ukraine for its resources and therefore are doing what they can to create as much unrest and turmoil in that nation, to falsely have the Ukrainian people believe that their own government is untrustworthy and must be dissolved.   It is still my hope that the Ukrainians are not fooled by these criminals and their evil actions, and will support their own government that wants Ukraine to stay independent and find its future in closer economic ties with its neighboring countries, especially Russia.

The United States Africa Command General stated this last week that the US is committing even MORE troops to the African theater for "crisis response" in any nation showing unrest.... I really do hate being proven right again when it comes to this charade.... The United States is right now in a proxy war against China for Africa's vast wealth of natural resources and is putting its forces in many African nations to protect these resources for American interests.... They do not give a damn about the people, or any "unrest" (most of these "unrests" are the creation of American intelligence themselves), but care only about the mineral wealth of those nations.   Sadly, most of the world has ignored or not been aware of this situation in Africa, and that is why I have constantly tried to be on top of this latest act of American imperialism and exploitation!

Someone asked me to comment on the recent "State Of The Union" address by the ultra-criminal Barry Soetoro/Davis/Obama, and honestly I could not stand listening more than 5 minutes without turning off my electric Jew in disgust... The lies coming out of that lunatic seemed to flow so freely and easily it was making me sick.... And lo and behold, he did point in his speech to the fact that, with Obamacare being a massive failure, his next pet project of exploitation to fleece the American people could indeed be Carbon Taxation that he might try to impose on the citizens of the United States as early as this spring.   I surely hope the American people are ready for this newest act of theft and will put it out of its misery just like the fraud "Obamacare".   Besides that, there was nothing else in that criminal's speech that anyone can believe.... His dictatorship over that once great nation is now almost complete..... There was the usual lies about job creation and the unemployment rate in the collapsing American economy,  lies about "ending" the war in Afghanistan that he has no intention of ending, and talk about helping America's poor when only shortly after this speech his government cut another 9 billion dollars out of the subsidized food stamp program! And of course there was the usual lies about American "diplomacy" when most of that diplomacy has always been used to create horrible unrest around the world.   The hypocrisy and lies in this "speech" were indeed overwhelming, and I doubt if anyone could stomach it for too long themselves....

One thing that I did note from the fraud State of the Union "speech" was the rhetoric full of lies again about the peaceful nation of Iran somehow wanting to build a "nuclear weapon"... I was surprised that the criminal US President was again fixated on that lie considering his own intelligence services has pointed out for some 40 years now that Iran is years away from building such a weapon.  It is sad that not much has come out of the recent P5+1 meetings that have been going on to settle the issues with Iran's "nuclear" program, which they themselves are using for power generation and not building nuclear weapons... But of course, the criminal and psychotic state of Israel is doing its utmost to derail and destroy these meetings, because they want war on Iran and they want their puppets in the United States to do the majority of the fighting in such a war for them!

I spent the last few days going over some most interesting videos about snow that was falling over the southeastern part of the United States... In those videos, the Youtube users were claiming that what was supposed to be "snow" was nothing of the sort..... In these videos, they demonstrated how the snow did not melt when a butane lighter was applied to it, but instead burned and left black soot marks on the snow with an associated horrible odor..... I was intrigued but knew that this demonstration with a butane lighter was flawed simply because butane itself is a dirty gas and the residue on the snow could be from the butane itself.  But a fellow researcher, Sherrie, from "Sherrie Questioning All" (link and article in left hand column of this blog) did her own research by using simple matches that would not leave the residue of butane, and showed some amazing proof that much of the "snow" that has been falling over Knoxville Tennessee is not composed of water, but has other chemicals in its composition.    I am left with the thought about the incessant usage of "chem-trails" and the possibility that the chemicals in this "snow" could be related to this criminal aerial spraying... More research is required, and I am waiting for some further results before drawing any conclusions....

On to other notes.... I see that the Chinese Jade Rabbit "probe" on the moon is now in trouble... Supposedly the Chinese rover has suffered a major "malfunction" and is unable to turn itself off for the long period of lunar night where the temperatures are around -240F.   Such extremes between lunar "day" of +250F temperatures and "night" of -240F temperatures will indeed damage or destroy electronic equipment ( but not supposedly on NASA's Apollo missions, nudge, nudge, wink, wink), and the Jade Rabbit is now at the mercy of this swing in temperature with the resultant destruction of its on-board electronics.   I am still not buying the entire Chinese rover on the moon bit though, because from day one I looked at it as a massive fraud... But this latest occurrence does give the Chinese their much needed excuse to end this fraud and "save face".....China has been faking its space missions for years now, and Jade Rabbit is just the latest in this list of frauds....

Well, I guess that is enough for now... But of course I have those amazing last minute tidbits that everyone is waiting for..... Speaking of frauds in space, I am still waiting for the word from NASA for their mystery "rock" that magically appeared beside their Opportunity rover on Mars. I still say whistle blowing by someone fed up with NASA's lies, but I am dying to hear NASA's own excuse.....Israel is continuing to build even more illegal settlements in the West Bank.  NO surprise here, considering these psychos want all the land for themselves and care not about the Palestinians, period......The Winter Olympic Games are about to start this week in Sochi Russia, and of course we see the reports about much feared "terrorist" attacks.  The criminal Mossad may try something there, and we must all be prepared to finger them as the culprits immediately........The Fukushima disaster continues non-stop, and in spite of the rise in reports these last few weeks, there has been little action from our criminal governments to do anything about it.  I can smell the hypocrisy from miles away......The US/NATO/Israel still creating trouble in Syria, and newest report shows the US Congress giving the OK for supplying weapons to "moderate" rebel forces.  Nothing moderate about criminals and psychos who have been murdering Syrian civilians.  Again with the hypocrisy of the US Government, especially when it comes to Syria!.......Yes, it is Super Bowl Sunday, and everyone has been again asking about my prediction.  I would love to see the Hawks win it with their defense...... I see that Arsenal had a tough time against Southampton, had to setttle for a tie, and has now fallen off the top of the table with Manchester City on top.  It will be a definite neck and neck battle right to the end of the season.  Did I mention that I do love soccer?..........Again, many people have asked me about Deanna Spingola and others that have fallen into league with the TUTankhamen crowd.  I would say that they can make their own choices, but I have made mine to no longer listen or associate with them all........And finally, what everyone is always waiting for, my weekly Kardashian report on America's #1 family of misfits and trolls.   It appears that someone has been charged with identity theft for attempting to use some of Kim's stolen identification and credit cards.  I would be sending this person for psychiatric evaluation for actually trying to pass themselves off as one of these skanks and trollops myself!... Again, I have grown bored (perish the thought) of talking about the Kardashians and am looking for a new target.  If anyone has some good ideas, feel free to let me know in the comment section....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Considering the "security" procedures I've been reading about for the Stupor Bowl, it would take somebody really clever to pull it off. Unless, that is, they were assisted by people in high places (wink, wink). Right?

Anonymous said...

NTS, as usual, a scathing and exacting Sunday reminiscence. Proposed target for you: Hitlery Rodham Clinton...."The Hag That Would Be President!"

Reaching for barf bucket now......

Anonymous said...


Right on target as usual.

Word on the street has it that Deanna S is going around trying desperately to do damage control. Seems that her pathetic numbers have dropped considerably since her explicit endorsement of the official Sandy Hook lie.

It is easy to see who's who now. Look at who is defending the jewish media.

And look who is actually analyzing the information.

Two very different factions.

Apparently, some "troof movement" radio personalities are purchased quite cheaply. It's laughable what a couple of hundred dollars can buy these days.

In the future, I hope to see those people "brought to justice".


john dicarlo said...

The jews will never mess with their enormous cash cow, the NFL, by allowing anything bad to happen there, nor, simply, are there any "terrorists" besides the jews themselves that could make anything happen. Nor would jews wish to harm their done deal of rampant negro worship by pathetic Whites that the StupidBowl elicits which jews are able to re-enforce relentlessly on the televitz by nature of a sport that takes a 15% minority and makes them 80% of players in the NFL, driving home the lie that blacks are better atheletes than Whites.

A reminder for visitors here who may not understand, watching the NFL is financially supporting blacks and jews. As a White Nationalist, I think ALL Whites owe it to themselves and their fellow Whites to boycott the NFL and make others understand that football is just another pleasurable facet of our lives that jews have stolen from us and made into a weapon against Whites. While it is overwhelmingly Whites who financially support the NFL, the NFL blatantly discriminates against prospective Whites trying to make the teams thus considerably less Whites are going out for these teams. Those Whites foolish enough to try, are routinely passed over simply because they are White, and instead, black players chosen. This is the template. How can a prospective White player even put up with being around these violence prone thugs all day long, anyway? Who would want to play in the NFL when the NFL is 80% black? What White in his right mind would even patronize a sport which empowers those who hate Whites. Any Whites who patronize or follow pro or college football are being played as fools by the jews.

Other reasons that jews have populated the NFL, and most probably the CFL, with blacks is because it is much easier to steal a large percentages of multi-million dollar incomes from most black players. If you have to ask how the jew owners, managers, lawyers, and agents do that, you don't know much about negros. Another important factor is to parade these negro football "heroes" in front of our White women to further promote the already rampant racemixing that is going on in our formerly White countries. Presenting a practically all black NFL is a win/win for the jews. It is all part of the jewish plan to destroy White countries and make them into violent, third world, banana republics, with jews sitting as effendis over it all.