Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Sandy Hook Hoax: Just Released Newtown Evidence Shows Shooting Was A FAKE!

As I have said before, I will bring forward to this blog any new evidence that shows that the Sandy Hook "shooting" of December 14th, 2012 was an operation where NOBODY died.....To me it is still shocking that over a year after this "operation" there are those out there that still believe this to have been a real "shooting"!

Just the other day, I was sent the following video for my own assessment.... After watching it, I knew it belonged here at this blog for everyone to view for themselves.... It is entitled: "Just Released Newtown Evidence Shows Shooting Was Fake! Special Edition" and I have it right here for everyone to view for themselves... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Here again we find evidence that the entire Sandy Hook "massacre" was a set up from the beginning, and that absolutely nobody died in this criminal operation!

Again, it is sad that there are many out there that cannot see the truth about Sandy Hook and how it was indeed a complete fraud perpetrated by criminals for the purpose of both gun control and further restrictions on the freedom of the American people.....

One other important note... Earlier today, I got the word that Michael Collins Piper had recently suffered from what appears to be a heart attack.   As many have read from my previous post about the Sandy Hook fraud, I have been waiting to hear the debate between Piper on one side, and Jim Fetzer/John Friend on the other with great interest..... But with Piper's condition, this debate will not happen any time soon, if not at all..... From my own recent scary episode of possible "heart problems" I can understand the need for Piper to get well and take care of his health first and foremost...The long awaited debate on Sandy Hook will have to wait, at least for a bit longer....

Again, as more evidence showing the fraudulence of the Sandy Hook operation comes forward... I will continue to put that information here at this blog for everyone to read... Stay tuned..

More to come



Anonymous said...

Good work, NT. I'm still evaluating the evidence and have yet to see anything to substantiate the official story.

I sincerely wish Mike Piper et al would drop the Sandy Hook topic as they have offered no evidence of their own. The name calling on this subject is below his otherwise stellar standard of work.

He's a great man and true patriot and it's sad to him so fixated on this. I hope he drops the topic and leaves it to others to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Send it to Spingola. At least MCP and Mark Glenn don't say that the Boston Marathon "Bombings" were faked (she did a show on it with Dave McGowan) but the single most obvious media-faked PsyOp / enemy-propaganda-transmission of all time -- Sandy Hook -- is real. This from a woman who's done multiple shows on the faked Moon Landings as well and is quite familiar with how it's done. lol

It makes absolutely no sense for Spingola, who's been a 9-11 No-Planer since 2007

albeit a somewhat half-assed one who doesn't talk about it much lest it piss of the likes of MCP and who still believes in the authenticity of the non-plane photographs & videos and Judy Wood's DEW theory based on these Hollywood special FX recreations. The laws of physics do not apply to the events depicted inside cartoons but that's somehow over both Wood's & Spingola's heads. Read the "King Kong" post of Simon Shack's on this page for 100% slam-dunk proof of non-plane fakery on 9-11 which almost everyone can understand:

And that's only the beginning but even if you take all the 9-11 fakeries and separate them between plane-fakery, building-&-rubble fakery, jumpers-&-victims-fakery, witness-fakery, etc., the old principle of Roman law applies once again (and which applies to damn near EVERYTHING in the Sandy Hook story):

falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus

False in one particular, false in everything.

Whatever other shillery Fetzer is engaged in on his site, including the VicSims (although he seems to be slowly coming around on this) and protecting the actor/traitor William Rodriguez as an "honest" witness, it is still less than the combined shilleries of Glenn and MCP, who gatekeep ALL media fakery, and it goes without saying the silly moon-landing hoax too. But no one can out-talk a motormouth like Fetzer in a debate or recall more detailed information, hence why you'll never see anybody from their camp debating Fetzer.

This is a sad, sad day indeed. I have promoted hundreds of Spingola shows all over the net over the past 2 years. I will never promote another Spingola show ever again, not a single one, until she comes clean on this absolute nonsense. This is even worse than Friend jumping on the CI bandwagon. The only possible reasons I can think of is

a) they threatened the life of somebody in her family

b) she's gone senile


c) she never was all that smart to begin with, just had a knack for getting the best guests on and passing the Hitler test early on gained her all the points she needed to attract a dedicated following among real truthers, never suspecting the derailment that lay in wait, destroying in one fell swoop the credibility of all that came before, one so transparently lame it can only be laughed at.

~ Negentropic

John Friend said...

I finally listened to Deanna's recent show - I have lost a lot of respect for year over the course of 2013, and now I have zero respect for her. Very disappointing...

I believe I heard her claim that "the government wants us to believe Sandy Hook was a hoax" - where is the proof for that? Where is the proof that the shooting even happened, much less done by Adam Lanza? Where is the proof that those us exposing the fact Sandy Hook was an elaborate hoax are being misled or guided by Cass Sunstein, as Piper alleges?

Piper, Glenn, Spingola, and their anti-Sandy Hook Truth gang make a lot of claims and statements based on no evidence or proof. And Glenn and Piper maintain that "Sandy Hookers" are making the "truth movement" look bad, when in reality, their own actions and positions are making themselves look like fools. This entire situation is ridiculous anymore.

@ Negentropic, well said as usual. But where do you get off claiming I "jumped on the CI bandwagon", as if Christian Identity were some popular movement and everyone was getting involved in it? Why do you guys have such a problem with Christian Identity? I am open to hearing different perspectives and ideas about the Bible, ancient history, etc. and Christian Identity certainly does provide a unique perspective about the Bible and ancient history. What is wrong with that? I'm not promoting Christian Identity, or expecting anyone to agree with it or accept it. In fact, I'd really like to have someone on my program to talk about Paganism, just haven't found anyone to do so, but hopefully will in the future.

Northerntruthseeker said...

John.. Thanks for that excellent assessment of what is truly a troubling situation..

I may have my differences of opinion with you on some subjects, but we are in full agreement with the facts that we see now..

I am truly disgusted and troubled by the recent activities of one "Deanna Spingola" and her sudden and shocking turn against those who see Sandy Hook for what it truly is... A MASSIVE FRAUD!

I cannot explain her actions and I am at a loss of words for her disregard of all of the evidence and the facts that show it to be a swindle on the American people (and the entire world for that matter)... I am left with only the facts that I will never ever again have anything to do with her and her associates... We are now finding out who the REAL agents of disinformation are, and what guides them.... MONEY!!!! Yes, Jew despicable disgusting sheckels!!!

Yes, the situation is ridiculous to say the least... I have been torn on who to trust and who not to, just like everyone else.... It is truly sad how these agents have taken their shots at those who are truly the good people in this fight for our survival... I will never turn my back on those who are free thinkers and those who are not blinded by greed, avarice, lust, gluttony, and selfishness...I seek those who are willing to fight and are not in it for personal glory...

Again, John.. You are a true ally in this war, and even though we have our differences of opinion on some matters, I have always tried to support your excellent work, especially in seeking the truth about this fraud shooting...

If anyone feels the same way that I feel... You can reach out to me and others that are in this for the good of mankind, and not selfishness and self interests... You know where to find me!


Northerntruthseeker said...

Again.. This is an appeal to those who want to truly fight for the good of everyone... I do state that everyone should now be turning their backs on DS/MG/MCP and their machinations of personal self interests...

For those who are in this for all the right interests...You have an ally in someone like me at any time!

Anonymous said...


Spingola has been right on most issues until now and this gives me some hope that she might still come around, but I wouldn't bet money on it. Spingola is only the latest case in a long line of people behaving in completely bizarre ways in the truth movement. Shack has this sidekick at Clues Forum called Hoi Polloi aka Maxeem Konrardy, an American from Minnesota who still claims that Brian S. Staveley is a simulated identity or 'Sim,' even after Staveley put up 2 videos of himself, one at home with his dog, another one at a Boston Celtics game and close to a hundred photos for the guy to examine AND offered to meet him or any other Clues Forum member in person, anywhere on the East Coast within 3 hours of Boston. So here's the guy that wrote the VicSims report with Shack, discrediting his own work with this ridiculous and transparent stunt.

@John Friend

Why do you want to be associated with the most extremist racialist religious sect in America? You might as well wear a halloween costume and go cross-burning with the KKK. Would Jurgen Graf or David Irving or any other respectable scholar associate with these guys? No they would not and there are very good reasons for it. By the way, I am in no way a "pagan" or support any of the boring nonsense on the "Renegade Broadcasting" network. I only support their right to their own free choice. If they want to be racialist pagans afraid of looking into media-fakery then that's their free choice until they think they can take away my free choice, at which point they will have a big problem.

What is the moral? That code of social conduct which gives more-of-all and more-for-all simultaneously, but never in equal proportion, in keeping with natural inequalities yet sacrificing none in the process, and requiring only the bearing of responsibilities for free choices and actions. Do we need to read some bizarre fairy tale book full of absurdities interpreted "allegorically" by self-appointed buffoons to figure this out? No we don't. All we need is the freedom to make free choices based on the faculty of reason.

Lysander Spooner

Vices Are Not Crimes

A Vindication Of Moral Liberty

What is the root of Nationalism? It is collectivism or tribalism, which in-&-of-itself is natural, but which when it becomes a means of oppressing the individual can become extremely harmful. Its opposite, extreme individualism is also harmful, because it also oppresses the individual and puts him in disharmony with the social group.

Everything starts from the family unit and is extrapolated outwards. For any form of Nationalism to work, it has to be functional and win-win, just like the individual members within a family are ideally in a win-win dialectic with each other. Your family interacts with your neighbor's family or your business interacts with the business down the street and the aggregate of businesses in your town interacting with that of another town form a healthy economy. INITIATED FORCE or fraud (indirect force) does not enter the equation, only self-defense force against the initiated force or fraud of others. Parasites can go ahead and initiate force, of course, and they always have, but cannot escape the consequence of parasitism or unearned privileges, which is the degeneration of society.

~ Negentropic

Northerntruthseeker said...

Negentropic... Like I have always said, we will have our differences and you have yours with John Friend..I would suggest that we stay on the topic of Sandy Hook and leave our differences about religion at the door...

I am indeed extremely troubled by Spingola and I leave it up to everyone to decide for themselves if they want to continue following her and her work... Personally, I have washed my hands of her and her activities.

Keep up the fine work, and your comments are always welcome.

Anonymous said...

John Friend has done an excellent job on the Sandy Hook hoax. Another person who has exposed this hoax is honest and courageous Dr Kaasem Khaleel of

Anonymous said...

Forensic Proof: Sandy Hook = HOAX.

Robbie Parker (Newtown crisis actor).