Monday, January 27, 2014

Sandy Hoax: Mark Glenn Exposes Himself As A Fraud!

Tonight is an important night in the continuing saga between those in the "TUT" camp, who have been trying their best (and worse) to convince everyone that the Sandy Hook operation was "real" and that we can somehow trust the mainstream media and government that they would not lie to us, and those who do see the truth about Sandy Hook being an operation where not only did nobody die, but has been used to psychologically turn America upside down and into a state of paranoia.....Tonight, Jim Fetzer is to try again to debate Michael Collins Piper on John Friend's "The Realist Report" at about the validity of Sandy Hook... I do  recommend that everyone take the time to listen to that debate live, or to listen to it via the archives afterwards...

Right now, I want to present a most interesting article that comes from AJ McDonald's website at, that was originally published back in April of 2013 (unbeknownst to both Whitewraithe and myself) and contains some very startling information about the leader of the "TUT" gang, Mark Glenn himself.... The article is entitled: "Sandy Hoax: Mark Glenn Exposes Himself As A Fraud", and is a MUST see by everyone.. I have it right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sandy Hoax – Mark Glenn exposes himself as a fraud

The Sandy Hoax has exposed Mark Glenn for the fraud he is.

When the Sandy Hoax occurred, Glenn immediately (and foolishly) began referring to those (many) peoples who realized Sandy Hook was in fact a Sandy Hoax as: “conspiracy theorists” “nutjobs” and “truthers” as he was no doubt ordered to do, having most likely received his Sandy Hoax talking points directly from the ADL and DHS.

What a fraud, liar, and looser Mark Glenn is. His The Ugly Truth WordPress and Radio Network is now, thanks to Sandy Hoax, losing readers and listeners in droves.

Mark Glenn’s buddy Ken O’Keefe is a Sandy Hook truther….

VIDEO – Sandy Hook False Flag Psy-op – Ken O’Keefe – TJP -

KOK Sandy Hoax

Mark Glenn’s buddy Victor Thorn is a Sandy Hook truther:

Why is Mark Glenn not?

Who still believes Mark Glenn IS NOT a fraud and a liar who is working for Israel, ADL, and DHS?
“Sadly, Sandy Hook will one day be remembered as one of those unfortunate events in this ‘movement’ where a sizable number of individuals used not a scintilla of common sense and instead allowed their addiction to conspiracy theories to do their thinking for them. In the process, they made the entire movement look like a gaggle of fools and as a result, our credibility as pertains other issues such as 9/11 and the disproportionate amount of Jewish influence over the American political system will go unheard and unheeded. The ONLY good thing that can be said about the entire SH experience is that most of those who went wild with the various theories have come to their senses and have moved on.” ~ Mark Glenn

Source: Cover-up of Adam Lanza link to psychotropic drugs -

“Since many individuals have unconsciously placed their genuine reasoning faculties in abeyance and often lack a valid knowledge of politics and history, their unspoken faith in government and the broader political economy to protect and further their interests is groundless. Against this milieu those genuinely capable of utilizing their reasoning capacities in the pursuit of truth are often held up as heretical for their failure to accept what is presented as reality, with the requisite “conspiracy theory” label wielded in Orwellian fashion to denote such abnormal intellectual activity.” ~ James Tracy

Source: False Flags, Fake Media Reporting, Deceiving the Public: Social Engineering and the 21st Century “Truth Emergency” –

See: Israel, DoD, and the Sandy Hook School Shootings -

See: Jonestown, 9/11, Sandy Hook, and True Believers -


NTS Notes: First, I must state that for the longest time I have had NO ill will against Mark Glenn...However, his cruel and unjustifiably horrible actions against my fellow writer, Whitewraithe, during the months of December 2012 to January 2013 has shown us exactly what his true character is all about....

I for one was unaware of the existence of this fabulous article, until it was forwarded to me by a fellow researcher, "Urbanjunglegirl" who hails from Pennsylvania, and just like myself has been all over this serious and damaging fight between the seekers of real truth about Sandy Hook and those who would resort to slurs and insults to block that research!   I want to thank her for bringing this most interesting article forward...

I leave it up to readers to view this article and judge for themselves about the entire "TUT" group.... I personally have washed my hands of the entire lot and have removed all links to any of their material from my sites....

It will indeed be an interesting debate tonight....

More to come



Noor al Haqiqa said...

Please don't post this Brian. Just read it and erase it. Just telling you I have pretty well withdrawn from everything for reasons NOT to do with all this stuff.

My brother went in to the hospital for a headache a week ago tonight... he will probably never go home. So I have other things of much greater importance to deal with.

I don't have the emotions to care about much else than family under the circumstances. That is why I never answered your email, I just don't have it in me.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I truly am sorry about what has happened to your brother.. I know from personal experience what it is like to be in a hospital with my own recent scare..

But saying that, I am still shocked by the fact that you, Noor, have never retracted the horrible comment you made to me a while back saying "shame on you" falsely... I am still waiting on that one!

But you must note that this was written by AJ McDonald and has also been posted by Whitewraithe over at her site... I read it, and as a favor to her I presented it here as well..

Remember, we are talking about MG here.. The same person who made the horrendous attacks on WW last year that he has never retracted...It is a disgusting display of indecency on his part that he has never had the courage to even admit that he was in error for that horrendous action... AND this person did also resort to attacking me as well!!! Never an apology and never a retraction of his actions....

I know that you have associations with that group, and I am stunned by your most latest article about the Columbia Mall shooting calling it a hoax.. How is that? Does that not fly in the face of the TUT crowd that is egging us all to call that one a hoax? That is most puzzling indeed!!!

You did send me this comment, and I have posted it... But again, as a friend, I am still wondering why you have never retracted your recent attack on me in a previous article? I laid it out in my email, and I am still waiting!

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have never wanted ever to get into attacks on others.. I abhor it tremendously... But at the same time, this TUT group has now launched relentless attacks on those who see Sandy Hook as a fraud.. I do not see them withdrawing any of their horrendous articles?

Anonymous said...

Harriet, a frequent reader commenter at has gone into great detail there arguing that MG has uses what she calls Israeli espionage equipment, that she noted in her dealings with him. She thinks that he is conducting a spy center in Idaho, and much worse. She goes so far as to say to beware of all his associates.

Thank you for all you are teaching us, Brian, and for your morality. I too am done with TUT.

Arthur Topham said...

Dear NTS,

I was reading John Kaminski's latest article today when I came across his reference to your post along with the url.

Whenever these alternative media family disputes flare up I always find it disconcerting. Mainly because there are so many of us within the movement who are, for one reason or another, connected up with either of the protagonists.

A good example of this is your own site and those that you feature on your blogroll. I was scrolling down the list and I saw some who are directly linked up with Mark Glenn's The Ugly Truth site and this is what makes it so damn confusticating whenever disputes arise over issues.

Personally I've been on the TUT comments list for quite some time and find the site of enormous value in terms of the volume of articles that appear there with regularity; articles that one can hardly misconstrue as being faint-hearted in their assessment of the Zionist or Jewish agenda for global hegemony.

As well I've done radio interviews with Mark Dankof, Mark Glenn's associate and have been given an open mike so to speak in order to discuss my own legal battles here in Canada with the Zionist Jew lobby B'nai Brith Canada over the past 7 years. Having venues like this outside of Canada (I'm not aware of any internet radio in our country that would dare to interview me)is a blessing for those activists who are facing serious criminal charges and need the support of the overall community of resisters around the world.

So when these fights get going over issues like Sandy Hook I find it troublesome.

Personally I've been to involved in my own legal battles to have researched the subject of Sandy Hook extensively but given all of the other False Flags that we've witnessed over the past century of Zionist intrigue it wouldn't surprise me to see that this was yet another. And as for why Mark Glenn would take such a pro-status quo position on this issue I'm at a loss to understand it just as I'm at a loss to understand why he'd leap into the ad hominem mode and why MC Piper would do so as well.

It's becoming more and more difficult to know which of the alternative media sites are legitimate and which are set up to distract and misinform. There are always certain tell-tale signs but as the battle for truth builds in intensity these sorts of in-fighting only exacerbate an already challenging and confusing problem for those who are sincerely searching for some common sense surrounding the issues we're all facing.

Arthur Topham

Northerntruthseeker said...

Mr. Topham

I have always admired your work and the fact that you are standing up against the criminal Jewish elite out to enslave Canada..

May I suggest that you do some additional research and check into what has been happening since the December 14th, 2012 Sandy Hook operation.... There has been a lot of bantering, slandering,etc in this fraud truth movement that just made myself sick...

About MG...I do not hold a personal grudge against the man... I am just disgusted by his actions against others whom I have trusted for quite some time now.... MG went off early in January 2012 on a tirade against everyone that has looked at the evidence and believes that Sandy was indeed an operation... That action alone caused me to first question the man's sanity, and then to begin to ask the bigger question if he was truly in this fight for the right reasons... His recent actions and those of his cohorts pointed me firmly in the negative direction and made me realize that something was definitely wrong with his rationality...

Please take the time to listen to the audio by Wolfgang Halbig who recently had two US officials come to his door and request that he stop his inquiries into Sandy Hook... That alone should tell everyone that something is definitely wrong... Also take the time to listen to the ridiculous "debate" between MCP and Jim Fetzer.... MCP did a disservice to the entire TUT group by his ridiculous methods of "debating"!

Yes, I have many links that have also linked to MG's site... So does everyone else.... These I will leave up because even though some people may show suspicion, the search for truth never ends....

Thank you for your comment... Feel free to comment anytime!


geoffreyfranklin said...

I was on to Piper and TUT a few years ago. Their love for Hitler and their denial of who he really was and why Hitler did what he did was too disgusting to ignore. Piper is no idiot so by him denying Hitler was just too much because I had respect for him until I found out he denies the Hitler fraud.

Northerntruthseeker said...

I do believe you have it wrong about Adolf Hitler...

Yes, the man was not a saint, but history has vilified him for all the wrong reasons...

His only true crime was to stand up against the Jewish power elite and free his nation from the ravages of criminal Jewish banking...For that the Jewish scoundrels demanded their slave nations to have his Germany destroyed....

History is full of lies and falsehoods.... But real truth must eventually come out!

MC Slave said...

Hi all, it's my belief that as long as infiltrators are leading us around, and all who shilled for the Sandy Hook OCT have revealed themselves as such, it is not possible to stop the Jewish juggernaut. What's extremely disturbing is the total acceptance of people towards these disnfo agents and their willingness to patronize them even though they know they are basically traitors. A grassroots gatekeeping clean movement is in order but TBH, I think ppl are just addicted to Jew dominance and they feel safe with it even though they complain. One obvious move is to start networking operations for non-Jews leaving sites like Facebook and the like. It is in these less censored environment of intelligent ppl that know enough to leave the minimum security prison before they have a total lockdown where strategies can be formulated. But you know what I see. I see people following Jew perception control as if it is the only game in town. I say we formulate our own perception control. Of course the biggest obstacle in many ways is the segregatory clingings the white people have brainwashed into themselves. Many things to work out before real resistance can occur but removing traitors from our sphere of influence is numero uno. I wrote this in May and it's on a bit of a run and deals mildly with what I just said