Prime Minister Stephen Harper decided to hit the stage during his historic trip to Israel, entertaining Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with a rousing rendition of the Beatles’ classic “Hey Jude” at a state dinner.

In a video posted on Netanyahu’s YouTube channel on Tuesday, a laid-back Harper is seen belting out the popular tune while sitting behind a keyboard, as Netanyahu and his wife Sara smiled and swayed from their table.

Guests were seen taking pictures and enthusiastically singing along as Harper interacted with the live band.
“Terrific, thank you Stephen - that was great,” Netahanyu said while giving him a standing ovation after the performance.

Harper is no stranger to the classic Beatles’ record, having performed the song at the Jewish National Fund’s Negev Dinner fundraiser in Toronto last month.

The prime minister is known to be a proficient pianist who passed the Royal Conservatory of Music's Grade 9 examination.

Harper also occasionally performs with his folk and oldies band “Herringbone.”

The prime minister will bid farewell to Israel on Wednesday as he makes his way to Amman, Jordan on the next leg of his Middle East trip.