Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sandy Hook Hoax One Year Later: Fantastic Video - Sandy Hook Hoax Oscars Nominees 2013!

It is now just over one year since the Sandy Hook operation in Newtown Connecticut involving the use of poor actors, a fully compliant media in the hoax, and some other high paid shills…. I have yet to see any evidence that convinces me that this was real, and more and more from what I have seen and what has been sent to me by fellow real truth seekers, I am absolutely convinced that this was indeed an operation carried out to shock the American people into being fully compliant in the acceptance of more  freedoms curtailed, and to push for gun control on the entire American nation!

I was sent a link the other day to a video that was released at the beginning of this month, by Youtube user: "IrishHellsAngelReborn" that I definitely want to share here with my own readers… This video is entitled: "Sandy Hook Hoax - Oscars Nominees 2013", and it definitely shows more compelling evidence of Sandy Hook being a total fraud using terrible actors… I have that video right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  I have been under increasing attack the last while by a wide variety of commentators saying that I was "insane" and a "nut" for calling Sandy Hook a complete fraud….

I do have some strong questions to ask all those who continue to insist that this was real and not an operation…I especially want to ask those who have been relentlessly attacking me to answer the following:

(1)  How can anyone actually in their right minds not look at that phoney "Robbie Parker" getting into his act for the camera and not come away and say that this was a complete hoax?

(2) How can anyone believe that slime ball Gene Rosen, and his impossible story about taking 6 children into his home, when his home is right across the street from a fire station?  Any school bus driver in an emergency would logically go there and not to some stranger's house!   This Rosen has always given me the creeps and I do wonder WHY he was used in this operation at all?

(3) How can anyone overlook the fact that many of the actors were shedding fake tears?  Talk about terrible actors!

(4) How is it that nobody notices in the Barden parents/child interview on how the "Barden" father is mouthing the exact words the little boy is saying?  Talk about a fully prepared speech!  Poor media planning or definite sign of actors.. You decide…

(5) The "letter" read out loud by that slime ball Anderson Cooper is definitely fully scripted… Amazing how one of the victims in this hoax writes about gun control before the shooting… WOW!!!

(6) The "Connie Sullivan" speech in front of the media looks so plastic and fully prepared… Yes, she does not miss a beat in her talk at all, which would be peculiar considering the stress she would have endured…

This is just a small part of the list.. I can guarantee that others can add to it through the comment section of this article..

As I have stated before, I am convinced that this is a fraud and a hoax… There has been nothing yet that shows me otherwise…. It is my hope that the American people finally wake up and realize that these hoaxes will continue unless the villains behind these frauds are stopped in their tracks…

More to come



Anonymous said...

Max Igan raises some good questions about this Sandy Hook event.

Anonymous said...

NT, LOTS of obvious questions about Sandy Hook. Keep up the good work. The burden of proof, real proof, is on the criminal media.

I'm puzzled and frustrated by the rancorous attacks on those who question SH. I understand that some are worried that larger issue truth could be damaged if a secondary issue is used as a set up. However, they, in my opinion, have turned this into a shit fest, not the other side.

Hang in there and keep up the good work.