Thursday, December 26, 2013

Back From A Much Needed Break

Yes, I am back... And I will be resuming writing articles, and of course my weekly rant, very shortly..

It was a much needed break... I was seriously suffering from burnout the last few weeks with a horrendous work schedule, family issues and needs, and of course trying to keep up with this blog..... It does get very depressing to see how bad this planet has been ruined by the Jewish criminal elite, and even I have a feeling of helplessness at times in not reaching enough people to fight their sick goal of world domination. 

I have watched over the last while as factions within this "truth movement" (honestly I do hate that term) have tried to tear each other apart instead of working together for the common good, and it has sickened me immensely!   I do suspect that this is due to infiltration by the criminal Jewish hasbara/sayanim agents who want nothing better than to see our efforts in disarray and disunity.   I will continue with my independent approach and hopefully will not be swept up in this sick "infighting"....

It is good to be back, and I do hope that everyone has indeed had a Merry Christmas.  The fight does go on, and as usual..

More to come


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