Friday, November 15, 2013

The War In Afghanistan: A Cold Hard Truth... This War Was ALWAYS About The Opium!

Honestly, I have not done any articles on Afghanistan for a while, but why bother?  I said again and again that this war was lost a very long time ago and was nothing more than a fraud from the very beginning... The US led invasion of that nation was for one purpose and one purpose only:  To get the Opium poppy fields back into full production for the criminal Jewish drug lords to reap massive profits!  All other excuses for attacking that nation have proven to be frauds pushed on gullible people.....

I want to present a new video narrated by Russia Today reporter Abby Martin that absolutely tells the truth about the "war" in Afghanistan.  It is entitled: "How Opium Greed Is Keeping US Troops In Afghanistan: Brainwash Update" and is a must see by everyone.. I have it right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Lets face the facts, everyone... The invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 was absolutely NOT about going after "Osama bin Laden" or removing the criminal and "murderous Taliban" from  power in that country.. It was always about the Opium and the massive profits made by keeping millions around the planet hooked on Afghan based Opium and Heroin...

The facts are that before the 2001 "invasion", the Taliban were the good guys, as they were destroying the Opium fields and putting an end to Afghanistan as the major source of world Opium... The criminal drug lords in Europe (majority being Rothschild controlled) did not want their profits drying up by having Opium and Heroin no longer available to their junkies, so they ordered their minions in the US to go and attack Afghanistan to put the poppy fields back into production... The compliant US government did their masters' bidding, and now we see the result with record production and profits for the Opium trade.

It is also sad that the Canadian government did the same and followed their masters' wishes in sending many Canadian soldiers to "fight" in Afghanistan... The positioning of the Canadian contingent around Kandahar province was for the protection of the Opium fields in that province and to make sure that the drugs were transported out of Kandahar airport for clients in Europe.... Sadly almost 200 Canadian soldiers gave their lives so that millions could have their high grade Afghan Opium and Heroin!

People need to get the truth about this fraudulent war in Afghanistan once and for all.   This war cost the United States over a trillion dollars alone, and thousands lost their lives in the process for nothing more than seeing the criminal elite make billions in profits from Afghan Opium....This shows again how truly sick these criminals are.

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Deb Normand formerly known as Whitewraithe said...

The images of U.S. Marines standing guard in the Afghan opium fields is all that is required to understand why the U.S. is there. Afghanistan is the U.S.' drug cash cow and has been for years. That was the reason they wanted to get rid of the Taliban. When the Taliban ceased the fields years ago opium production plummeted.

Anonymous said...

The war in Afghanistan is not just about opium profits. More importantly it is about having a base to destabilize Pakistan. Why? To develop reasons to be able to ultimately denuclearize her. Why? So then Israel would not have a Muslim country which could militarily prevent her from expanding her borders and becoming the next ruling state.