Saturday, November 9, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 10th, 2013

Another Sunday… Another rant…..As I will be busy most of this Sunday tending to family and personal business, I have done this rant a bit earlier than usual….

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day here in Canada, and Veterans' Day in the United States… It is a day to remember all those who have died for "freedom"… It is not my want to harm the memories of those who fought gallantly and for what they believed was right in wars.. But the facts are now crystal clear that all wars in the last century have been fought for all the wrong reasons, and for very criminal Jewish interests…. Only now with our ability to re-examine our history can we see that all of these wars were useless, cost the lives of millions, and only made these criminals filthy rich in the process…

I absolutely will not say anything to offend our veterans and what they believed at the time was the right thing to do for their countries…  It is only now that we are able to discover the truths about our history, and to realize that in most cases when it comes to these wars… We fought for the wrong reasons and for the wrong side!   The only winners in all of these wars has been the Jews and their criminal banking networks.

I have continued to receive some very annoying comments in all of my articles that I have recently posted.. These comments are of course coming from that JIDF/Hasbara group, and contain the usual slanders against myself and many who I respect.  I usually have a good chuckle in reading them, and always send them to the trash bin rather than publish them…. It amazes me that these clowns spend all that time putting out their filth and garbage knowing full well that they will never see the light of day… To me, that is both a waste, and shows how stupid these clowns truly are!

Well… Onto some important news… I see that the United States and several European nations are continuing their "talks" with Iran in the P5+1 conferences to discuss Iran's non-existent "nuclear weapons" program… It is remarkable that these talks are continuing, considering that they have always been doomed to failure primarily because the United States has its orders from its Jewish masters to make sure these talks fail…. Israel does not want peace, they only want war, and they definitely want their minions in the United States to attack and destroy Iran.

It is especially laughable that the media is promoting the idea that these talks with Iran are about to reach an agreement.  But the agreement that the criminals in the United States wants with Iran is for Iran to surrender ALL of its peaceful nuclear power plant development, and to surrender all of its nuclear material, while the US will not lift its sanctions against Iran.   This is no deal at all, but a call for Iran's total surrender!   The recent report that an agreement will see a "partial" lifting of present sanctions against Iran is such a joke as well, because the US Congress has just pushed forward a motion demanded by their Jewish masters that will see even more sanctions placed against that peaceful nation.

The bottom line when it comes to these meetings with Iran over its non-existent nuclear weapons program is that these talks have been doomed to fail all along.  Again, the criminal state of Israel wants Iran destroyed, and they will twist the result in their controlled media to state that Iran refused any agreement and therefore must be attacked as a result!

I am truly amazed about all this rhetoric about how Iran is so close to "building a nuclear weapon"… It seems that for the last 30+ years we have heard the same tired lie that Iran is just "a few years" from developing and building a nuclear bomb… That time frame has not changed until recently when the criminals in Israel were suddenly harping that Iran was "weeks away" from exploding a bomb… Does anyone else see the sheer hypocrisy in all this?

Of course with all this rhetoric about Iran's non-existent nuclear weapons program, the world is still told to not even look at the criminal state of Israel with its hundreds of nuclear weapons and its multitude of delivery systems for these weapons… Again, am I the only one that sees the sheer hypocrisy in all this talk about how Iran has to be destroyed because of its non-existent nukes, while Israel sits on a huge arsenal that could wipe out almost 1/2 the planet?

I have concentrated some of my last reports on the fraud of the LAX bombing, and further evidence that shows that the Sandy Hook "massacre" of almost a year ago was also a massive hoax and lie… I have received many comments on fraud of the LAX bombing saying that I was a "kook" as well as a few other superlatives.. But I call a spade a spade and I will not back down from what I see is evident with this latest LAX scam…. There are too many inconsistencies and so much evidence of the fraud that absolutely cannot be overlooked… I and others have been challenged by a few clowns in this "truth movement" that have dared us to show evidence of LAX being a hoax, and we have indeed risen to that challenge!

When it comes to Sandy Hook… The evidence speaks clearly for itself…. That recent video by Sofia Smallstorm that I have in my previous article sums up Sandy Hook nicely, and shows again that some very dastardly criminals are out to scare Americans into surrendering their freedoms and liberties…. As I said before, how much more will the American public take before they say enough is enough, and actually go after these criminals for these scams?

I see that the clowns behind the Global Warming scam are back and hard at it trying to scare the public again with their lies about the need to save the planet from ourselves.. Yes, I did see the reports in the media about how temperatures have been "rising" in the high Arctic, and their reports about how Arctic ice is "melting" at a record pace… But on closer examination and looking at REAL reports, we find the absolute opposite.    The Arctic ice sheet is actually expanding, and temperatures in the high Arctic are at lower levels than they have been in years….. There is also the fact that the so called "warming" trend that these liars have been promoting has definitely "stalled" (so they claim), and temperatures are falling…

Again the truth about Global Warming is that the world is not warming at all… We are in fact about to enter a long period of planet wide cooling that is a direct result of the lower radiation output of our Yellow Dwarf Star, Sol…Or "The Sun"….. Again, as I said many times, this is a very natural cycle that will see planet wide temperatures dip over the next few decades before beginning to rebound… There is no stopping this cycle, and in spite of all the doom and gloom from the Global Warming butters, we could pour out a record amount of "greenhouse" gases, and that will not alter that drop in temperatures….

I have watched what has been going on with Fukushima over the last few weeks with some interest… It appears that Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) is about to begin its "removal" of spent fuel rods sitting above reactor #4 in a process that could take a few years… But when I saw that report, I was a bit perturbed… The REAL danger with Fukushima sits with the spent fuel pool sitting precariously above Reactor #3!   There are NO plans for the removal of the fuel rods there which is the real danger to the entire planet if that containment facility fails…. Is this "fuel rod removal" from reactor #4 just for show and a diversion from the real danger?  I for one am truly sick of the lies coming out of TEPCO!

Yes, I have been receiving many emails and comments saying that Fukushima is a lie and a massive hoax…. I again am not sold on this being a hoax at all… There has been too much damage to Japan and high levels of radioactivity measured everywhere from Japan all the way to the west coast of Canada and the United States that definitely points towards Fukushima being the culprit… And we must not forget the damage to marine and wildlife that have been popping up in major reports, especially here in Canada on the west coast…. But again, I do not (yet) look at Fukushima as a doomsday scenario…… I see this disaster as somewhere between being a minor accident and a catastrophe…. I believe that there is still time to fix this problem, but to ignore it could indeed lead to a world wide catastrophe!

With all these reports of shootings, war, and troubles elsewhere, it does seem that the economic disaster that this planet is facing has been severely overlooked…. Right now, Europe is back in the news with its "austerity" measures that were pushed in Greece and Portugal being unmitigated disasters… I have always said that Jewish debt usury absolutely does not work, and nations would be best off to tell these scumbag bankers to take their debt and shove it up their asses… It would be best for all nations to say no to "austerity" and take the Icelandic route of cancelling all debts and throwing out the bankers….There is even reports that Hungary has done precisely just that, and has told the Rothschild bankers to leave….Time will tell if and when other nations of Europe go that way.  The choice is either to stay with the criminal Jewish banking that has poisoned their nations and led them down the road to ruin, or to throw these criminals out of their countries and begin the road to recovery.  The right choice is very obvious…..

I must say that I have received some very positive responses to my recent article about Cancer and how it is a very curable disease…. I am not a doctor, and for those who want me to give them links to doctors and alternative medicine sites, I do recommend that they research via the internet and take the time to find what alternative treatment is both available and what best suits them…..My advice to everyone has always been the same… If you are diagnosed with Cancer, do NOT think of it as a death sentence, and absolutely do not take the medical industry's "prescribed" treatments…. These treatments WILL KILL YOU…. Instead, take alternative treatments that can actually cure you of Cancer!  Honestly, what do you have to lose?

For those who have been wondering… My friend and cohort Whitewraithe is still alive and kicking.. She has been out of work again for the last while, and has been having a very hard time in making ends meet…. It has been a very large emotional drain on her, and has caused her to suffer some more illnesses over the last while…. She is a strong willed woman and a fighter, and absolutely not a quitter… I have kept in contact with her on a weekly basis, and it is my hope she will be back doing her  blog at an appropriate time in the near future…

Well…. I guess that is it for this week….. Again, there are other subjects that I have not even scratched the surface in this rant, and I usually leave some of those for my closing "last minute tidbits"…. I see again that the criminal state of Israel is building even MORE settlements in the occupied West Bank.  When will people finally wake the hell up and see that there is no chance for peace with a brutal psychopathic terrorist state like Israel?…. The so called "rebels" in Syria are again hanging from a thread due to the good guys, the Syrian government forces, laying a beating on them in recent attacks near Aleppo.  But again, the US and Israel are sore losers, and that war is not over by a long shot….No new news on NASA and its fraudulent Curiosity probe on Mars.  I do wonder if and when they will again try to divert America's attention away from its economic woes with amazing news about a "major discovery" on "Mars"……I see Obamacare is the horrible disaster just as I and others have predicted.  It is no wonder that President Soetoro/Davis/Obama has now almost conceded defeat with Obamacare and is now concentrating on the Global Warming scam to fleece the American public through "Carbon taxation".   Lets hope Americans don't fall for that scam as well…….As I stated before, my friend Noor over at Snippits and Snappits is not quitting, but is concentrating on getting her health in order and doing less blogging in the meantime.  Sorry to disappoint all of you JIDF/Hasbara agents…… Crossing my fingers today that Arsenal will do well against Manchester United in today's Premier League huge game.  Hard to beat United at home, definitely, but lets just wait and see….And finally, I really had to think really hard about what to say this week about America's number one skank family, the Kardashians.  Well, there is not much to say other than the fact that while Americans should be concentrating on fixing their nation and economy, they are instead going gaga over recent pictures of skank Kim and Kanye's kid, "North West".    It is bad enough that kid has to live with the name "North West" all her life, but this continuing love of this skank and her trollop family shows how bad America is truly a mess today….

More to come



RJ Livegood said...

Thanks for the time you spend asking the tough questions.

Anonymous said...

A few days ago I was working out on a machine at the gym and right next to me were a Muslim couple. I only spoke to him. He is an intern and will soon be an MD. I broke the ice by mentioning I read-up on the Middle East every day. I asked and he told me he was from Syria. We both did a lot of talking. He mentioned Assad being a mixed bag. His father was much worse he said. Anyway, he told me the story of his mother's friend. Her husband is a Jew who worked for an investment firm in the World Trade Center (tower). He (the Jew), received a text message that morning on his cell phone telling him not to go to work that day. I was never certain about what I read online regarding those claims.