Sunday, November 24, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Sunday again.... And again it is time for me to spew my guts on some thought provoking issues...

First, I am really pissed off by the unwarranted censorship shown recently by the criminals behind Youtube... Which I really have begun to call "Jewtube", in yanking videos from their lists on the false grounds of "violation of the Youtube agreement" or due to the laughable claims of "copyright infringement".... These are such false charges and have turned Youtube into a joke..... Every single video or audio found in Youtube can be put into those catagories, but the criminals behind that Video playing service just use those clauses when they conveniently need to have certain videos removed.   It is definitely censorship in the worse manner possible.

The Dennis Wise video series: "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told" is a definite must see by everyone, because that part of our history is in dire need of re-evaluation.... It sickens me to see that even today we are bombarded daily by "Hitler was evil"... "Hitler was a madman".... "Hitler was a mass murderer"..."Hitler was out to conquer the world"..... etc... etc.... But where do these claims come from?  And why are we "not allowed" to debate these claims?   It is shocking to even find out that the mere stating of the name "Adolf Hitler" in places such as Germany can garner the speaker jail time!  I find it most peculiar that one side of our distorted history is put into our minds on a daily basis, but the other side is pictured as taboo!   This is why I and others will not blind ourselves by these distortions and search for the real truths about our history... The truth must be told!

I want to spend some time in this rant to go over some key issues about Adolf Hitler himself and hopefully put some of the lies about that man to rest.....This may not please everyone, because the brainwashing throughout our lives has been intense, but the truth must be told!   I will do my best to put each statement about Hitler in the following point form, and answer each point in some detail.... I will not be able to expand in great detail on each point, so please bare with me.  One last note.... Many may not agree with the points I will go into some detail here.  If you find any objections that you want to bring forward, my comment section is always open:

(1) Adolf Hitler was NOT a madman.    We have been constantly bombarded in our false history with the notion that Hitler was either mentally deranged, or a full blown madman....But I have found nothing of the sort.  He had his weaknesses like any other human being, but madness?  We find his works as an artist to not only be competent but quite revealing of the man's real nature. He was a war hero, who received many medals for his constant bravery during some of the most horrendous battles and brutal conditions in the first World War.   He wrote some beautiful poetry, including his famous "Mother", that I have at this blog as a dedication for Mother's Day.   He also shows his past and his thoughts about the future in his writing "Mein Kampf" which is of course still banned in many nations, but is a must read due to the fact that many of his views of the future are happening right now!   Even his actions during the second World War shows that he was not mad, but wanting only the best for Germany, and the world, against seemingly hopeless odds.....

(2) Adolf Hitler was not responsible for World War II.   This one has been one of the major stumbling blocks in understanding our true history.  Hitler did not want war, but to prevent the slaughter of German nationals living in Poland, he made the fateful decision to attack Poland to save lives.  It is now understood that in many ways he was baited to attack Poland and thus bring about the war that the Jews wanted for Germany's own destruction.  Few people know that World War II actually began over 6 years prior in 1933 with the Jews themselves declaring war on Germany, but of course that key point has always been suppressed from our history.  It is also a key fact that these same criminals wanted to prevent Germany which became wildly successful by kicking out the Jewish bankers in the 1930's from becoming the beacon for other nations to emulate.... These same criminals therefore baited Germany into making its September 1st, 1939 attack on Poland, and lo and behold got their French and British slaves to declare war 2 days later.... One other key issue is the fact that the Jewish Communist controlled Soviet Union attacked a helpless Poland on September 17th, 1939 and seized more than 1/2 of Poland in the aftermath.  I do not remember any declaration of war on the Soviet Union for THAT unwarranted attack on Poland?  Where is that declaration of war against the Soviet Union in the history books?

(3) Adolf Hitler did NOT want World Conquest.  This even I understood from an early age to be a falsehood, and could not understand why it was constantly drilled into young minds.... Germany absolutely did not have the manpower, the weapons, or the means for world conquest.   It entered into the second World War with some 80 divisions which it had to commit fully to the Polish campaign.  Britain and France had far superior forces in the early stages of the conflict, and could have easily moved rapidly into Western Germany without much resistance.  It always has troubled me that the French and British did not do so and thus aid their Polish "ally".....Even in the early part of 1942 after having conquered France and fully committed to the campaign against Russia, there was absolutely no hope of World Conquest primarily due to the massive power of the United States now fully engaged in the conflict.   This shows that Germany was indeed fighting for its very survival, which Hitler had always claimed.   The bottom line here is that in spite of the continuing lies about Germany in our piece of crap "history books", there was absolutely NO WAY Germany could have ever "conquered the world"....

(4) Adolf Hitler saved the world from Communist takeover during the second World War.  THIS is absolutely fact, and is the reason why he attacked the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa, June 22nd 1941.   Hitler knew that Stalin wanted war and that Stalin himself was massing enormous armed forces on their Western front with Germany in early 1941.  Stalin made plans to attack Germany on July 5th, 1941 under the code name "Operation Thunder", with some 5 million combat troops, 30000 tanks and over 10000 combat aircraft.   Hitler's generals prepared their own forces, and waited until the Soviets began to move their offensive forces forward for their Thunder operation and were at their weakest during that transition before springing their Barbarossa attack and trap on June 22nd, 1941.   In the first few months of Barbarossa, Germany smashed some 8 entire Soviet army groups, destroyed some 25000 tanks and 10000 combat aircraft, while capturing millions of prisoners.   This is because the initial German attacks encountered only Soviet forces designed for offensive operation... There were NO defensive Soviet forces anywhere!.   Therefore Barbarossa was really a pre-emptive strike to save Europe from Soviet invasion and possibly the Communist takeover of all of Europe.  Barbarossa was actually the greatest military victory in the history of mankind, but you will never see that in our so called "history books"!

(5) Adolf Hitler did NOT order the "Extermination" of the Jews.   This is a real hard one to talk about, because I do live in a country where "Holocaust denial" can cost me prison time.   But the truth must be told that there was never any edicts or orders EVER written or given by Adolf Hitler for the "extermination" of millions of people.   I have looked over the evidence, and again I do ask for anyone to bring forward one scrap of evidence that Hitler made such orders.   There are NONE....  Many claim that it was a "verbal order" which to me is so ridiculous, considering that the Germans were very methodical in their record keeping....  But again, we have the "Holocaust" which I cannot vouch for its authenticity, and the constant and continuing brainwashing that Hitler himself ordered it into creation.   This is not "denial of the Holocaust" but shows how indeed distortions of history dearly need to be researched and re-evaluated.

(6) Adolf Hitler was NOT Jewish.   I have seen many of the stories that have arisen over the last few decades about Hitler having a "Jewish" past, but I am not sold... Many of these claims come from false stories that his mother cavorted with rich men during her time in Braunau and elsewhere in Austria, and possibly Adolf was the result of one of these indiscretions.  But as Dennis Wise shows in his video, the truth is that Hitler was born to Alois and Klara at Braunau, and was raised as a Catholic.  It is true that Adolf's father Alois was originally named "Schicklgruber" and changed his last name to "Hitler", but since "Schicklgruber" is also a German name with no Jewish past, that point is also moot..... I have long believed that the idea of Hitler being "Jewish" is another fraud creation to just vilify him personally and to distort history.

(7) Adolf Hitler wanted Peace.   This is proving again and again to be fact.  Right after the Polish campaign, Hitler himself wanted to seek a peaceful resolution with the French and British, but it was they who rejected all of Germany's offers.   Even after Hitler decisively attacked the west in May 1940 and conquered France as of June 21, 1940, he sought peace with Britain, only again to be rejected.   He had no intentions for an invasion of Britain, but wanted a peaceful resolution with that nation.  He even sent Rudolf Hess in the famous flight of May 1941 to Britain to try to reason with the British, but again he was rejected.....  It has long troubled me that the second World War could have come to an end much earlier than its brutal finish in 1945 if only some rational people had been at the helm of certain governments, primarily in Britain and France.... But again it seems again that Hitler did not want war, but was forced into war by criminal interests who only wanted Germany utterly destroyed.

Those are 7 key issues that I wanted to clear the air on Adolf Hitler.... I have long said that he was no saint and had his human frailties and weaknesses, but the man has been so vilified over the years by false history that even I can never understand, and I feel that some truths must be told.  I figured it was time to bring out some of these issues and give everyone my own assessment of what I see as factual.... Many may not agree with these points, and that is their choice.  The brainwashing has been so intense for decades now, and in some cases cannot be broken.  I only ask many to take a closer look at that part of our history and come to their own conclusions...

Well, enough of ranting about history.... There are many issues of course going on in the world right now that I could touch on, and I will take a shot at a few in my usual last minute "tidbits"..... The situation at Fukushima Japan is entering a dangerous phase where TEPCO will begin extracting the spent fuel rods from failed reactor #4.   This operation will take years because the damage to that fuel rod pool is horrendous with the danger being that the pool could still collapse, or that the rods themselves could damaged already and release deadly radiation if exposed to air.   Fukushima will continue to haunt us for years to come.......I see that the meetings between the P5+1 countries and Iran have now concluded, and a "deal" has been reached (!) as of last night that will partially lift the illegal sanctions against Iran.   I was pessimistic about these talks simply because of the Jewish control over all of the so called P5+1 nations, and am pleasantly surprised by this agreement in principle.  But there is a danger, simply Israel does not want any real long term agreement with Iran, and with this "deal" I can bet that we may see a false flag operation very soon launched by that insane criminal state to somehow be blamed on Iran, or even an attack on Iran itself launched by Israel and their new "ally" Saudi Arabia.....I am shocked by the lack of news anywhere in the Jew spew media about the Chinese no longer buying US debt and possibly starting the full collapse of the United States itself.  But this does not surprise me, because these criminals will continue with the false "all is well" while they continue to fleece nations and eventually pull the plug on the whole mess themselves......The first anniversary of the Sandy Hook operation is fast approaching, and I am still getting comments saying that I have no feelings for the "victims" of that "massacre".  I say to these people to wake up, take a look at the evidence, show me the evidence of victims and the bodies,  and stop wasting my time.... Is it just me?  Or is there something sick about how the psychotic state of Israel is now committing a real crime against humanity by putting the people in Gaza under risk of a full blown epidemic of diseases by allowing the strip's human waste facilities to fail and allowing raw sewage (grotesque) to flow freely through the streets of Gaza.   This is as far as I am concerned an attack on the people of Gaza by contaminating the entire strip and allowing the people to die from horrible diseases as a result.  Is this Israel's final solution for the genocide of the 1.5 million people trapped in the strip? Why is this catastrophe and a true crime against humanity not major news?  Oh that's right, we know who controls the media........American Thanksgiving this coming week,and again the North American Indians will celebrate their conquest, genocide, and slaughter, thanks to the European invasion of their land.  Much to celebrate indeed......I am still getting the crazy comments from those JIDF laughable agents which I always reject.  Are these morons really this clueless in understanding that their comments will never be published?  It shows again what kind of idiots we are dealing with........Arsenal rebounds this week from their loss against Manchester United by beating a very good Southampton team 2-0.  Isn't English Premier League soccer great?........It is really nice to see Whitewraithe back in action, at Pragmatic Witness (   That lady has really endured some hardship and personal issues, but is a true fighter and someone that I am glad to call a friend.......... And finally, the real news that most Americans are yearning for,  which is of course about the Kardashian clan of losers, skanks and has-beens.  The so called media "news" has been going crazy this last week showing Kim's body that is suddenly so fit and trim considering her recent pregnancy.  Wow, the miracle of plastic surgery indeed. But honestly, why is this news, considering the horrible economic mess that America is in?  And people wonder why I constantly scream for America to wake the hell up from their nightmare!

More to come



Anonymous said...

Did Hitler sanction an official policy of euthanasia of the physically and mentally unfit? If this was true, this should be addressed as it is lurking as an Obama "death panels" policy in the USA. As you say, Hitler was no saint, but did not limit "victimization" to just Jews. Apparently, anyone, or any group, opposed to his policies were considered a power threat, even religious leaders who taught disagreement with his policies. Many such were sent to prison labor camps. Many Americans may be slated for the same treatment. And as you know, such could be the same fate for Canadians--even right now.

Anonymous said...

NTS, as I write this I am, like I imagine you were when you wrote this, seething with indignation. And I am writing from the heart of Germany, a once proud country now kept on its knees by the slithering ass-kissers in Berlin, who recently passed a resolution in the Bundestag that the protection of “israel” is now one of the very reasons the Federal Republic exists! Why yesterday the president himself, Gauch, waxed in praise of these 'chosenites' at a “Let's celebrate German 'Js'” event. WTF!

The good news is that the majority of Germans do not subscribe to this anal adoration. In public, for fear of being given that useless title, “anti-Semitic”, they will nod and be quiet. But, in person, up close and together, they hate “israel” even more now than the SS did those treasonous undesirables in their day. Unfortunately, the younger ones blame Herr Hitler. The older ones know better. There is still hope, although truth still has an uphill battle to get out. (You should see the text of the laws they have in place to protect the tribe!) The German media frequently laments the fictitious 'new anti-Semitism' which we all know is really anti-Zionism, every human's duty. But don't dare point that out....

When it comes to the Iranian deal, the London Daily Telegraph carried an interesting article, here: and if you look carefully at the second paragraph below the photo of Bushehr you'll see this threat: “"If in another five years a suitcase nuke explodes in New York or Madrid, it will be because of the deal that was signed this morning," Mr Bennett, a member of the Israeli security cabinet, told Army Radio.” So, basically, the Zios have told the world, that they would punish us, by setting off suitcase nukes in our cities, because they dared to disobey their overlords in Tel Aviv! What unmitigated f*cking arrogance!

My take on all of this is real simple. If, as the world seems to have accepted, the Bush doctrine of preemptive strikes was OK for Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, then WE, in the Rest Of The World, should reserve to our respective selves, the exact same right when it comes to the belligerent so called 'state of israel'.

If we feel threatened by them (and I sure do) then we should attack the motherf***ers before they attack us. Pure and simple.

As the only rogue, nuclear armed, constitution-less, border-less and religious Apartheid state, threatening the planet, and humanity, with their Samson option, it's time we got them first. And, we should get a few good men, armed with Barrett .50 caliber rifles, to start taking out Bibi, Liebermann, Livni etc. etc. just like they do to Palestinian children, for fun.
If it's good enough for the Goy, then it's good enough for 'god's chosen ones.' Never let it be said we excluded them!

And here's a juicy quote for you and your readers, lest they try to conflate criticism of 'israel' with hatred of specific people. “Not supporting the so-called state of Israel does not make one any less a friend of Jewish people, and most certainly not make one anti-Semitic” Rabbi Yisroel Davis Weiss, anti-Zionist activist. If that's good enough for the Rabbi, then it's good enough for me.

NTS, as I have calmed down somewhat, I am going to sign off with words of gratitude to you and your fellow Truth Tellers.

Thank you. Never, ever, ever surrender!

Anonymous said...

Since it has become well known that the holy hoax narrative is a despicable lie - now the shills come crawling out with more outrageous claims of mass murder targeting the mentally ill, etc.

More jewish bs.

More "hate" directed against the man who fought for humanity against the jews.

More lies.

Unknown said...

Thankyou for taking the time to post on this topic. Far too many Whites have been fully misled and don't understand anything at all about Adolph Hitler.

Anonymous said...

NTS, I just stumbled across this: Obviously, living where you do, you need to be sensitive how you allow this comment. If, at all. I won't be upset at you, just p*ssed at the draconian laws in Canada (aka Tel-Aviv West).
You might want to preface it with exculpatory language about allowing items for debate, education, being in the public domain etc. etc. etc.

Tread lightly, and carry a very, very big stick!

Anonymous said...

NTS, Outside of that which is axiomatic I don't really know anything. However I am puzzled:

Why did the allies look the other way when Germany clearly violated the treaty of Versailles?

Where did a bankrupt Germany get the money to build a huge army if they didn't get it from banks in NY and London?

The west allowed military technology to be liscensed to the german war machine. 20% of german army battlefield trucks had Ford logos on them according to an article in the Detroit Free Press some time back.

Blitzkrieg was a product of the american war college or so I have been told. And we did train german officers over here as well as a lot of other diplomatic transactions with the germans.

Hitler believed in violence. Violence once it becomes employed overrides every other ideology and motive and violence itself becomes the master. When violence becomes the norm there are no good guys or bad guys, just crazy guys.

Leaders are a dime a dozen. Saying a man leads a nation is like saying the surfer leads the wave. ( A notion I got from reading Tolstoy's War and Peace)

I enjoy your writing.


Anonymous said...

Just some comments to clear some of your readers questions.

First of all Hitler authorized the death of sick and elderly, which is called euthanasia. Which I believe should still be in existance today. I mean how can you force someone to live in a ICU or in terrible pain, if it is that persons wish to be laid to rest and of course costs the families thousands if not millions in hospital bills (these bills itself indicate somewhat of a scam by the 'western health' professions).

Secondly Germany has always had close relations with America, if memory serves me right, about 60% of Americans during that era are from German decent. So it is no suprise that Germany and America had business relationships.

Thirdly claiming that Germany got military training from Americans is a joke. German soldiers were shredding the so called All-lies into the dirt. Had it not been for the American Industry and the All-lies vast global resources and jewish connections they would have lost. It took over 100 countries to subdue Germany and you are claiming that Germans were trained by a country that has gotten its a$$ handed to them in every war they fought in is a joke.

I could go on with more interesting facts, but sadly I have work that needs doing.

If any of you readers are interested on the other sides story regarding WW2 please check out and all the links on the site.

Unknown said...

@ McCob

Thousands of ethnic Germans forced to live on territory given to Poland as spoils of WW1 were being persecuted and outright murdered by the Poles. What kind of leader would Hitler had been if he sat by and did nothing to defend his people? He spent 5 years attempting to negotiate with the Poles, but it was no use due to subversive jews working in the background. Hitler was forced to go into Poland. Your blanket condemnation of Hitler, a peacemaker, is bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The upsetting thing about the lies that have been constantly told about Hitler since the late 1920s isn't that the masses believe them, but that the "Truth Movement" does.

How can we move forward and unite against this enemy of Humanity when we are constantly comparing everything to Hitler?

Dylan cram said...

Thank you for pointing me to this documentary. I just finished it, and it is truly heartbreaking, but inspiring at the same time. I follow your blog quite a bit, and have some different opinions on some subjects~ for example, one of my best friends and housemates is friends with the husband of the school psychologist that was killed in the Sandy Hook shootings (I live in Connecticut only a few miles from that area). She (my friend) found out about the shooting from a frantic phone call from him, and we then tuned in to the news about it. His wife is was definitely killed that day, but the media story definitely stinks. Anyway, differences of opinion aside on other issues, that Hitler documentary is awesome, and thanks again for bringing it to my attention. If you desire to talk to me about the Sandy Hook event, because I have a connection to it, feel free to email me~ Dylan.cram at yahoo(dot)com.