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Israel Attacks Syria In Attempt To Jump Start World War III

I have not commented the last few days about Israel's unprovoked and heinous attack on a Syrian military facility near the port city of Latakia, but I figured it is better late than ever that I chime in on this insidious attack, and what I believe is the psychos in Israel wanting to get the war on Syria jumpstarted since their attempt to use the fraud chemical weapons attack of a few months back has failed miserably!

I came across the following article, through the Russia Today online news site, at, that I knew belonged here at my blog... It does seem that the Israelis did indeed get caught red handed in their latest vain attempt to get their nice little war on Syria off and running... The article is entitled: ""Scandalous": Israel Fumes As US Officials Spill The Beans On Syrian Missile Strike" , and as the title states, it does appear that the Israeli slaves in the US Government were not on the same page as their Jewish masters, and Israel got caught in this latest unprovoked attack on the innocent nation of Syria.  I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

‘Scandalous’: Israel fumes as US officials spill the beans on Syrian missile strike

Published time: November 02, 2013 13:55
Edited time: November 02, 2013 16:40

After sources in the Obama administration said Israel was responsible for Wednesday’s attack on a Syrian missile base, an Israeli analyst warned that the US risks starting ‘a very major flare-up.’
The Israeli Air Force struck a military base near the Syrian port city of Latakia, targeting Russian-made SA 125 missiles that Israel claims were set to be transferred to Hezbollah in Lebanon, a security official told AP.
A White House official confirmed the attack happened overnight Thursday, but provided no additional information.
The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to publicly discuss details of the attack.
However, neither Israel nor Syria confirmed that a military strike of any sort had occurred. 
Israel abides by a policy of never commenting on such incidences; rather, Tel Aviv reiterated that Israel will not allow advanced weapons to pass into the hands of Hezbollah via Syrian territory.
The accusation prompted a harsh rebuke on Friday night from Israeli Channel 10, which called the American leak “scandalous,” adding that it was “unthinkable” for Israel’s ally to be acting in such a way. 
Israel’s Channel 2, as quoted by the Times of Israel, said the leak “came directly from the White House,”and noted that “this is not the first time” that the Obama administration has pointed the finger at Israel, following a number of raids on Syrian targets.
The channel went so far as to suggest that consideration had been given to establishing a panel to investigate the sources, believed to be inside the Pentagon, although it gave no indication as to how a foreign government could possibly invoke such a measure against another country’s military command center.
Channel 2′s military analyst, Roni Daniel, said Israel’s policy of remaining silent on whether it carried out such attacks permitted it to maintain plausible deniability, so that Syria’s President Bashar Assad did not feel compelled to respond to the attacks.
However, this seems to have been a large leap of faith on the part of the Israeli government, since Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Moallem, warned at the end of May “if Israel attacks again, we will retaliate immediately." 
The Israeli political pundit argued the White House, by publicly leaking news of Israel’s actions, “are pushing Assad closer to the point where he can’t swallow these attacks, and will respond.” Daniel concluded: “Then perhaps the US will clap its hands because it will have started a very major flare-up.”
This is not the first time Israel has been accused by the United States for carrying out attacks on Syrian territory. On July 5, 2013, the Israeli Air Force was suspected of targeting a military installation in Latakia that allegedly housed Russian Yakhont anti-ship missiles, an advanced weapon that Israeli officials previously said they would not allow to reach Syria.
News of Israel’s purported attack comes amid the Syrian civil war that nearly attracted US military intervention, following a mysterious chemical weapons attack on August 21 in the suburbs of Damascus that resulted in hundreds of deaths and injuries. 
With military action looking imminent, Russian President Vladimir Putin succeeded in advancing an agreed plan that would have Syria destroy all of it chemical weapons, under the auspices of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).
Thus far, the Syrian government has been cooperating with the investigators amid a tense atmosphere both inside the country, and, as indicated by Israel’s apparent actions, outside as well.

NTS Notes: Is it now obvious?  These monsters wanted to have the truth about this attack kept out of the public eye completely, so that if and when the Syrians retaliated for this heinous attack, they would have been screaming everywhere around the planet: "Oh my god.. Syria just attacked Israel!  And for NO reason!  They must be destroyed to protect our cherished Jewish land!".   Luckily, the Americans spilled the beans and their diabolical plan has been thwarted....

It is also no wonder that the details of this unprovoked and heinous attack by the psychotic state of Israel is found nowhere in the Jewish run media... But this again makes sense, because these maniacs have been hoping that the Syrians would have retaliated, and thus the liars in the media could have indeed had a field day, by screaming the lie that it was SYRIA that launched an unprovoked attack first!

It is amazing that the Americans announced that it was the Israelis that did this heinous attack, considering the total control that the Jews have over the American government... I would assume that those responsible for spilling the beans will now be removed from the US Government on orders from their Jewish masters..... When this happens, and it will happen.. It will show everyone exactly who is in control over the United States itself.

Luckily for all of us, the truth about this attack came out before the Israelis were able to provoke Syria to retaliate.  Any retaliation would have played into these psycho's hands, and given them their long excuse to have Syria attacked and destroyed by their American slaves.   Such a war could have spread quickly and we could have seen World War III and billions of people dying.... But again these monsters care little for human life, because we are the Goyim" and nothing more than subhuman to them!

More to come


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