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The Downfall Of America: Black Friday Violence 2013 - Shootings, Fights Break Out Early On American Thanksgiving Day

I have been watching for the last few years the downfall of the United States happen right before our very eyes…. I have said again and again that it is like watching a "train wreck happening in slow motion" and I have not seen anything that has changed my mind on that aspect….

But yesterday was "Black Friday" in the United States (as well as here in Canada and the United Kingdom), and it was an annual ritual of mayhem in American cities as dumbed down citizens rushed out and fought over consumer goods like wild animals!   I have read many of the reports between yesterday and today about all the fights, and shootings, that took place on this year's Black Friday onslaught, and I was shocked and amazed… Is this what most Americans have become?  Nothing more than mindless zombies brainwashed by rabid consumerism?

I want to present one of the best articles over the Internet here that describes the mayhem of Black Friday in great detail…It comes from the website: Medical Daily, at, and is entailed: "Black Friday Violence 2013: Shootings, Fights Break Out Early On Thanksgiving Day", and is a must see by everyone… I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Black Friday Violence 2013: Shootings, Fights Break Out Early On Thanksgiving Day [VIDEO]

It is the worst imaginable image of America: desperate consumers swarming stores and becoming violent just one day after Thanksgiving, our national holiday of gratitude, in order to shop, at a discount, for products made by workers in other countries.  Even worse, this year’s Black Friday mayhem may have begun one day early, on Thanksgiving itself.  
A rundown of violent incidents, reported by Fox News, on the holiday itself includes a New Jersey man charged with disorderly conduct and aggravated assault on a police officer at a Walmart; an alleged shoplifter/driver in a Chicago suburb shot by authorities after dragging a police officer in the parking lot of a Kohl's department store; a police officer injured in a fight at a Southern California Wal-Mart; a Las Vegas consumer shot in the leg after purchasing a big-screen TV at a Target; and, at another Wal-Mart, this one located in West Virginia, a man was slashed with a knife after threatening another man with a gun over a parking space.
For the first year ever, Macy’s, J.C. Penney Co Inc., and Kohl's Corp flung their doors wide open on the holiday itself, joining Ann Taylor, The Gap, Bath & Body Works, Old Navy, Target, Best Buy, Toys R Us Inc., and Walmart, among others. Competition is the usual reason cited as retailers’ motivation to open so early, yet analysis by Forbesoffers a more nuanced assessment of the situation. According to the magazine, data from a MasterCard spending analysis shows that almost three-quarters (70 percent) of consumer spending occurs at the first two stores a shopper visits.
Regarding his decision to open on Thanksgiving day itself, Wal-Mart President and CEO Bill Simon told Today, “We’ve been opening since the eighties. We’re in the service industry. We open when our customers want to shop.”  He also said he is pleased with the cash register results from Thanksgiving night, and also expects a lucrative Black Friday.
According to a preliminary Thanksgiving weekend shopping survey, conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF), up to 140 million people — almost 45 percent of the country’s total population — planned to, or said that they would shop over the weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday). For the first time, NRF asked survey respondents if they planned to shop on Thanksgiving Day: of those who planned to shop over the weekend, nearly one-quarter (23.5 percent or 33 million) said they planned to begin on Thanksgiving Day.
In a still suffering economy, who does not sympathize with those who want to get the best possible deals on holiday gifts, as well as those who must work on the holiday?
Yet, another trend may be the most important driver behind retailers' decision to open their doors early. For the first time, just over half of all Americans (53 percent) reported that they are very, or somewhat likely, to do their Christmas shopping online this year, according to a Gallup poll. Since first asking the question in 1998, this is the highest percentage ever recorded.
Video of fight at WalMart, courtesty of TheBlackhawk715:

NTS Notes:  This video from a Walmart in the United States was the most shocking part of this entire article…. How did we ever get to the point that people fight, get hurt, and in some cases get killed, over stupid consumer products made in China?

As America collapses into a dismal shadow of its former self, we are watching again and again as American citizens have had their minds destroyed by Jewish controlled media and turned into rabid zombies by the constant push for consumerism….This shows in this annual Black Friday ritual of disgusting mayhem and spending frenzy, and it seems to be getting worse and worse every year.. Pathetic..

And do not think that I am letting Canada and other nations off the hook on this… As corporations raked in massive profits in the United States, we have watched Black Friday now spread to other nations including here in Canada…. The Canadian retailers decided a few years back that rather than avoid Black Friday, they decided to join in the ritual in pursuit of the all mighty dollar….. Canada may not have the mayhem, shootings, and fights, that have been happening in the US, but that will come here eventually!

More to come


International Red Cross (IRC) Official Records Reveal That Only 271301 People Died In German Work Camps During World War II. OK, WHY Has The IRC NOT Been Charged With "Holocaust Denial"?

For decades now, I and others living here in Canada have been constantly bombarded with the "fact" that "6 Million" Jews died by the hands of the Germans during the second World War… Primarily through the action of being put to death by "gassing".  This has been rammed into our brains in this nation and many others, and now to deny this "fact" can have many in over a dozen nations in Europe, and here in Canada, charged with "Holocaust denial".  To deny this information can spell years in a prison cell and basically destroy a person forever….

I do need to ask therefore WHY the International Red Cross (IRC) has therefore never been brought up in front of any court on charges of "Holocaust Denial"?   For according to this report, that comes from the website: True Democracy Party, at, it appears that the IRC released its official report over a year ago that states that the official death toll in all of the German camps was only 271,301 and not the 6 Million that has been long stated as fact!   I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sealed and guarded since the end of WWII at Arolsen, Germany, the Official IRC records reveal the actual Concentration Camp total death toll was 271,301
For years, people around the world – “the West” in particular – have been told that “six million Jews were systematically murdered by Germans in ‘Concentration Camps’ during World War 2.”
Thousands of honest people disputing this claim have been viciously smeared as a hateful anti-Semite. Several countries around the world have jailed and heavily fined people for disputing the claim that “6 Million” Jews were killed.

NTS Notes:  I really want to see the governments of Canada and nations such as Germany that would call this report "Heresy" and "Holocaust Denial" to bring the IRC to court and charge them officially with Holocaust denial…. It would make sense that these records would become open to the court and the public…And a full investigation into these official IRC reports would be demanded and performed to find out the real truth…. So, I need to ask, where is the condemnation from these nations for this IRC report?  And why have they not brought the IRC to court on these charges?

Something is wrong here… I live in a country where denying the most holy "6 million" number means jail time, and here is the IRC doing it blatantly with their official report?   But… How can this be?   The IRC kept meticulous records, and would not lie, would they?   Am I missing something here?

I guess an investigation to prove the IRC report's validity is happening right?  No, wait… That's right…. Investigation into the Holocaust is taboo…..And why is it taboo?  Is it just me, or does something not seem right here?  Do we not deserve the truths about our history?  Again, am I missing something here?

Again, if denying the 6 million number means jail time, then why has the IRC not been charged with the horrendous crime of "Holocaust Denial"?   I really want to see those nations that have Holocaust Denial laws in place take the IRC up on those charges, and therefore have a full investigation into these findings take place….So why is there so much silence from these nations?  Again… Am I missing something here?

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Time To Bomb Israel - With Truth!

It does appear that the shaky agreement reached between the so called P5+1 members and the peaceful nation of Iran over its non-existent "nuclear weapons" program is holding.. At least for now… In spite of the constant rhetoric by the belligerent and most diabolical Israeli government officials, especially the main madman himself, Benyamin Miliewkowsky (Netanyahu), it does appear that the hawkish push for war on Iran has been temporarily shelved… The maniacal push for war on another innocent country has not happened as these lunatics have wanted, and we can only hope that it does not happen anytime in the future.

I have gone over many articles the last while from Press TV's online news service, at, and right now I want to present here one that is a must read by everyone… It is entitled, "Time to Bomb Israel - With Truth" and shows how the fight is now on for the minds of the people, primarily living in the United States.. This is especially between the real truth, and what the lying Israeli agents are constantly screaming about Iran and again its non-existent nuclear weapons program…. I have it right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Time to bomb Israel - with truth

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Sat Nov 30, 2013 7:25AM GMT

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”--Sir Walter Scott

Israel has six months for their stage two attempt of wrecking the Mideast peace process. They have lost no time launching their counter attack. Like the pros they are, they had their B-Team preparing for the expected loss at Geneva Two. 

They have used their traditional route for seeding the public's mind with new fears, using our ever ready Congressmen and Senators to front their subversion of the American democracy. Our Founding Fathers knew we could never keep what they had given us without an informed citizenry to protect itself from government expanding its power through all kinds of contrived machinations. 

Militant Zionists have contrived machinations in their DNA, something they justify simply by saying that others would do this if they could, so they are just beating them to the punch. That would be a popular billboard message for every prison on the planet. 

There is a consensus among analysts that the Zios’ first move would be to claim Iran was not in compliance with the agreement. We have pros around here who have dealt with the slippery and slimy types, so anticipating their moves becomes second nature after a few decades. 

For a country which has milked a couple of decades out of an invisible bomb, a non-compliance scam is just a piece of cake. The Israelis just make the charge and never provide any real support for it. 

They have this wonderful echo chamber in the US that hypnotizes Americans into accepting accusations as proof...if they are heard often enough. The Zionist lobby machine to accomplish that has long been constructed and remains well oiled from constant use. 

But the readers are encouraged not to play the 'reacting to Israel's moves' game because that puts you on defense, to where they have won half the battle already. The way to deal with the Radical Zios is to attack, and constantly like they do.

You have to put artillery fire not only on their front line troops with never ending phone calls into their Congressional shills, but also use the long range artillery to hit their rear areas where they think they are safe. And that is the story of their founding myth. 

I will share with you now my most effective opening shot at turning brainwashed pro-Israel Americans around. Remember the first goal is to just get the process started by putting something on them that is irrefutable, and has been withheld from them for that very reason. I field tested this extensively on retired military officers and it was 90% effective. 

Declassified Intel, especially top military brass Intel is something no military officer is going to brush off as a load of manure. Steven Green who wrote his seminal 1984 book,Taking Sides, from Freedom of Information Act material, once told me he found so much he could have written ten books. Here is my number one silver bullet bomb from his work. 

In March, 1948, a Joints Chiefs of Staff paper on Force Requirements for Palestine, anticipating the termination of the British Mandate, predicted that the Zionist strategy will seek to involve [the United States] in continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum Jewish objectives... 

a) initial sovereignty over a portion of Palestine, 

b) acceptance by the great powers of the right to unlimited immigration, 

c) the extension of Jewish sovereignty over all of Palestine, 

d) the expansion of Eretz Israel into Transjordan and into portions of Lebanon and Syria, 

e) the establishment of Jewish military and economic hegemony over the entire Mid East. 

The JCS paper added ominously: All stages of this program are equally sacred to the fanatical concepts of Jewish leaders. The program is opening admitted by same leaders, and has been privately admitted to United States officials by responsible leaders of the presently dominant Jewish group...the Jewish Agency... Taking Sides (1984) 

This folks, has been absolutely devastating. You don't get any of the programmed responses like “Why do you hate Israel...are you an anti-semite, etc.?” It is what it is, a top JCS Intel report that saw its way to the president's desk. 

Due to space limitations I will have to skip the middle part and give you a current bookend bomb to the beginning one above. By that I mean going right for the throat on the whole “Iranian nuclear bomb” hoax. 

But this time I will use Israeli sources...their own media. Be sure to print this piece out and save it in a file. This stuff works. The same information, delivered one piece at a time over an extended period would have much less impact. You have to use this multiple rocket launcher approach. 

If some of it seems contradictory, just remember that they are making it all up. My compliments to blogger Omer Kabir for looking these gems up. 

From Yediot Ahronoth

June 26, 1984 … Iran will be capable of producing a nuclear weapon in another seven years. 

Nov. 15, 1991 … Nuclear expert: Iran will have a nuclear weapon by the end of the decade or seven to eight years if China, Pakistan and Argentina continue aiding it. 

June 15, 1992 … Within 10 years Syria will have a nuclear weapon. 

Sept. 20, 1992 … Iran will have an operational nuclear weapon in the next five to eight years. 

Jan. 21, 1993 … Rabin: Iran has the manpower and will get a nuclear weapon in the coming decade. 

Jan. 24, 1993 … Iran has in its possession a nuclear weapon ready for immediate deployment. 

Jan. 9, 1995 … Iran may achieve nuclear capability at any moment. 

Dec. 27, 1995 … Iran wants a nuclear weapon by 2001. 

June 27, 1997 … US: Iran will have a nuclear weapon around 2000 

July 10, 2001 … Iran will threaten Israel with a nuclear weapon within four years. 

Aug. 8, 2003 … IDF: Preparing for an Iranian atomic bomb in 2005 

Aug. 20, 2004 … Iran announces: we will achieve a nuclear weapon within four years. 

July 8, 2005 … Israeli intelligence sources: within two years they will have a bomb on the shelf 

Dec. 2005 … Entire Mideast will arm itself with nukes. 

March 26, 2006 … Iranian atomic bomb in three years. 

June 22, 2006 … Olmert: Within months Iran will be able to assemble a nuclear bomb. 

June 22, 2011 … Iran will have a nuclear weapon in a year or two. 

As my regular readers know I don't often use this much outside material in an article but if I had abridged this to a few examples I think you can see it would have had nowhere near the same impact. 

These headlines are mainly from just one newspaper, and one particular issue to lie about. You can extrapolate this out for all the others and you get a pretty good idea whether the claims of these people being pathological liars is valid. 

I can assure you that many of the Israeli lobby folks promoting these lies upon their fellow Americans, might have believed some truth in them, maybe in the early days. But the professionals among them had to be aware of this bomb hoax track record. I know because they can read. So I have not felt it untrue or unkind to say that many don't care if the Iran nuke threat was bogus as long as it had the desired manipulative effect. 

People don't like to be used, so when I show this to them and let it sink in a bit, I then hit them with the big question...“Why do you let them make fools out of you with base, bogus propaganda to exploit your own people?” 

We have a slang saying here in America when you are the underdog for reversing a bad situation, that you have to “up our game”. It means taking a hard cold look in the mirror about the changes that need to be done to stop using failed tactics. 

Power senses fear and uncertainty and knows how to exploit it. The news headlines above show how unembarrassed the Israeli media was to exploit their own people's fear. With the Iranians in the past year they have used Neo-holocaust language, the Nazis, holocaust deniers...there are no depths to which they will not stoop. 

It is time to take the gloves off and go after the militant Zionists, and this includes all those who have worked with them. Whether they are participants in the lies or not makes no difference. A victim cares little over whether he was killed by a murderer or a drunk driver because the result is the same. 

A lot of work has gone into getting us where we are now, where we have some momentum. We have dodged some head shot bullets, like with the Syria attack. Now it is upon us to honor those victories by doing what needs to be done...denuclearize and demilitarize Zionist Israel. See you on the front lines. 


NTS Notes: It is so amazing to see recent "reports" that claim that Iran is only "weeks away" from building a bomb… I wonder to myself, "Who writes this crap?" and again and again the sources are always our friends in Israel and/or their agents that control the press in this country and the United States.

It is not hard to understand that Israel has used the Jewish power of the press and the media everywhere around the world as a tool to deceive everyone into the false belief that Iran is a "threat"…. The constant bombardment of lies by these criminals via their media control on a daily basis is beyond pathetic.

Facts are facts… Iran has absolutely no intention ever of building a nuclear bomb as these criminals continue to parrot…. The Iranians are developing nuclear power plants which they have every right to do so under IAEA and NNPT treaties…. It is so astounding that the Jewish controlled press has constantly screamed that a nuclear armed Iran is a danger to this planet, when we have the truly insane state of Isra-Hell sitting right there with several hundred nuclear weapons and the means to destroy at least 1/2 this planet in a heartbeat…. Again, does anyone else see the hypocrisy in all this?

I do agree with many that state that the only way peace can ever be attained in the Middle East is for Israel to come clean about its nuclear weapons program, actually join the NNPT, and to make true concessions towards its neighbours by eliminating this arsenal as the real threat to all the nations of that region….But will that ever happen?  Probably not in my lifetime!

More to come


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving From Northerntruthseeker To All Of My American Readers....

Right now, I would like to wish every one of my readers in the United States a happy and warm Thanksgiving... This is indeed the time to spend with loved ones and friends....I sincerely hope that with all the serious crises that I see coming all over the world over the next while, that we all will all be able to enjoy these important holidays in the future.....

I have been extremely busy the last few days doing some projects and not having the time to post up much material at this blog.... I have long said that this blog has become basically a side issue the last while, while I concentrate on personal, family, and business issues..... But again, I am not a quitter and am indeed in this for the long haul....

I will be posting some more articles at this blog very shortly.... There is indeed much happening everywhere around the world , and I will continue to have my own takes on what I see is really happening... So stay tuned...

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Canada Is Jewish Occupied Territory: Canadian Stooges Stand By Their Israeli Man!

Canada is fully under the control of Jewish interests, and has been for some time now... It is so sad that this country, that at one time was truly a nation that other nations would want to emulate, is now nothing but a YES man for the Jews and Israel's interests.....

With the recent signing of the "deal" between the P5+1 group and Iran for "curbing" Iran's (non-existent) nuclear weapons program, most nations have finally begun to lift their illegal sanctions against that peaceful nation..... But according to this article, from Redress Information And Analysis, at, entitled: "Canadian Stooges Stand By Their Israeli man", it appears that the Harper regime in Ottawa is showing its true colors as nothing more than Israel's lackey in obeying Israel's orders and not following other nations in lifting Iranian sanctions!   I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves.. And of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Canadian stooges stand by their Israeli man

If there’s one group of stooges that would never forsake or disobey Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his Likud party, it’s the government of Canada’s Stephen Harper.

While US President Barack Obama plucked the courage to stand up to Israel and its lobby among the traitors in Congress, and even well-established Israel flag wavers such as British Foreign Secretary William Hague warned Israel not to derail the Western powers’ nuclear deal with Iran, Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird insisted that Ottawa would keep its “tough” sanctions “in full force” because “Iran has not earned the right to have the benefit of the doubt”.

On 24 November Iran agreed to curb its nuclear programme for the next six months in return for limited sanctions relief, in a preliminary accord intended to lay the foundations for a comprehensive agreement.
But Israel’s Canadian Baird will not be moved.

“A nuclear Iran is not just a threat to Canada and its allies, but it would also seriously damage the integrity of decades of work on nuclear non-proliferation”, Baird said without mentioning Israel’s considerable arsenal of nuclear warheads.

“We will evaluate today’s [24 November’s] deal not just on the merits of its words, but more importantly on its verifiable implementation and unfettered access of all Iranian nuclear facilities,” the Israel pimp said. He failed to utter a word about the fact that Israel has never allowed international access, unfettered or otherwise, to its nuclear facilities.

It’s taken a long time for Israel’s weak-kneed protector in Washington to summon the courage to confront the Zionist lobby but, clearly, none of this has rubbed off the slimy Zionist pimps of Ottawa.

Also see:

NTS Notes:  This is so pathetic and shows again how Harper and his cronies are doing everything  possible to kiss their Jewish masters' asses!

This John Baird clown who calls himself Canada's "foreign minister" is the supreme Israeli butt kisser... He panders to Israel's interests constantly, and is constantly flying to Israel itself on "vacations".

 This article itself is so full of contradictions and untruths... If the Harper regime is so much for nuclear non-proliferation, then someone needs to ask them about Israel's massive arsenal of nuclear weapons, and the fact that the criminal Jewish state has never signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty!  Talk about hypocrisy!!

I do wonder why the Canadian people do not see the truth about this Harper "government" and how it will sell Canada down the river in an interest to protect a foreign power, Israel... If Harper and his cronies love the criminal and psychotic state of Israel so much, then again I do recommend that they surrender their passports, give up their Canadian citizenships, and take the first flight out of this country to go and live in that hell hole..... Canadians need leadership that answers to CANADIANS only!

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Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Sunday again.... And again it is time for me to spew my guts on some thought provoking issues...

First, I am really pissed off by the unwarranted censorship shown recently by the criminals behind Youtube... Which I really have begun to call "Jewtube", in yanking videos from their lists on the false grounds of "violation of the Youtube agreement" or due to the laughable claims of "copyright infringement".... These are such false charges and have turned Youtube into a joke..... Every single video or audio found in Youtube can be put into those catagories, but the criminals behind that Video playing service just use those clauses when they conveniently need to have certain videos removed.   It is definitely censorship in the worse manner possible.

The Dennis Wise video series: "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told" is a definite must see by everyone, because that part of our history is in dire need of re-evaluation.... It sickens me to see that even today we are bombarded daily by "Hitler was evil"... "Hitler was a madman".... "Hitler was a mass murderer"..."Hitler was out to conquer the world"..... etc... etc.... But where do these claims come from?  And why are we "not allowed" to debate these claims?   It is shocking to even find out that the mere stating of the name "Adolf Hitler" in places such as Germany can garner the speaker jail time!  I find it most peculiar that one side of our distorted history is put into our minds on a daily basis, but the other side is pictured as taboo!   This is why I and others will not blind ourselves by these distortions and search for the real truths about our history... The truth must be told!

I want to spend some time in this rant to go over some key issues about Adolf Hitler himself and hopefully put some of the lies about that man to rest.....This may not please everyone, because the brainwashing throughout our lives has been intense, but the truth must be told!   I will do my best to put each statement about Hitler in the following point form, and answer each point in some detail.... I will not be able to expand in great detail on each point, so please bare with me.  One last note.... Many may not agree with the points I will go into some detail here.  If you find any objections that you want to bring forward, my comment section is always open:

(1) Adolf Hitler was NOT a madman.    We have been constantly bombarded in our false history with the notion that Hitler was either mentally deranged, or a full blown madman....But I have found nothing of the sort.  He had his weaknesses like any other human being, but madness?  We find his works as an artist to not only be competent but quite revealing of the man's real nature. He was a war hero, who received many medals for his constant bravery during some of the most horrendous battles and brutal conditions in the first World War.   He wrote some beautiful poetry, including his famous "Mother", that I have at this blog as a dedication for Mother's Day.   He also shows his past and his thoughts about the future in his writing "Mein Kampf" which is of course still banned in many nations, but is a must read due to the fact that many of his views of the future are happening right now!   Even his actions during the second World War shows that he was not mad, but wanting only the best for Germany, and the world, against seemingly hopeless odds.....

(2) Adolf Hitler was not responsible for World War II.   This one has been one of the major stumbling blocks in understanding our true history.  Hitler did not want war, but to prevent the slaughter of German nationals living in Poland, he made the fateful decision to attack Poland to save lives.  It is now understood that in many ways he was baited to attack Poland and thus bring about the war that the Jews wanted for Germany's own destruction.  Few people know that World War II actually began over 6 years prior in 1933 with the Jews themselves declaring war on Germany, but of course that key point has always been suppressed from our history.  It is also a key fact that these same criminals wanted to prevent Germany which became wildly successful by kicking out the Jewish bankers in the 1930's from becoming the beacon for other nations to emulate.... These same criminals therefore baited Germany into making its September 1st, 1939 attack on Poland, and lo and behold got their French and British slaves to declare war 2 days later.... One other key issue is the fact that the Jewish Communist controlled Soviet Union attacked a helpless Poland on September 17th, 1939 and seized more than 1/2 of Poland in the aftermath.  I do not remember any declaration of war on the Soviet Union for THAT unwarranted attack on Poland?  Where is that declaration of war against the Soviet Union in the history books?

(3) Adolf Hitler did NOT want World Conquest.  This even I understood from an early age to be a falsehood, and could not understand why it was constantly drilled into young minds.... Germany absolutely did not have the manpower, the weapons, or the means for world conquest.   It entered into the second World War with some 80 divisions which it had to commit fully to the Polish campaign.  Britain and France had far superior forces in the early stages of the conflict, and could have easily moved rapidly into Western Germany without much resistance.  It always has troubled me that the French and British did not do so and thus aid their Polish "ally".....Even in the early part of 1942 after having conquered France and fully committed to the campaign against Russia, there was absolutely no hope of World Conquest primarily due to the massive power of the United States now fully engaged in the conflict.   This shows that Germany was indeed fighting for its very survival, which Hitler had always claimed.   The bottom line here is that in spite of the continuing lies about Germany in our piece of crap "history books", there was absolutely NO WAY Germany could have ever "conquered the world"....

(4) Adolf Hitler saved the world from Communist takeover during the second World War.  THIS is absolutely fact, and is the reason why he attacked the Soviet Union in Operation Barbarossa, June 22nd 1941.   Hitler knew that Stalin wanted war and that Stalin himself was massing enormous armed forces on their Western front with Germany in early 1941.  Stalin made plans to attack Germany on July 5th, 1941 under the code name "Operation Thunder", with some 5 million combat troops, 30000 tanks and over 10000 combat aircraft.   Hitler's generals prepared their own forces, and waited until the Soviets began to move their offensive forces forward for their Thunder operation and were at their weakest during that transition before springing their Barbarossa attack and trap on June 22nd, 1941.   In the first few months of Barbarossa, Germany smashed some 8 entire Soviet army groups, destroyed some 25000 tanks and 10000 combat aircraft, while capturing millions of prisoners.   This is because the initial German attacks encountered only Soviet forces designed for offensive operation... There were NO defensive Soviet forces anywhere!.   Therefore Barbarossa was really a pre-emptive strike to save Europe from Soviet invasion and possibly the Communist takeover of all of Europe.  Barbarossa was actually the greatest military victory in the history of mankind, but you will never see that in our so called "history books"!

(5) Adolf Hitler did NOT order the "Extermination" of the Jews.   This is a real hard one to talk about, because I do live in a country where "Holocaust denial" can cost me prison time.   But the truth must be told that there was never any edicts or orders EVER written or given by Adolf Hitler for the "extermination" of millions of people.   I have looked over the evidence, and again I do ask for anyone to bring forward one scrap of evidence that Hitler made such orders.   There are NONE....  Many claim that it was a "verbal order" which to me is so ridiculous, considering that the Germans were very methodical in their record keeping....  But again, we have the "Holocaust" which I cannot vouch for its authenticity, and the constant and continuing brainwashing that Hitler himself ordered it into creation.   This is not "denial of the Holocaust" but shows how indeed distortions of history dearly need to be researched and re-evaluated.

(6) Adolf Hitler was NOT Jewish.   I have seen many of the stories that have arisen over the last few decades about Hitler having a "Jewish" past, but I am not sold... Many of these claims come from false stories that his mother cavorted with rich men during her time in Braunau and elsewhere in Austria, and possibly Adolf was the result of one of these indiscretions.  But as Dennis Wise shows in his video, the truth is that Hitler was born to Alois and Klara at Braunau, and was raised as a Catholic.  It is true that Adolf's father Alois was originally named "Schicklgruber" and changed his last name to "Hitler", but since "Schicklgruber" is also a German name with no Jewish past, that point is also moot..... I have long believed that the idea of Hitler being "Jewish" is another fraud creation to just vilify him personally and to distort history.

(7) Adolf Hitler wanted Peace.   This is proving again and again to be fact.  Right after the Polish campaign, Hitler himself wanted to seek a peaceful resolution with the French and British, but it was they who rejected all of Germany's offers.   Even after Hitler decisively attacked the west in May 1940 and conquered France as of June 21, 1940, he sought peace with Britain, only again to be rejected.   He had no intentions for an invasion of Britain, but wanted a peaceful resolution with that nation.  He even sent Rudolf Hess in the famous flight of May 1941 to Britain to try to reason with the British, but again he was rejected.....  It has long troubled me that the second World War could have come to an end much earlier than its brutal finish in 1945 if only some rational people had been at the helm of certain governments, primarily in Britain and France.... But again it seems again that Hitler did not want war, but was forced into war by criminal interests who only wanted Germany utterly destroyed.

Those are 7 key issues that I wanted to clear the air on Adolf Hitler.... I have long said that he was no saint and had his human frailties and weaknesses, but the man has been so vilified over the years by false history that even I can never understand, and I feel that some truths must be told.  I figured it was time to bring out some of these issues and give everyone my own assessment of what I see as factual.... Many may not agree with these points, and that is their choice.  The brainwashing has been so intense for decades now, and in some cases cannot be broken.  I only ask many to take a closer look at that part of our history and come to their own conclusions...

Well, enough of ranting about history.... There are many issues of course going on in the world right now that I could touch on, and I will take a shot at a few in my usual last minute "tidbits"..... The situation at Fukushima Japan is entering a dangerous phase where TEPCO will begin extracting the spent fuel rods from failed reactor #4.   This operation will take years because the damage to that fuel rod pool is horrendous with the danger being that the pool could still collapse, or that the rods themselves could damaged already and release deadly radiation if exposed to air.   Fukushima will continue to haunt us for years to come.......I see that the meetings between the P5+1 countries and Iran have now concluded, and a "deal" has been reached (!) as of last night that will partially lift the illegal sanctions against Iran.   I was pessimistic about these talks simply because of the Jewish control over all of the so called P5+1 nations, and am pleasantly surprised by this agreement in principle.  But there is a danger, simply Israel does not want any real long term agreement with Iran, and with this "deal" I can bet that we may see a false flag operation very soon launched by that insane criminal state to somehow be blamed on Iran, or even an attack on Iran itself launched by Israel and their new "ally" Saudi Arabia.....I am shocked by the lack of news anywhere in the Jew spew media about the Chinese no longer buying US debt and possibly starting the full collapse of the United States itself.  But this does not surprise me, because these criminals will continue with the false "all is well" while they continue to fleece nations and eventually pull the plug on the whole mess themselves......The first anniversary of the Sandy Hook operation is fast approaching, and I am still getting comments saying that I have no feelings for the "victims" of that "massacre".  I say to these people to wake up, take a look at the evidence, show me the evidence of victims and the bodies,  and stop wasting my time.... Is it just me?  Or is there something sick about how the psychotic state of Israel is now committing a real crime against humanity by putting the people in Gaza under risk of a full blown epidemic of diseases by allowing the strip's human waste facilities to fail and allowing raw sewage (grotesque) to flow freely through the streets of Gaza.   This is as far as I am concerned an attack on the people of Gaza by contaminating the entire strip and allowing the people to die from horrible diseases as a result.  Is this Israel's final solution for the genocide of the 1.5 million people trapped in the strip? Why is this catastrophe and a true crime against humanity not major news?  Oh that's right, we know who controls the media........American Thanksgiving this coming week,and again the North American Indians will celebrate their conquest, genocide, and slaughter, thanks to the European invasion of their land.  Much to celebrate indeed......I am still getting the crazy comments from those JIDF laughable agents which I always reject.  Are these morons really this clueless in understanding that their comments will never be published?  It shows again what kind of idiots we are dealing with........Arsenal rebounds this week from their loss against Manchester United by beating a very good Southampton team 2-0.  Isn't English Premier League soccer great?........It is really nice to see Whitewraithe back in action, at Pragmatic Witness (   That lady has really endured some hardship and personal issues, but is a true fighter and someone that I am glad to call a friend.......... And finally, the real news that most Americans are yearning for,  which is of course about the Kardashian clan of losers, skanks and has-beens.  The so called media "news" has been going crazy this last week showing Kim's body that is suddenly so fit and trim considering her recent pregnancy.  Wow, the miracle of plastic surgery indeed. But honestly, why is this news, considering the horrible economic mess that America is in?  And people wonder why I constantly scream for America to wake the hell up from their nightmare!

More to come


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Censorship At Its Worse… Video: "Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told" Under Attack By JEWISH Interest Groups To Prevent True History From Being Seen!

I will make this short and sweet… The fantastic video by Dennis Wise, called "Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told" is presently being yanked from Jewish controlled Youtube due to a "copyright claim by AdRev for a "third party"".  This is nothing more than pure censorship at its worse...

The copy of this fabulous video that I have in my left hand column of this blog is right now showing that message of being yanked due to this fraudulent and laughable "copyright claim" by this "mysterious third party"… I can guarantee that this so called "third party" is none other than our friends in the criminal tribe of psychotic Jews wanting all truths about our real history suppressed…

This is astounding and shows how truly criminal this tribe can be when it comes to keeping the real truths about our history purposely suppressed to further their diabolical goals, and to make sure that the brainwashing by our false history is kept up…..

If anyone has a great copy of this fabulous video, and a link to that copy….Please let me know, and forward that information via a comment to this article….. I really want everyone to see the truths about our history and especially concerning what really happened during World War II and of course Adolf Hitler…..

Thank you… And as usual…

More to come


*Update: The video can still be seen (at least for now) at its website:

Please take and copy this video into your own files as soon as possible, before these scumbags try to eliminate it forever!  The truth must be told….

*Update #2:  Video is still available via VIMEO… I have reposted it at the left hand column of this blog… To hell with Youtube and their unwarranted censorship!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Great New Article By Whitewraithe: LBJ And The Zionist Cover-up Of The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy

Over the last while, many people have asked me what has happened to my friend, and cohort, Whitewraithe.   It has been a while since she last posted any material over at "Pragmatic Witness" at

I am glad to say that after a personal hiatus of a few months to get her health and personal issues back into order... She is back, and writing articles again over at Pragmatic Witness.....

In support of her return to blogging, I want to present her latest work that is a must read by everyone... It comes from an article originally posted by Christopher Bollyn (, and is entitled: "LBJ And The Zionist Cover-up Of The Conspiracy To Kill Kennedy".   I have that article right here for everyone to view for themselves, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

LBJ & the Zionist Cover-up of the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy

“IT WAS AN EASY SHOT.” – Bob Schieffer lying about Lee Harvey Oswald’s role in the assassination of JFK, “Face the Nation,” November 17, 2013

“The thing I am concerned about, and so is [Deputy Attorney General] Katzenbach, is having something issued so we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin.” – J. Edgar Hoover (FBI) to White House aide Walter Jenkins, November 24, 1963

“The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he had no confederates who are still at large; and that evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial.” – Deputy Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach in a memo to President Johnson’s assistant Bill Moyers, November 25, 1963 (See note on Katzenbach’s Jewish ethnicity at bottom.)

“There is one sanctuary where the Warren Report is still stubbornly upheld and where its manifold critics can expect their own rough treatment: in the towers of the media elite.” – David Talbot, “The Mother of All Coverups,”, September 15, 2004

IN THE FIRST MINUTE of “Face the Nation” Bob Schieffer of CBS News repeats the fundamental lie of the murder of President John F. Kennedy.

Bob Schieffer of the CBS News program “Face the Nation” began the show of November 17, which was dedicated to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, with the fundamental lie about the political murder that changed America:

From here on the sixth floor of the Texas Schoolbook Depository in Dallas, fifty years ago this week, a lone gunman pointed a $21 dollar mail-order rifle through this window and shot and killed the president of the United States while his motorcade was passing below.  It was an easy shot.

Schieffer is lying about the Kennedy assassination and he knows he is lying.  Schieffer is from Fort Worth, Texas, and his younger brother Tom Schieffer is a former business partner of George W. Bush.  Schieffer was a co-owner of the Texas Rangers baseball club with George W. Bush and he went on to serve as the U.S. Ambassador to Australia during his first term and Ambassador to Japan during his second.


CBS News is a good example of a Zionist-controlled media outlet. The president and chief executive officer of CBS Corporation is Leslie Roy Moonves, a great-nephew of David Ben-Gurion, the founding father and first Prime Minister of Israel.  For Americans this would be like being related to George Washington.

So Bob Schieffer is associated with the Bush family through his brother and works for a television network that is run by an ardent Zionist who is related to the founding father of the state of Israel.  Although a clear majority of Americans (at least 60 percent) believe that a conspiracy was behind the Kennedy assassination, Shieffer begins the memorial week by telling the nation that President Kennedy was killed by a lone gunman with what he says “was an easy shot.”

So, why does the controlled media in the United States refuse to face the evidence that Kennedy was hit by at least two gunmen who were positioned in front of the motorcade and that the assassination was, therefore, clearly a conspiracy?

The wounds to President Kennedy’s head indicate that he was shot from several different angles.  One fatal shot to the head evidently came from the picket fence by the trees (seen here in the middle of the photo) on the other side of the bridge from the “grassy knoll” where James Files shot Kennedy in his right temple.

SECOND FATAL HEAD SHOT – While James Files was standing behind the fence by the trees on the left side of this photo, another assassin was shooting from the other side of the railroad overpass. President Kennedy was evidently hit by two bullets from this direction, one in the throat and another that exited from the back of his skull.


To understand why the Zionist-controlled media refuses to address the abundant evidence of a conspiracy and insists on pushing the blatant lie that Kennedy was killed by a lone assassin, the following logic about the assassination needs to be grasped:

Why does the murder of President John F. Kennedy still matter?
It matters because the murder of President Kennedy was not only a conspiracy but a coup d’etat. The powers behind the assassination took control over the government and orchestrated the cover-up.
It matters because a coup d’etat that is successfully kept secret in a democratic country means, by default, that the succeeding government is illegitimate.
It matters because the American government continues to lie about the Kennedy assassination.
It matters because if the government is still lying about the Kennedy assassination, it essentially means that the powers that killed John F. Kennedy are still in charge to this very day.
It matters because the mainstream media continues to support, and even endorse, the official version of the Kennedy assassination.
October 1963 President Kennedy and his son, John F. Kennedy Jr. White House, West Wing Colonnade. Photograph by Cecil Stoughton, White House, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.
October 1963 President Kennedy and his son, John F. Kennedy Jr. White House, West Wing Colonnade. Photograph by Cecil Stoughton, White House, in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.


Using the same logic that I apply to the 9-11 cover-up we can conclude that the people involved in the JFK cover-up are part of the criminal network behind the assassination.  So, why would the Zionist-controlled media engage in a cover-up and who are they doing it for? It doesn’t make any sense that the Zionist elite that controls the U.S. media would cover up the JFK conspiracy for the Mafia, the CIA, or the anti-Castro Cubans. The Zionist-controlled media is, most likely, covering up the conspiracy in order to protect the Zionist criminals who masterminded the assassination of President Kennedy.

The cover-up of the conspiracy to kill President Kennedy began immediately after the murder in Dallas and was clearly orchestrated at the highest level, as Kevin Costner, playing Jim Garrison, said about the role of the Mafia in the film JFK:

“I don’t doubt their involvement, Bill, but at a lower level. Could the Mob change the parade route, Bill? Or eliminate the protection for the President? Could the Mob send Oswald to Russia and get him back? Could the Mob get the FBI, the CIA, and the Dallas Police to make a mess of the investigation? Could the Mob get the Warren Commission appointed to cover it up? Could the Mob wreck the autopsy? Could the Mob influence the national media to go to sleep…This was a military-style ambush from start to finish … a coup d’état with Lyndon Johnson waiting in the wings.” — Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison in the film JFK


President Johnson had been involved in illegal Zionist activities since the 1930s and had a “special relationship” with Israeli president Levi Eshkol, seen here at Johnson’s ranch in 1966.

Lyndon B. Johnson, who became the president on the day Kennedy died, was an ardent Zionist and devoted supporter of the state of Israel.  His aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher, who was a major influence on Lyndon, was a member of the Zionist Organization of America. While it seems very likely that his family was in fact Jewish, there is absolutely no question that Lyndon Johnson was a high-level Zionist who had been involved for decades with the Jewish Freemasonic organization, the International Order of the B’nai B’rith, in the illegal immigration of Jews from Poland to Galveston. The smuggling operation of Jews to Texas in which LBJ was involved from 1937 is known as “Operation Texas”.

The B’nai B’rith was behind the plan to bring Jews from Poland to Texas.  Lyndon Johnson, as a new congressman, was a key player in this operation and broke the law to facilitate the illegal immigration scheme.

Historians have revealed that Johnson, while serving as a young congressman in 1938 and 1939, arranged for visas to be supplied to Jews in Warsaw, and oversaw the apparently illegal immigration of hundreds of Jews through the port of Galveston, Texas. In this operation Johnson was working with the Zionist elders of the B’nai B’rith, not through normal government offices.

When he became a Congressman in 1937, Lyndon Johnson began using legal and sometimes illegal methods to smuggle “hundreds of Jews into Texas, using Galveston as the entry port. Enough money could buy false passports and fake visas in Cuba, Mexico and other Latin American countries…. Johnson smuggled boatloads and planeloads of Jews into Texas. He hid them in the Texas National Youth Administration… Johnson saved at least four or five hundred Jews, possibly more,” according to historian James M. Smallwood.

James Smallwood said, “It is correct that Johnson did not risk his life, but he committed illegal acts to save the Jews. It can be proved that LBJ saved some 42 from the Nazis. Indirect evidence says he probably saved about 400. From my research, I agree with the larger number. However, there are problems, since much of what went on was illegal and Johnson knew better than to leave a paper trail.”

According to Louis Gomolak’s thesis, “Prologue: LBJ’s Foreign Affairs Background, 1908-1948,” Johnson and his friend Jim Lovy raised a very “substantial sum for arms for Jewish underground fighters in Palestine.” One source cited by the historian reports that “[Jim] Novy and Johnson had been secretly shipping heavy crates labeled ‘Texas Grapefruit’ – but containing arms – to Jewish underground ‘freedom fighters’ in Palestine.”

Johnson’s ardent support for the Zionist forces in Palestine would have been something he had in common with Col. Henry Crown, the Zionist Jew from Chicago who became the largest shareholder of General Dynamics (of Fort Worth) in 1959.  Henry Crown had purchased an entire aircraft manufacturing plant, probably in Texas in the early 1950s, which was crated up and shipped to Israel in violation of U.S. law.
President Lyndon Johnson was the official in the highest position to mastermind the JFK cover-up and the person who appointed the Warren Commission.  It is important to realize that Johnson was an active and dedicated Zionist agent who set the stage for the assassination as Vice President and then masterminded the cover-up as the new president.

Lyndon Johnson and the Zionist-controlled media have covered-up the truth of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy because it was a crime that was carried out by the Zionist criminal network, which took power in the coup d’etat in Dallas in November 1963 and which has been in power ever since. The role of the Zionist-controlled media is to keep the population from realizing that a criminal regime of Zionist agents controls their government.

Note on Nicholas D. Katzenbach -

Nicholas D. Katzenbach and Lyndon B. Johnson Katzenbach was Assistant Attorney General, 1961-1962; Deputy Attorney General, 1962-1964; Acting and later U.S. Attorney General, 1964-1966; Under Secretary of State, 1966-1969

Deputy Attorney General Nicholas D. Katzenbach wrote the controversial November 25, 1963, memo that certainly appears to be discussing a government coverup.  Katzenbach went on to serve as Attorney General and Undersecretary of State under President Lyndon Johnson. Although Katzenbach is described as an Episcopalian, he was listed as a Jew by the National Jewish Welfare Board during World War II:

Source: U.S., WWII Jewish Servicemen Cards, 1942-1947


“Lyndon Johnson – A Friend in Deed,” by Lenny Ben-David, Jerusalem Post, September 10, 2008

“Operation Texas: LBJ and the Rescue of European Jews from Hitler,” by Jim Moore, The Gilmer Mirror, 2010

This article was first published on

NTS Notes:  A great article indeed that exposes some amazing information on that criminal Lyndon Baines Johnson...

Many people today are also totally unaware that LBJ himself was indeed Jewish, and was entirely in bed with the Jews who were already in control of America at that time... One of his first orders of business after assuming the office of President of the United States was to repeal Executive Order EO1110, and thus returned the power of the printing and circulation of the US Dollar back into the greedy hands of the Jewish owned and very criminal Federal Reserve System....

It is also a fact that LBJ reversed JFK's position on the escalating conflict in Vietnam, by stopping the withdrawal of the "advisors" to that nation.  Less than one year after this criminal took office in the White House, he and his group of criminals engineered the phony "Gulf Of Tonkin" incident, and forced the United States into a full blown war that cost the lives of some 38000 soldiers in a conflict that America was to eventually lose, and almost put the nation into financial and moral bankruptcy....

The Zionist Conspiracy behind the JFK assassination has always interested me, due to the fact that JFK himself was against their psychotic and criminal state of Israel gaining nuclear weapons... After his assassination, Israel's nuclear program progressed and succeeded in developing the bomb.. Now the world is paying dearly for that folly with that criminally insane nation in possession of hundreds of nuclear weapons and now basically using them to create a state of nuclear blackmail on a world wide scale!

Again, I want to thank Whitewraithe for bringing this article forward.  There will be more of her articles that I will be posting at this blog in the near future, so stay tuned..

More to come


Excellent Video: The JFK Assassination Explained In Under 5 Minutes- "JFK, A Conspiracy Theory"

Everyone is aware by now, unless you live under a rock, that today marks the 50th anniversary of that fateful day in Dallas, Texas that both shocked and changed the world in an instant.. That was of course the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy....

As I stated in last weekend's rant, I am truly shocked that so many people today, 50 years later, still are under the false assumption that murder of JFK was conducted by a "lone gunman" by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald... It should be obvious to anyone by now that Oswald was indeed the "patsy" and the man set up to take the fall for this assassination....

Today, I came across an absolutely fabulous video, narrated by James Corbett, who does the "Corbett Report" at, that I want to share with all of my own readers right here... It is entitled: "JFK - A Conspiracy Theory", and explains the ludicrousness of Lee Harvey Oswald being the "Lone Gunman" in less than 5 minutes.... I have that video right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  Again, it should be obvious to everyone by now that Lee Harvey Oswald was indeed set up to take the fall for the real killers that committed this horrendous crime against humanity...

Over the years, many people have asked me my own theories about exactly WHO killed President Kennedy... I would say that there are so many suspects, and logical reasons for his assassination... Basically even before the time he took that fateful drive in a limousine through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, he was already a dead man....

All I can say for sure is that today, 50 years ago, the real last best hope for America and survival of the American Republic died... Not by a lone gunman in a book depository, but by a well planned and orchestrated operation.   America has never been the same since....

More to come


Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Collapse Of America: The Writing Is Now Definitely On The Wall - China Caps Its Dollar Holdings And Plans Crude Oil Futures Priced In Yuan!

I have been watching all the economic news the last while, and what I see happening is definitely not pretty...Many of the reports of the impending collapse of the American economy have been purposely kept out of the Jewish run mainstream media, and I can see why... These criminals absolutely do not want the truth about the real state of the American economy to be seen by the average American.. Instead, these criminals are continuing to prop up the failing US economy and hope they can get their American slaves to go to war "one more time" for their glorious psycho state of Israel, this time against Iran.  Once these scumbags are finished with using their American minions to destroy all of Israel's enemies, they will pull the plug, allow the whole US economic mess to collapse, and let the United States disappear into oblivion...

It always has been my hope that this impending economic collapse would not happen any time soon, and therefore allow the American public the chance to actually wake up from this nightmare and do something immediately to save their nation... But now it may be too late, because according to this article, from the website: "Hang The Bankers" at, it appears that China will no longer be buying anymore US debt!  This is bad enough... But according to the same article, they will no longer be purchasing their petroleum in US dollars, but in their own currency, the Yuan.  This action could heralding the collapse of the Petro-Dollar scam as well!   Here is that important article for everyone to see right here... I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

dollar and euro banknotes China’s central bank has said it no longer sees any benefit in increasing its $3.66 trillion foreign currency reserves – already the world’s largest. China will cap its purchases of US dollars in an effort to limit the depreciation of the yuan.

“It’s no longer in China’s favor to accumulate foreign-exchange reserves,” Bloomberg quoted Yi Gang, a deputy governor at the central bank as saying Tuesday.

Decreasing the influence of the dollar and other currencies is a step closer to reaching China’s 2015 goal to “float” its currency and according to the People’s Bank of China will help the everyday Chinese citizen.

Between July and September 2013 China’s increased its foreign – currency holdings by $166 billion, boosting it to the world’s highest of $3.66 trillion. This is also more that the Gross domestic product of Germany – the Europe’s biggest economy, Bloomberg reports.

This will “basically” end the interference of foreign currency in the Chinese market, and widen the yuan’s daily trading range.

The move also provides a buffer to China from future US Federal Reserve stimulus tapering, which, even just as it looms, has had severe ripple effects on emerging market currencies in Brazil and India.

Tuesday minutes from the Fed’s policy meeting said it could start tapering its monthly $85 billion bonds purchases in the “coming months”, if the job market improves further. Fed members also weighed the possibility of slowing the purchases even without clear evidence of a strengthening job market. The news sent Asian stocks lower on Thursday, Japan an exception.

Hong Kong’s Hang Seng shed 0.7 percent to 23,539.83 and China’s Shanghai Composite decreased 1.1 percent to 2,183.50.

Once the yuan is set to free float, international transactions will be carried out in the Chinese currency, and it will become common in global trade, in league with the euro and dollar.

The Chinese yuan currently is the 13th most-used currency in the world for international payments.

The yuan has been dubbed a “hermit currency”, isolating itself from foreign investment and setting its own rules, but is now slowly entering world currency markets.

China’s planned crude oil futures may be priced in yuan – SHFE

The Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE) may price its crude oil futures contract in yuan and use medium sour crude as its benchmark, its chairman said on Thursday, adding that the bourse is speeding up preparatory work to secure regulatory approvals.

China, which overtook the United States as the world’s top oil importer in September, hopes the contract will become a benchmark in Asia and has said it would allow foreign investors to trade in the contract without setting up a local subsidiary.

“China is the only country in the world that is a major crude producer, consumer and a big importer. It has all the necessary conditions to establish a successful crude oil futures contract,” Yang Maijun, SHFE chairman, said at an industry conference.
SHFE Shanghai Futures Exchange
Yang’s presentation slides at the conference stated that the draft proposal is for the contract to be denominated in yuan and use the type of medium sour crude that China most commonly imports.

Industry participants with direct knowledge of the plan have said the contract would be priced in the yuan, otherwise known as the renminbi, and the U.S. dollar. Yang would not say whether yuan pricing was only for Chinese investors.

“The yuan has become more international and more recognised by the financial market,” Chen Bo, Chinese trading firm Unipec’s executive general manager, told Reuters.

“I don’t think it would be unacceptable for the world to use the renminbi for commodities trading.”

The contract pricing will exclude custom tariffs and value-added tax and allow for physical delivery in bonded storage areas, Yang said.

The SHFE is awaiting Beijing’s final approval to launch the contract. That may come soon as the bourse has set up an international energy trading platform in the Shanghai free-trade zone, which is touted as a testing ground for China’s financial reforms, especially on yuan convertability and interest rates.

The SHFE has previously said the contract has support from China’s top economic planner, the National Development and Reform Commission, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange and the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

A successful launch could pave the way for the opening of other Chinese commodities futures to more foreign investment.


China, gold prices & US default threats
China calls for world to ‘de-Americanise’
US debt rises $328 billion in single day, surpasses $17 trillion for first time
The greatest debt crisis the world has ever seen is coming
Economic collapse is inevitable, here’s why…
China imports over 2,000 tons of gold in last two years
Chinese rush: 10,000 people waiting in line to buy gold
Russia emerges as world’s top gold buyer, adding 570 metric tons in last decade
Gold: Comex paper vs. Shanghai physical


NTS Notes:  I knew this day was eventually coming, and I and others have warned people for years to wake the hell up and take the Jewish criminal banksters responsible for our crushing debts out of our lives....But this news could definitely bring about the collapse that we have all dreaded...

The fact is that China has been buying US dollars for the last decade, and the US debt as a result....This purchasing of US dollars has been propping up the failing US economy for the last few years, and thus keeping the illusion around the world that the United States was economically stable... But now the Chinese can see that the US itself is failing and a lost cause.....They have now pulled the plug on buying any more toxic US debt.....

The other factor is of course the Chinese trading of Petroleum in Yuans rather than US dollars. This could make other nations give up their trading of Petroleum in US dollars as well.   Such action could see US dollars become useless in international trade... The net result could bring about hyperinflation in the US and accelerate the economic collapse even faster....  This is one reason why the US has pursued war with nations that have threatened to no longer trade their oil in US dollars, through the decades long "Petro-dollar" scam.  But is the US willing to go to war with nuclear armed China to keep the fraud "Petro-dollar" scam alive for a bit longer??

As I stated.. The writing is now on the wall, and the next while will be one of major upheaval and chaos in world markets... It does not bode well for the US itself, and early 2014 could indeed see the collapse of the American economy that everyone has long feared.....

Be prepared, everyone.. Things will indeed be interesting in the next while, and I will try my best to keep up with any reports and bring them here for everyone to see for themselves... Stay tuned...

More to come