Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Global Warming Fraud; Interesting Video - Global Warming: Fairy Tale, Fiction, Hoax

For years now, I and others have been trying to get everyone to understand that this man made "Global Warming" scare has been nothing more than a massive hoax and swindle by some very nefarious individuals just to get people to sign onto their "Carbon Tax" scam, to swindle people out of BILLIONS of dollars for "Green" policies, and for the criminal "elite" to bring in their criminal "One world government".   There is absolutely nothing that has swayed me from this stance and I am truly surprised that with all the evidence now coming out that the planet is actually cooling, most people still do not get it!

I came across a most interesting video just the other day that I want to share at this site with my own readers to view for themselves.... It is entitled: "Global Warming: Fairy Tale, Fiction, Hoax" and definitely summarizes nicely some of the cons perpetrated by the criminals behind the "Global Warming" fraud very nicely.... I have it right here, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Notes:  As I stated before... I am truly surprised that people still do not get it that this Global Warming scam is a huge money maker for some very evil and sick people.....And I will explain why the major perpetrator of the scam, Saint Al of the Gore, is out to make billions from the scam for himself!

What is not told about Saint Al is that he bought into several Seattle based companies years ago, and if the "Carbon Taxation" scam was to pass through the US and become law, these companies would be the only ones to actually count "carbon tax credits"..... Al, being one of the majority share holders would have made out like a bandit to the tune of BILLIONS of dollars for himself.   This should have finally exposed this criminal for the scam artist he really is, but sadly few people are even aware of his holdings in these companies...

I also stated before that in spite of all the rhetoric.... Carbon Dioxide is absolutely NOT a greenhouse gas as these criminals behind the Global Warming scam continue to promote... CO2 is in fact a coolant, and is also a necessity for life on this planet.   Therefore to "curb" CO2 emissions as these scam artist continue to say is necessary is ridiculous.....

People everywhere deserve the truth about this "Global Warming" fraud, and I do hope that many of my readers will take this video, and other of my articles and show everyone the truth to stop these criminals in their tracks..... It is very imperative now, because many of these scam artists are now going for broke in attempting to get governments to sign off on ridiculous and ludicrous "Green" policies....

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Dan Pangburn said...

The claims that carbon dioxide is a pollutant or that it causes global warming are mistakes. Analysis using all measured data starting in 1610 shows that change to the CO2 level has no significant effect on average global temperature. The calculation, which uses the time-integral of sunspot numbers is shown at .

After about 1895, accurate temperature measurements were made world wide and revealed the natural oscillations above and below the sunspot-number-time-integral-trajectory. The oscillations are caused by the net effect of ocean cycles (which are dominated by the PDO). The resulting graph and physics-based equation that accurately (R2=0.9) calculates the measured temperature anomaly trend are shown at
Carbon dioxide change has no significant influence.