Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: Important Video -Nicole Sandler Speaks With Dr. Helen Caldicott

After I posted my last article that had Arnie Gundersen from Fairewinds narrate a very good video that shows exactly what the TRUE situation is at Fukushima Japan, I went and checked what a few of my friends and fellow bloggers have been up to.... Believe it or not, but my friend Noor, who writes the excellent blog: Snippits And Snappits, at had just posted a great article about Fukushima herself!  

For this article, I want to bring forward first the video that Noor had posted at Snippits.... It is entitled: "Nicole Sandler Speaks With Dr. Helen Caldicott" and it contains some very important information about Fukushima that everyone should take the time to listen to.. I have that video right here, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

NTS Note:  First, I want to present Noor's own comment that she made along with this video... It also has two interesting pictures that I want to present here along with her comments:

“They think ‘China Syndrome’ has happened at one or several of these reactors. Nuclear engineers don’t know what to do. No way they can contain it… there is nothing to do. The truth is, scientifically, they will never clean it up. It’s impossible.” ~ Dr. Helen Caldicott
The nice thing about Syria is that the focus of the world has been there, not on the situation that threatens the health of the entire planet for billions of years into the future. Yep, back to Fukushima, the stuff of radioactive nightmares.

NTS Notes:  I do want to thank Noor for finding this video and bringing it forward for everyone to listen to. 

The only drawback to Dr. Caldicott's interview with Nicole Sandler is at the end of the video where she brings forward her thoughts on "Global Warming" .  It is indeed shocking to me to hear how she supports the Global Warming fraud!  It is also troubling that for a doctor, she does not know the real facts about Carbon Dioxide absolutely NOT being a greenhouse gas and that the planet is absolutely NOT heating up as she states.

As far as I am concerned, her thoughts on Global Warming should be discarded, because the first part of the interview is full of very important information about Fukushima that is important for everyone to hear.....

Again, it is imperative that everyone go after their governments and demand that they stop this ludicrous rush to war for the criminal state of Israel, and instead concentrate their efforts on fixing this truly life threatening situation at Fukushima.... The sooner the better...

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Noor al Haqiqa said...

Agreed completely. Thanks for pointing out the Global warming bit, I had not thought of it.

Anonymous said...

This won't make Noor happy at all:
I'm posting it here because her comments box won't let me post, for some reason. It just keeps disappearing.

Don't you think all of the energy we're putting into killing each other for 'israel' (spit!) and the self-appointed elites would be better channeled into doing something to stem this poison?

What a helluva race to call men!

Anonymous said...

OOooooh! Wouldn't you know! Two snakes now in cahoots:
The Devil himself matched these weasels!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NTS I just can't resist! and

Can't WAIT to read your rant this Sunday! Ha!

Northerntruthseeker said...

Gotcha how? All this proves is that the Jews are indeed nothing more than mongrels with plenty of European blood mixed into their "race"....

I for one am German/French/Irish... MY GF is Polish/Ukrainian/Hungarian/German..... That makes our son a pure Heinz 57 mongrel..... And we are proud of that!

Anonymous said...

Sorry NTS. The "Gotcha!" was not aimed at you, but at the zio-imposters. I really shouldn't type late at night. Sorry again!