Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sandy Hook Was Indeed A Fraud, And A Failed False Flag Attempt On The American Nation: Why Has The Sandy Hook Demolition Crew Been Sworn To Silence?

I really have hoped by now that the American people would have seen the Sandy Hook "massacre" that happened last December for what it really is.... A failed false flag attempt on the American nation where the criminals in the US Government had hoped the American people would quickly accept "gun control" legislation.  This fraud failed miserably....The American people saw through this scam almost immediately, and instead purchased guns in record amounts.  Since that time, these criminals have been covering up the truth about this fraudulent massacre, and the Jewish controlled media has been avoiding Sandy Hook like a plague!

But the criminals cannot escape their Sandy Hook scam even now...For according to this new article that comes from the website: Memory Hole, at, it appears that the demolition crew that has been hired to take down the site of the Sandy Hook "massacre" has been strangely sworn to silence before they can start their demolition job!   I have that Memory Hole article right here for all of my own readers to view, and of course my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Sandy Hook Demolition Crew Sworn to Silence

Updated October 16, 2013.

Employees of a construction company contracted by Newtown to demolish Sandy Hook Elementary School must sign non-disclosure agreements before commencing work on the project, scheduled to begin October 21. The contracts reserve the right to pursue legal action against workers who publicly discuss what might be observed as the 57-year-old structure is leveled. Penalties also apply to employee attempts at removing any physical remains from the site.
Exhaustive in scope, the agreement requires workers to refrain from leaking information on virtually anything encountered on Sandy Hook grounds during or after their time of employment with Consigli Construction, the company subcontracted to carry out the demolition.
No unauthorized disclosure or removal of confidential information from the school, including any oral, written, graphic, software, technology, or virtually any items that belong to the school.
All measures [will] be taken to protect the secrecy and avoid disclosure of confidential information into the public domain; notification to the town of any disclosure of confidential information that may come to the company’s attention.
No publication or posting of any information related to the project, and no photographs, drawings or other images of the school; no removal of any items from the school from dirt and bricks to doorknobs and window glass; any town documents be returned to the town; these commitments survive beyond the conclusion of an individual’s employment.[1]
Newtown officials claim that such far-reaching precautions are necessary to preserve the privacy of victims’ families. “It’s a very sensitive topic,” Newtown Selectman Will Rodgers said. “We want it (the site) to be handled in a respectful way.”[2]
Newtown First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra similarly noted how the goal involves preventing exploitation of any building remnants. “We’re going to every possible length to eliminate any possibility that any artifacts from the building would be taken from the campus and … end up on eBay,” she told the Associated Press. [3]
Much of the building’s debris will be thoroughly crushed and hauled away to an unnamed location. Newtown also is requesting documentation that non-destructible metal and similar materials are taken off-site and destroyed.[4]
The Sandy Hook investigation has proceeded under a cloak of unusual secrecy, with very little substantive evidence or documentation disclosed that might reveal what exactly took place on December 14, 2012 and, moreover, Adam Lanza’s culpability. The corporate media have nevertheless proceeded to push a narrative with Lanza as the sole culprit.
Llorda and her Newtown cohorts swung into action three weeks ago on September 24 when Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy offered the township $50 million to tear down Sandy Hook School and build a new facility.
The $50 million price tag is seven times the average cost of building an elementary school in the United States ($7,393,000), according to[5]
On October 5 Newtown leaders presented residents with a referendum to accept the $50 million that passed by a nine-to-one margin.
On October 7 contractors were on the Sandy Hook campus to begin drawing up plans for the project.
On October 11 the Newtown Bee reported that local authorities received a go-ahead from the State of Connecticut to contract with remediation vendor Bestech to oversee the entire venture.[6]
This means town officials will not have to go out and bid for a separate demolition contractor. Llodra notes how the use of a single entity will allow a two-to-three-week jump on work at the site, wholly ensuring that both the structure and post demolition debris will be removed by the first anniversary of the shooting.
Further, the use of Bestech will also minimize the number of workers on the site, allow for easier security credentialing, and thereby ensure controls preventing the unwanted acquisition of any debris or images generated during the demolition process.[7]
[1] Nanci G. Hutson, “Non-Disclosure Required for Sandy Hook School Crew,”, October 14, 2013.
[2] Ibid.
[3] Dave Collins, “Newtown Conn. To Keep School Razing Under Wraps,” Associated Press / ABC News, October 15, 2013.
[4] Ibid.
[6] John Voket, “State Action Gets Sandy Hook School Project Off to a Fast Start,” Newtown Bee, October 14, 2013.
[7] Ibid.

NTS Notes:  Is this not obvious?  To even the most gullible believers in what the criminals and the Jewish run media have been promoting about Sandy Hook, this should have them stepping back and asking:  "What The Hell???"

I will state what I see here is clearly obvious:  The criminals who failed with their Sandy Hook operation are desperate to make sure that all evidence is quickly destroyed, and that the demolition crew that has been hired to demolish the "school" is sworn to secrecy because many of them may find out what we have long suspected... No massacre at all, and no evidence of any shooting, period!

I and others have said all along that Sandy Hook was a complete fraud and just an operation to frighten the American people into surrendering both their rights and their capabilities to defend themselves from the criminals running their government..... I have yet to find any evidence that shows otherwise....

It is amazing that I and others (including my friend Whitewraithe) have been under attack from a few in this "truth movement" that have gone out of their way to call US disinformation and a few other names..... Again, and again, we find this evidence that makes them and not us the fools.....

Will America finally wake the hell up, and be ready when these criminals pull off their next false flag attack on the United States?  I surely hope so....

More to come



Anonymous said...

Speaking of fraud, or possible fraud, maybe yet another NWO-type fraud, Vatic Project Man says the whole Fukushima disaster thing is bogus.

What say you, Northern Truth Seeker?

~ Vinny ~

Northerntruthseeker said...

I have looked at all the details about Fukushima... And from what I see, it is no fraud...

Vatic is a decent writer, and I have looked at the information at his site... There will be many articles that claim Fukushima to be a hoax, but I am not sold on it being a hoax... Too much information coming out about the effects of radioactivity all over the Pacific for it to be a "fraud"...

Anonymous said...

I would not want to be part of the demolition crew. Many of them will be suicided or accidented like the Kennedy witnesses.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying that none of those children or staff nembers were murdered that day? Find it hard to be fraud where woukd these people go? Are they stashed away somewhere where nobody can see them?

Anonymous said...

Sandy Hook was definitely fraudulent, but maybe not quite in the way in which you imagine. May I suggest reading two of my blog analysis on why I believe many of the victims were actually kidnapped and trafficked children. This explains the lack of grief with most of the parents. I believe there are 26 victims. There just isn't any grieving because the parents weren't real parents, there were felon kidnappers. The first article is titled, "Is Daniel Barden , an alleged child victim of the Sandy Hook Massacre , the biological child of Mark and Jacqueline Barden , or was he...." at The second article is my article on why I believe child victim Allison Wyatt is in fact the kidnapped child victim Madeleine McCann, abducted in Portugal in 2007.