Sunday, October 27, 2013

Northerntruthseeker Rant For Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Sunday... Time for my weekly rant....And today, I am one truly pissed off blogger!

Yes, I saw that video where that Jewish scumbag, Sheldon Adelson, was speaking in front of a group of Yeshiva University students in the United States, and proclaimed his desire to have a nuclear bomb dropped on Iran just to "make a point" about America's and Israel's resolve to "end Iran's (non-existent) nuclear weapons program".   It was remarkable that this piece of s*** was able to spew his lies and to proclaim his bloody desire to have millions of innocent Iranians killed for the glory of his cherished Israel.   What a scum bag indeed!

What also troubled me about this piece of crap Adelson spewing his sick insane ideas, was his constant reference to the the unprovable and unresearchable "Holocaust" of World War II.   Now, is it just me that notices, but does it always seem now that these sick monsters harp the "Holocaust" at every chance they get just to get a knee jerk reaction from their audience to believe anything else they say?   What also was troubling was how this equally scumbag audience applauded this sicko's desire to genocide millions of Iranians!

Yes, that was bad enough.. But what has also really pissed me off is the constant lies put forward by the scumbags in the Jew spew media that are again going out of their way to vilify the peaceful and very innocent nation of Iran (again) with the constant BS that Iran is building nuclear weapons..... What was even more startling was the sudden push by the liars in the Jew media saying this last week that Iran is suddenly less than a MONTH away from building a nuclear weapon!   It was bad enough that for the last few years they would say that Iran was years away, and then less than a year away, from testing a nuclear device... Now they are indeed going for broke so it seems with the latest laughable and insane assertion that Iran could build a nuke within a month!   But the real thing that should piss off a lot of people is the fact that most dumb ass Americans will swallow and believe this newest lie!

Of course with all this rhetoric of Iranian non-existent nuclear weapons, is the fact that we have the sick and insane terrorist nation of Israel sitting right there with its hundreds of nuclear weapons... But for the strangest reason, nobody is ever allowed to talk about this hypocrisy.    The nation of Iran and others have constantly called on the world to look at Israel as the real threat with its massive nuclear arsenal, but of course thanks to Jew control over the media, this Iranian call to action against Israel falls on deaf ears...

Of course the rhetoric for war against Iran is building rapidly now, thanks primarily to the fact that the criminal US and Israeli desire to destroy the innocent nation of Syria has been momentarily detoured.  But these sickos want war in the worst way, primarily because war is good for Jewish scumbag bankers and their fraud Usury debt system.   As I said before, these scoundrels care not that billions of people could die, just as long as they are able to keep their debt Usury system going and have all the Gentiles enslaved to this fraud.

What I do find laughable when it comes to the buildup for war on Iran, is the recent "media" reports of the US seeking peace with Iran... This is such a laugher... The US is completely controlled by the criminal state of Israel, and all this rhetoric about possible peace between the US and Iran, and the "rift" between the US and Saudi Arabia is pure fiction.... I do suspect that this is being done as just another distraction and pure "fluff" for the public, to create the "illusion" that the US is seeking peace with Iran, while they continue their plans to attack Iran.... There are many that may not agree with this assertion, but I call it as I see it.....
Yes, the war on Syria may have been delayed.... But I noticed the news report that had little fanfare this last week where it seems that the US has not pulled its naval forces back from sitting off the coast of Syria.  I do wonder why?   Could it be that if all else fails when it comes to getting a new war going, the Israelis will do their "plan B" and simply launch a missile strike against this American fleet to be conveniently blamed on Syria?   Everyone must remember that these insane sickos always have their think tanks come up with new ways to get a war going, and I would not count out this "false flag" attack from still not happening!

I see that the Palestinian "peace process" is again revealing itself to be the big joke that I have always claimed it to be.... There have been more reports of even MORE illegal Israeli "settlements" being built on Palestinian territory, and the usual outcry, but lack of any action, from the Palestinian Authority.   But what were people expecting?  Have people not read my reports and the reports of others that know the truth?  Israel absolutely does NOT want peace, PERIOD.... These sick criminal "Zionists" want territory, and they want ALL of Palestine for themselves.   These criminals have always said that this land that they have stolen was ordained to them by their "god"..... Every leader of the psychotic terrorist state of Israel has pushed for the total annexation of all of Palestine, into what they call "Greater" Israel..... Even the Israeli state flag proclaims that the waters from the Nile to the Euphrates rivers is to be made into Israel.    And, I really want to know WHY the entire world has not demanded that the sick state of Israel declare its borders..... Every nation on Earth, other than this psychotic state has its national borders defined and shown on any world map, but of course, Israel will NEVER declare its borders, because its whole psychotic existence is to expand....

The facts have always been that the Palestinians, the people who have the true right to the region of Palestine, must fight for their existence, or be annihilated.   There is no room for both a Palestinian state and and a Jewish state in Palestine... The Jews through their illegal settlements and outright annexation of territory have made a Palestinian state no longer a possibility......  This is why the so called "Peace Process" is nothing but a sick joke, and has always been used by the criminal Jews as a delay tactic while they suck up all the territory for themselves....  Again, this is why I have always said that there is absolutely no other option for the Palestinians than to fight for their very existence or die.... If I had to choose between those choices, I know what mine would be in a heartbeat.

Besides the troubles and injustices that I see in the Middle East, there is continuing trouble elsewhere.... The European Union is a complete mess, and I cannot understand why that fraud has not collapsed already.  The so called "austerity measures" imposed by the Rothschild IMF in Greece have failed miserably just as I predicted.... No nation should ever accept any "austerity" from these criminals, simply because these "measures" call for even more DEBT on that nation that can never be paid off......As I stated many times in previous rants, nations such as Spain, Greece, Portugal, and even Ireland, would be better off to tell the criminal Jewish banksters behind the IMF to take their debt and shove it up their asses!

Just the other day, I posted up the latest article and rant by JB Campbell, and I was impressed.... JB Campbell tells it exactly like it is, especially when it comes to the latest fraudulent taxation of the American people called "Obamacare"...... When I last talked to John Kaminski, he described this fraud "Obamacare" as being much the same as JB Campbell states... It is a money grab, and just another tax swindle on the American people.   It is troubling that most Americans cannot see the criminality of this "Obamacare" when it is the criminal Jewish controlled IRS that will be doing most of the collecting of "premiums" form the American public.    That should have raised red flags years ago when this tax grab was first proposed... But again, most Americans are now too far gone through the years of brainwashing and poisoning to even notice.... Thankfully, it does seem that some people in the United States have awakened to the scam called "Obamacare", and it does make me wonder what the criminals in the US Government will do next to try to keep the scam afloat to fleece their own citizens!

It is not only this "Obamacare" fiasco that makes America into a bigger mess than ever.... I have not covered the fact that some 47 MILLION Americans are in such a severe state of poverty that they are dependant on Food Stamps to supplement their nutritional requirements.... But of course we find this news last week that the Obama/Soetoro/Davis administration is going to "cut back" on Food Stamp coverage starting this November 1st..... Someone asked me earlier this week what will happen in America when this happens, and from what I see the prospects are not good..... I do suspect that there could be food riots in America starting as early as this Friday which could spread across most major American cities very quickly..... I do wonder though if this is what that Communist sicko homosexual President that occupies the White House actually wants!.... Lets face it... That ultra criminal has always wanted to suppress the freedoms of the American people to bring in his ultimate dream of turning America into a full Communist totalitarian nation... These food riots would have President Psycho bring in martial law to crush the rioters, and to finally remove any last vestiges of freedom for the American public. 

But again, I see this food stamp crisis as just one of many sicknesses that have ruined the American nation....It is startling to think that a nation of great wealth has such horrible disparity between its rich and poor, and that it suffers from a "debt" that its own government could wipe out in a heartbeat.   Sadly, there seems to be nothing short of a violent revolution that now can save the American republic from its demise...

As a Canadian... I do not see my nation Canada not being immune to what has been happening in America.  This nation has also seen its own troubles recently with the corrupt Harper Government bowing to its Jewish masters and doing what it can to suppress the freedoms of the Canadian people.....Most people are now waking up in Canada to the reality of the Harper regime, and how it too has the ultimate aim of turning Canada into another Jewish run "Communist" state as well.....But considering how the Jews fully control Canada, I sometimes wonder if we are already there!

Well.. I guess that is enough for now.... I will as usual close this rant with my last minute tidbits..... I see the great "Manbearpig" hunter, Saint Al of the Gore, is out doing the speaking tour trying to again get his false Global Warming scam ramped up to a more skeptical public.  I wish that someone would ask the question at one of his meetings about his shares in those Carbon Tax counting companies in Seattle!  Do that, and watch that criminal squirm......Why has the US public not gone after their government for their $50 million dollar "payoff" to the people of Newtown Connecticut for their part in the criminal Sandy Hook operation? And why has there been silence about the demolition company hired to demolish the Sandy Hook "school" having to sign oaths of secrecy before they can do the job?  Why can't people see the truth that Sandy Hook has always been a total scam?.....With all the facts coming out showing that "social networks" such as "Facebook" are scams and data mining operations, I am deeply troubled that people are not closing and opting out of these criminal networks in droves.  Are people really this stupid?.....In other news, my favorite English Premiere League team, Arsenal, is now sitting at the "top of the table". But their real challenges face them with upcoming games against Chelsea, Manchester United, and Manchester City........ I have not gone into detail in this rant about the continuing disaster at Fukushima, but what else is there else to say?  The reactors are still spewing out their deadly radiation, and governments continue to avoid the disaster like a plague!  It seems the only time people will finally wake the hell up is when it becomes a full blown global catastrophe that can no longer be avoided.....And speaking of catastrophes, I guess it is time to take a shot at America's greatest family, the Kardashians.  It seems that Bruce Jenner has been selected to give Kim away when she walks down the aisle to marry Kanye West.  It is sad that a washed up athlete such as Bruce Jenner's only claim to fame is to be the step father to this useless skank and trollop. But even that is coming apart with Jenner's recent separation from Kim's mother, Kris.  Yes, this is news in the Jew run American media, and most definitely a major reason to turn off the Electric Jew once and for all!

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