Friday, October 11, 2013

Clearing The Air On Some Recent Attacks Against John Kaminski

I have known John Kaminski for several years now, and during that time we have conversed periodically via Skype.... I have found John to be one of the most intelligent individuals that I have known in this so called "truth movement" and to be a trusted individual when it comes to the facts about the greater Jewish conspiracy for world domination...

Recently, I have had many bad comments made concerning John via my comment section.... I have had many of these so called "commentators" state that John is a JEW.... And many more stating that John had done much damage to our efforts and that John can not be trusted.   There was also much bantering around about an "incident" that happened some time ago concerning John and Eustace Mullins.   Many said that "incident" showed that John could not be trusted at all... I figured this was as good a time to clear the air on this very important subject...

I just concluded an excellent Skype conversation with John from his home in Florida, and we touched upon many important subjects..... I asked John if I could ask him a few questions just to "clear the air" when it comes to the many accusations made against him.... The first question was of course about the many that call John a "Jew"..... He had a good chuckle and explained to me that these criminals would of course resort to such a ridiculous notion, simply because he was indeed right over the target when it comes to naming the criminals by name.... He informed me that the name "Kaminski" is of course Polish, that his father was Polish, and his mother was Irish...And that he was raised as a Catholic, which most Poles are indeed of that religion.  He gave up on Catholicism years ago (much like myself) for an assortment of reasons that he explained to me... We indeed had a great chuckle about the criminals continuing to ridiculously label him as "Jewish"....

On the subject of Eustace Mullins... I asked John if I could go into detail on that delicate question, and he absolutely did not mind wanting to clear the air on this, simply because so many have tried to use this supposed "incident" against him!

John in fact sent me the following email that was originally sent to Lasha Darkmoon that explains some of the facts about John's supposed "fight" with Eustace Mullins, and how so many have recently (falsely) put a "Label" on him which to him is nothing more than another distraction.....I have that email here that explains exactly what happened with Eustace Mullins, and I asked him if I could incorporate it within this article.  He agreed... Here is that email and the link to some further information about that "incident":

Mullins and I never quarreled. Other people — specifically Daryl Bradford Smith and Eric Hufschmid — manipulated the old geezer into saying I'd sent the Mossad to his house, when in fact the guy I'd sent to his house was a former friend I hadn't seen in ten years who had actually introduced me to Eustace's work years before. At that time, some dispute arose between them, the details of which I have never gotten fully straight, since at the time I lived in Florida, Eustace lived in Virginia, and this other guy lived in Vermont.

Eustace and I had a wonderful three-day visit during the last year of his life, which the above link describes. The subject of the supposed kerfuffle never came up. When Jessie, Eustace's devoted caretaker, told me that of all the people they'd met during that madcap tour they were on, that I was the one who appeared to know the most about Eustace and the things he wrote about, I was thrilled beyond words. (Personally, I know a lot of people who know more than I do, but Eustace and Jessie just hadn't happened to meet them on this tour.)

And as regards my temper tantrum of past days telling you not to republish my stuff, please rescind it. Your stuff lately has been absolutely scintillating. I think I made that statement to stop that particular argument, which it did. That, and my Polish-Irish temper. Lately I've been thinking this whole argument over labeling is a needless distraction, which (as I said the other day during my interview with Daryl) is best averted by calling them predators, because by now, everybody knows who they are, and jousting over terminology takes valuable time away from continuing to analyze, and hopefully prevent, the awful things they're doing.

Best wishes,
John K.

I for one am happy for John that he knew Eustace and was friends with him before he died several years back.... I for one have long been a great fan of Eustace Mullins, and it was some of his work that has inspired me to understanding and writing about the Jewish criminality.

John also explained that he had long cleared the air with Darryl Bradford Smith, and that much of the supposed fight between him and Darryl may have originated from Eric Hufschmid.... I could see that, due to the fact that Eric tried a few years back to destroy Darryl and alienate him from everyone else....

Again, I am so glad that I know John and I do look upon him as a valuable ally and a great inspiration for everyone.  I will continue to put John's work up here when the articles do become available and I do ask everyone to take a look at his material at the "Rebel" website:

And as for those naysayers who continue their worse at trying to wreck John's efforts... Good luck to that and you can go and crawl back to your JIDF controllers anytime now.. You have failed!

Again, Thanks John for helping to clear the air!

More to come



Greg Bacon said...

We don't need to waste our energy fighting among ourselves, the real enemy is thrilled when that happens, as they can continue on their merry way of murder, theft and subversion.

Don't fall for the 'Divide and Conquer' scheme, from the masters of that diversion.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn Yeager recently pitched a fit over the linking of her work on the rebel site.

I'm sorry, but she is an untrustworthy hag in my opinion. The site is better off without it.

Personally, there are several issues that I disagree with Mullins on, especially some of the Nazi stuff he spoke of.

Kaminski provides excellent, non-blushing critiques of the predator problem. I enjoy his interviews on Spingola's program.