Monday, September 2, 2013

Upcoming War On Syria: How Do You Sell The War To Congress? Claim It Will "Protect Israel" (!)

I have said for years that the US Congress is completely under criminal Jewish control.  I have yet to see anything that shows otherwise.... We constantly see the so called "elected" Congress critters grovel and bow to their glorious Jewish masters at every chance they get.     It is sickening and should have every American citizen up in arms....

For this article,I want to present a most interesting report from Jason Ditz, who writes the blog: "Anti War" at, that shows how this rush to war on Syria will most probably pass through Congress on September 9th..... It appears that the Obama/Soetoro/Davis administration will try to convince Congress to pass the war resolution, because according to this article...An attack on Syria will "Protect Israel"!   I have that article right here for everyone to see for themselves, and I do have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Selling War: White House Says Attack Will ‘Protect Israel’

Attack Might Conceivably Intimidate Iran, Administration Suggests

by Jason Ditz, September 01, 2013

Selling Congress on another, wildly unpopular war is no easy task, and many see it as extremely doubtful Congress will ever agree to do so. The Obama Administration has a plan though: make it all about Israel.

Congress loves Israel with a passion, and getting Israel even remotely linked to a resolution is usually enough to ensure a landslide victory. But the administration’s claims that attacking Syria will “protect Israel” are not just cynical, they’re also extremely doubtful.

Ever since Obama indicated his intention to attack Syria, Israelis have been scrambling to get anti-chemical masks and fretting the prospect that the US attack will provoke retaliation against them, either overt by Syria or covert by Hezbollah or some other militia.

Because the Obama Administration’s attack would obviously put Israel at direct risk, officials are going to try to spin it as about intimidating Iran, arguing that attacking Syria on dubious allegations would make their constant threats to attack Iran more credible.

Israeli officials are desperately trying to stay out of the argument for war with Syria, but if the president looks like he’s going to lose, expect them to be dragged into the effort, no matter how unwillingly. urges all readers to contact their Congressmen and urge them to vote against attacking Syria. Click here for contract information.

NTS Notes:  When the hell will the American people finally wake up from this nightmare,and have every Congress critter kicked out of office immediately?

These so called "elected" criminals that sit in the US Congress are nothing more than puppets and shills for criminal Jewish interests.... This push for war on the innocent nation of Syria to "protect Israel" just shows again exactly who controls the United States.

I can guarantee that the slaves to Israel that occupy the US Congress will vote overwhelmingly for war on Syria, because now they will say that an attack on Syria will be to "protect" their cherished criminal state of Israel. 

Please take this information and show everyone again exactly how the Jews control America.  These criminals have long wanted the US involved in their wars for domination of the Middle East, and they care not that thousands of American soldiers will fight and die for their sick and twisted dream of a Greater Israel.  The evidence here definitely speaks for itself...

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Christian Identity Forum said...

Think of all the lives that have been lost because of Jewish meddling in world affairs.

Northerntruthseeker said...

No need to... The Jews have meddled with EVERYTHING throughout history, and the cost is measured now in possibly BILLIONS of lives...

Anonymous said...

The zionists have seen to it that we will lose WW III, and that is why they have done to our soldiers what they have done. It affects their m ilitary readiness. We might just have to step in enmass fully armed to take up the slack. I think we do the zionist bankers first, and get rid of them since they are the enemy and let Russia and China decide if they want to go through with it after that and if they don't then we make peace and everyone gets rid of the bankers in their country or they are with them and thus are our enemy. If they make peace with us, and get rid of the bankers in their country, then all is well.

Anonymous said...

You mean billions of other people's lives, not their own. They never pay for their crimes and this time we must be committed to make them accountable all over the world, in every country. That includes the USA and Canada. Maybe in that sense this is a good thing they have done that we can take advantage of. Sometimes evil screws up and harms themselves.