Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Upcoming War On Syria: Have The US And Israel Just Attempted A False Flag Missile Attack?

The criminals in the US and Israel are absolutely desperate to have their nice little blood thirsty war against the innocent nation of Syria off and running..... They have already attempted the ridiculous "chemical weapons" attack on Assad's people that they thought they could sell to the public as being launched by Assad himself...Luckily, everyone on this entire planet has not bought into their lies.....  So now they have been forced back to the "drawing board" so to speak in a new sinister plan to somehow justify an attack on Syria...

Well, it seems that just this morning, these psychotic criminals may have attempted a true false flag attack... For according to this article, from the Huffington Post website, at www.huffingtonpost.com, it seems that the US and Israel just conducted a joint UNANNOUNCED (!) "missile test" in the eastern Mediterranean.  I have that Huffington Post article here entitled "Israel Holds Missile Test In Mediterranean Sea", that tries desperately to cover up this new false flag attempt conveniently under the false headline that it was a "joint" Israeli - US missile test.... I have my own thoughts and comments to follow:

Israel Holds Missile Test In Mediterranean Sea

By DANIEL ESTRIN 09/03/13 08:06 AM ET EDT
JERUSALEM -- Israel and the U.S. conducted a joint missile test over the Mediterranean on Tuesday, an apparent display of military prowess as the Obama administration seeks congressional support for strikes against the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Any U.S. strikes, in retaliation for alleged chemical weapons use by the Assad regime, are not expected before next week when Congress gets back from summer recess.

The Israeli Defense Ministry said the test was performed together with the U.S. Defense Department. A Sparrow missile was launched successfully at 9:15 a.m. and followed its planned trajectory. The Arrow missile defense system successful detected and tracked the target, the ministry said. It was not clear from the statement if the Sparrow was shot down.

The Sparrow is a medium-range guided missile that can be launched either from the surface or the air to hit aerial targets, according to the manufacturer.

In Washington, there was no immediate White House comment.

The missile test came at a time of heightened tensions as Washington weighs sea-launched strikes against Syria. Israel has been increasingly concerned that it will be drawn into Syria's brutal civil war which has repeatedly spilled over into neighboring countries.

Since the weekend, the Obama administration has been lobbying for congressional support for military action against the Assad regime.

The administration says it has evidence that Assad's forces launched attacks with chemical weapons on rebel-held suburbs of the Syrian capital of Damascus on Aug. 21. The U.S. has alleged that the nerve agent sarin was used and that at least 1,429 people were killed, including more than 400 children.

Last week, President Barack Obama appeared poised to authorize military strikes, but unexpectedly stepped back over the weekend to first seek approval from Congress, which returns from summer recess next week.

On Monday, the U.S. administration won backing from French intelligence and reportedly also from Germany's spy agency for its claim that Assad's forces were responsible for the suspected chemical weapons attacks.

A nine-page intelligence synopsis published by the French government concluded that the regime launched the attacks involving a "massive use of chemical agents" and could carry out similar strikes in the future.

In Germany, the news magazine Der Spiegel reported that the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) also believes Assad's regime was behind the attacks. On its website, the magazine reported that BND head Gerhard Schindler recently told top government officials in a secret briefing that while the evidence is not absolutely conclusive, an "analysis of plausibility" supports the idea of the Syrian government as the perpetrator.

The Assad regime has denied using chemical weapons, blaming rebels instead. Neither the U.S. nor Syria and its allies have presented conclusive proof in public.

NTS Notes:  How convenient is it that the Huffington Post completely skirts around this obvious false flag attempt by going back to their tried and true lies of Assad gassing his own people?.. The Jewish run media is again showing its true colors!

What is not told in this article is that ALL missile tests are always announced well ahead of time, to alert both friend and foe that they are only tests.... This is NOT the case with this latest "missile test" at all....

It should be so obvious to everyone with any intelligence that this was a deliberate attempt at a false flag attack by these criminals..... Luckily these missiles were prevented from striking targets at the last second due to the fact that the Russian's picked up on the missile launches and were able to pin point their point of origin....The US/Israel realized that the Russians saw the launches and their plans definitely had to be aborted.....

This was most definitely a false flag attempt by the US/Israel to get their war on Syria going through the falsehood that Assad had "suddenly" launched a missile attack on an American target!   We have seen so many times in the past where these criminal psychos in the US and Israel attempted false flag attacks to get wars going and/or escalated... The USS Liberty attack by the insane state of Israel back in 1967 definitely comes to mind...

I have long said that a new false flag attempt was coming to get the American public believing that an invasion of Syria was justified.... And I can guarantee that they will try it again very soon.... This is why the American people must do everything necessary to stop their criminal government from their sick lust for war immediately...

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